Bugsy is one of Cat Welfare's shyest cats. She came to the shelter in late 2002 and kept to herself in her cage. One day the staff thought it would be good to let her out of her cage to get some exercise. Once she was out of her cage, the staff was surprised that they were unable to catch her again. She had not seemed that shy when she was in her cage. The decision was eventually made to not continue to stress her by continually trying to catch her, but to let her live at the shelter as a floor cat. Bugsy has very petite features and the sweetest face. Everyone that sees her yearns to pet and hold her. She lives in the Back Isolation Room on top of the cages. She had a very special feline friend, Shadow, that she would always cuddle with. He also was a very shy cat. However, in time, he welcomed being petted and was adopted. Bugsy missed Shadow's companionship. She found a new friend in Black Betty and enjoys cuddling and spending time with her. She looks down so sweetly at people, but as soon as a move is made to touch her she pulls away. Bugsy does come down from the cage tops to eat and to occasionally play with toys. We hope that one day Bugsy will feel comfortable enough to let us pet her.

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