Volunteer Opportunities

Want to Volunteer at CWA? Attend a New Volunteer Orientation!

Cat Welfare offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities at a range of commitment levels.  The first step is to read our Volunteer Handbook. 

*During our deferred maintenance project (9/19 - 11/4), we will not be conducting any New Volunteer Orientations. Please check back for the next orientation to be scheduled in November pending any repair delays.

If you have questions about our volunteer program,  please contact our volunteer coordinator through our contact form or call 614.268.6096 ext. 106.


Volunteer - Fundraising & MarketingFund Raising & Marketing

Volunteer your talents to help get the word out about Cat Welfare through marketing and/or fundraising efforts. We are looking for individuals interested in helping us plan, promote, or organize special events (like our Cat Caper 5K). You can also volunteer to help us explore the possibilities of new signature events, help with data entry, distributing flyers, or preparing mailings. We also are looking for volunteers that have photography and design skills.

Volunteer - Off site repsOff-site Representatives

Please Help Us Share Our Mission…

Even though Cat Welfare Association has been caring for homeless kitties for more than seventy years, there are still folks in Central Ohio who are not aware that we exist.

There are many wonderful opportunities for Cat Welfare to get out to the public during the Spring and Summer months but we need volunteers to make it happen! If you enjoy attending social events and meeting a variety of new people, please consider becoming a CWA off-site representative. All new representatives will be fully trained and will be paired with a seasoned representative for their first event.

Volunteer - SocializationSocialization and Cat Care Teams

At CWA we want our residents to know they are safe and they are loved.  Please help us provide our residents with TLC.  Volunteers are welcome to come in as your schedule allows to interact with the kitties.  We also offer a Silent Socialization the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. as an opportunity to come in and spend quiet time with the residents.  Can you commit to a weekly 90 minute visit?  If so, please consider leading a cat care team.  Our volunteer coordinator will assign you a team of five cats.  You will be provided with kitty bios, instructions and grooming tools.     



 simon  foster ks

 Foster Care

Carly arrived at Cat Welfare in labor. Simon was hit by a car and had to recover from a broken hip. Each was rescued and brought to the shelter by a good Samaritan. Both needed some time to recover from their bad luck away from the shelter in a quieter environment and so they could get some extra love and kindness before being adopted.

Are you a cat lover who can’t add another pet to your home permanently but you do have an extra room for short term fostering where kittens could spend a few weeks until they are old enough to be adopted (usually between 8-10 weeks old) from our shelter? Or where a cat like Simon could finish recovering from surgery away from the shelter in a quieter environment?

Litters arrive at the shelter in all situations: a) A kitten is left without a momma or littermates b) A litter of kittens (usually 2-6) arrives without momma c) Some momma cats and their kittens arrive after being taken in by caring strangers who cannot keep them until the kittens are weaned and old enough to go into the shelter to be adopted. When the kittens are returned to the shelter, the momma cat is also returned so she can be spayed and put up for adoption.      

Foster homes provide comfy, safe places for kittens to grow while learning to play and enjoy people. Being socialized with people before age 7 weeks is essential for kittens to be friendly and have adoptability appeal! For cats like Simon, foster homes provide extra TLC and a secure place to recover from surgery. Food, litter, medical treatment and initial immunizations are provided by Cat Welfare.  To view our application to foster click here.  To view our foster care agreement click here.