Bond is quite a charmer. He originally came into the shelter with his loving brother, Agent, as a young adult in March 2005. Both became permanent residents due to problems with spraying. The boys liked to see everything that was going on in the shelter. Their inquisitive nature made them two of the staff favorites. When one of our prior Guardian Angel cats, Montgomery, celebrated her 15th birthday they took it upon themselves to check out her birthday cake and make sure it had not been tampered with. A quick jump and run through the cake revealed that everything was safe and the party could continue. Their quick actions received many a laugh from the staff and partygoers. Both were never far from one another and can be quite entertaining.  Agent sadly passed away in July 2017 and was a much-beloved lap cat that would never let an empty lap stay that way for long.  Bond is adjusting to life without Agent and would love to have some new friends to visit and play with him…and be sure to turn the water on for him so he can indulge in his passion for drinking out of the faucet!

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