Black Betty

Black Betty came to Cat Welfare with her brother in April 1999. Both were semi-wild kittens. In the middle of our move to our new (current) shelter, they caught a cold and were quarantined in the back isolation area. Black Betty has been in the isolation room ever since. She pretty much kept to herself and did not want to socialize or mingle with the other cats. She got over that initial cold and is amazingly healthy considering she has been exposed to several viruses. For 3 years, she did not want to be touched at all and preferred to just watch what the staff was doing. Recently, she's become an "attention hog". She now likes to jump up on the exam table and demand that staff members pet her. If they try to ignore her, then she will swat at them when they walk by. She has a beautiful, long, black coat that she keeps very well groomed. We have tried to introduce her to the screened in porch area, but she doesn't want anything to do with any other area besides back isolation. To her, that is her safe place and home.

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