My name is Blue and I am a former feral momma cat who was helped by Cat Welfare's Altering Fund in 2002. I was found living behind a busy warehouse complex with several dozen cats and kittens by a Cat Welfare volunteer who decided to step in and help get all of us spayed and neutered and make sure that we had plenty of food and shelter. After several months, we all had been fixed and all the kittens (including several of my kittens) had been fostered, socialized, and were adopted. I was one of five adult cats that decided to stay in the little village of feral cat houses and shelters that had been created for us. I found it quite cozy and really saw it as my home. For seven years, I happily lounged in the sun, enjoyed my meals, and got along well with my fellow “Village Babies” felines. After braving a harsh winter in early 2009, tragedy struck our little feral cat village and I was the only cat that survived. Even now it is too hard for me to think about what happened. I was so scared. My caretakers worked very persistently every day to try and trap me but I didn’t want to have anything to do with that. They kept on trying until I was trapped. I know they just wanted me to be safe and some bad people had made my outdoor home no longer a safe place to be. I am now living indoors with the caretakers who took care of me when I lived outside. I’m so grateful they understood that I didn’t want to be touched and that I needed my solitude and to have a place I could feel safe again. In the summer of 2010, I finally began to really feel comfortable enough with my new home to begin to explore other rooms in the office during the busy workday. I even started to play with some of the many toys they had for me. One of my favorite things is to scratch my claws on a big log they found for me and to sleep in the bed that is next to the window with the great view of the bird feeder. If I want a change of scenery, then I just move to one of the three other beds they have set up for me. I know that they hope one day I will feel comfortable enough to let them pet me. I do know that they will never push me though and they tell me how grateful they are to have me in their lives each day. 

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