FIV+ Cats

The FIV+ Cat Room was made to provide cats with FIV a place to socialize with other cats and have a comfortable place to play and hang out outside of one of our cat condos.  There are many cat trees and perches in the room for them to choose from and plenty of room for people to come in and play or just hang out with the kitties.  Our FIV cats love having visitors especially when they come in, sit down, and free up their lap for some cuddling.  Some of the kitties in the room are a little more timid and having space for people to sit and work with them on their confidence will greatly help increase their chances of adoption.  There are actually two FIV cats’ rooms in the shelter.  One in the front placement area and one in the back.  The back FIV cats’ room even has an attached outdoor enclosure so those kitties can safely hang out outside when they want to get some fresh air.  Sponsors may hear stories from both rooms.  Kitties with FIV are often misunderstood and some people falsely believe they can catch FIV from these sweet felines.  People and other animals cannot get FIV.  FIV can be passed to another feline through a deep bite wound.  FIV cats have weakened immune systems so they are more at risk of having side effects from common diseases, wounds, or infections so routine medical care is essential for these sweeties. We hope that one day when all adopters hear a cat has FIV that it will no longer result in some of those potential adopters becoming disinterested in the kitty. 

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