2019 Calendar Winners

2019 calendar cover



The winners for the 2019 Cat Welfare calendar have been selected! Congratulations to:

Leonardo DiCatrio - Leo by Kelli and Sean
Bob Katz (left) Waldo Grogan (right) - Bob and Waldo by Mark H.
Roxy - Bird Watching by Angelica M.
Mr. Minx - The Infamous One Eared, Toothless, Minx. by Zoe K.
Mush / Kitty / Sir Napsalot - Relaxing Caturday afternoon by Mark M.
Kitty - Take the Time to Smell the Flowers by Susan D.
Leonidas - Leonidas the Brave & Very Lucky Cat by Melissa S. 
Raz - How's This for a Close Up? by Jill F.
Penny - Penny - A Perfect Present Every Day by Jeff D. photo by Alan V.
Lauren and Alexis - Bird Watching Beauties by Heidi S.
Gracie - Who Me? by Kristin R.
Bella - Just Another Day in the Garden Center by Pat W.

Also this year we will have a tribute to the best rescue story:
Louis - To Everyone Who Thought I Wouldn't Get Adopted! by Teresa

2019 Cover credit goes to Ester - Day Dreaming by Roger N.