Chico became a permanent resident at Cat Welfare in 2017 when he was approximately 5 years old.  His sweet face and pleasant personality always draw people to him.  He was adopted three times and each time he was returned for not using the litter box so he is now a permanent resident of the shelter.  Chico’s favorite spots to hang out are in the main adoption room, on the sun porch, or out in the fenced-in enclosure. Sometimes when he is resting outside in the fenced-in enclosure it appears as if he is in deep thought and just enjoying some quiet time by himself. He loves to roll around on the concrete sidewalk and lie in a ray of sunshine while taking a bath.  As soon as his two-legged best friend Linda comes out to give him his favorite snack of tuna, he is up and over to spend some quality one-on-one time with her.  Chico has a calming energy and he is a quiet boy that likes to sit on laps or just hang out with friends.  He loves getting attention but he is polite in that he won’t barge in when another cat is getting attention.  Chico likes to be petted and has done well as a Cat Welfare ambassador at off-site events.  Chico hopes that you’ll choose him to be your friend.

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