Altering Assistance

Helping people find a low-cost way to spay & neuter their cats has always been one of Cat Welfare's goals. Cat Welfare offers low-cost altering at several local veterinary offices and a feral cat assistance program. 



per cat



per cat


Prices include both distemper and rabies vaccinations (veterinarians are required by law to give rabies vaccinations and will not accept cats for surgery unless these vaccinations are given).

Applications are reviewed and vouchers issued on a weekly basis.  We do not review applications and issue vouchers on a walk-in basis, no exceptions. To download a low-cost altering fund application form, Spay Neuter Application.


If you have an immediate need for your pet cat to be spayed/neutered, then you can also contact one of the groups below to see if they have any appointments available. All offer low-cost altering and shots.


SOS Ohio
3121 West Broad Street

614-471-9000                                   740-549-1950
2761 Johnstown Road                        7206 Gooding Blvd

Pricing/rates for the clinics listed above differ from our Altering Fund rates so please inquire with the clinics about their rates.

Feral Cats

We offer altering of feral cats for a $10 application fee and $10 per cat. Please, note that this program is solely for cats that live in feral cat colonies and cats (indoor or tame outdoor) are not eligible to participate in this program. All cats altered through this program will be ear tipped, no exceptions. To download a feral cat altering form, Feral SNAP application 2019.


If you have any questions about our low-cost altering fund, please call the shelter or send us a message through our contact page.