Fannie came to Cat Welfare in June 2006 at the tender age of 7 weeks. She was very wild, hated her cage, and jumped around in it at a very fast speed. The vet says she has "neurological issues". Her hind feet don't coordinate well with the rest of her so she tends to waddle when she walks and gallop when she runs. Her eyes also don't seem to dilate normally so in the beginning her name was "Owl Cat" because of the way her eyes looked. Some of the other cats at the shelter find her annoying and will sometimes chase her causing her to have what is referred to as a "drama queen moment" where she makes a blood-chilling sound that grabs everyone's attention. She used to have little temper tantrums whenever someone held her. Now she is fine up until the moment she thinks she will be let down and then fears that she is going to be dropped. Of course, her wiggling increases the possibility of being dropped, but don't bother trying to convince her! Don’t let her quirks turn you off. Her goofiness is a big part of what makes her so lovable! She is often one of the first cats newcomers notice. She is one of the most entertaining cats to watch at the shelter and can often be found dipping her paw in the water bowl, chasing tufts of fur on the floor, or patting at the permanent dots on the floor tiles.

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