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Happy Home - Jasper


Adopted by Mike and Jody

Formerly Big Fluff

Big Fluff (Jasper) brings such joy and happiness. We are so fortunate to be his new adopted parents. We are thankful to Cat Welfare for the wonderful work they do.

Happy Home - Sophia


Adopted by Emily

Formerly Jeanette

Sophia adjusted to the home right away on the first day. She walked out of her carrier and explored the house before promptly falling asleep next to me. I fell in love with her from that moment going forward and while she drives me NUTS sometimes with the amount of attention she always wants and the energy she always has, she's changed my life and given me something to go home to. I've had her for about 2 months now and she's just coming out of her shell more and more every day and I love it. At first she was super cuddly. Now she still is, but she also likes her space more often (she has her own side of the bed) and likes to cause way more trouble.

Happy Home - Gracie (Gracie Ellen- Darla’s mom’s name when she’s feisty!

Gracie (Gracie Ellen- Darla’s mom’s name when she’s feisty!

Adopted by Darla and Doug Peelle

Formerly Bingo (no longer her Name-O)

Gracie came home with us in early March. She walked in as though she’d always lived here. She enjoys watching/stalking the squirrels scampering through the trees from her perch at our living room window, and is an avid birdwatcher. She also makes daily supervised forays to the patio. Gracie is less than two years old so is very active, leaping and bolting through our condo with gusto! One of her favorite vantage points to keep an eye on the house is the open stairs upon which she’s posing in this photo. She is delightful, companionable, and a much loved member of our household! 💗

Happy Home - Bodhi


Adopted by MG

Formerly Mason

Bodhi (formerly "Mason") has brought so much love into our world. He is the sweetest, most loving cat I've ever met. He is always very happy, and always comes barreling loudly down the stairs each day after a nap. He plays with toys constantly, but breaks most of them on the first try. He is a gentle giant, but no toy stands a chance, bc he is just too strong and earnest a hunter. We have had many laughs since he joined us. We are grateful for his good health and all that Cat Welfare did for him.

Happy Home - Lady Bug

Lady Bug

Adopted by Rodney Cosler

Formerly Lady Bug

I saw Lady Bug on the CWA website and knew immediately that she would be a good match for me. Aaron was so helpful in making sure I knew her limited background and Doug was also great. Lady Bug is adapting beautifully to her new home and bringing me lots of joy. I’m thrilled I could give her a safe place and she seems so happy!

Happy Home - Luna and Artemis

Luna and Artemis

Adopted by Charo Agee

Formerly Patches and Georgie

We saw Luna (Patches) first and fell in love with Artie (Georgie) as well. We had to have them. They love to play and see who can reach the top of the cat tree first. Love those crazy kitties!

Happy Home - Zana


Adopted by Ashton

Formerly Carly

I don't like cats. My partner convinced me in October of 2019 to visit Cat Welfare, and Zana had her bags packed and ready to go the moment she saw us. We brought her home the next day, and she has been a delightful diva ever since. Her favorite activities are demanding attention, demanding chicken, and screaming with her favorite toy. We couldn't be happier with the addition to our little family.

Happy Home - Squeeker


Adopted by Lisa Stevens

Formerly Storm

Storm (shelter name) came to us a little while back. He was named Dusty for a while because he kept bringing the dust bunnies out from under the couch. After his first plaintive little squeaky meow he was immediately renamed Squeaker! We thought he was going to be a small cat as he was small when we got him and he was already 1.5 years old. He's grown quite a bit and he's no longer a small kitty! He loves to play and fight with hands. He is very gentle and never claws or bites hard and stops at the first ouch but comes back again and again for play time. Sometimes he'll sit at the edge of the bed and meow until I play fight with him. As you can see from the picture, he loves cuddling up with his human. We are very happy to provide Squeaker with a forever home and he seems very happy to be here.

Happy Home - Blake


Adopted by Diane Carlson

Formerly Blake

Blake has really fit it our home & although his kitty sister Lily is not totally won over yet, I am sure that it will just be a matter of time! He is way too cute but boy does he have a lot of energy!

Happy Home - Chai


Adopted by Willa

Formerly Josie

I adopted my sweet Chai ("Josie" at CWA) at 6mos old in January 2021. She was the last cat I saw but I instantly knew she was meant to be mine. We spent her first day home under the bed together while she adjusted and we've been inseparable since. She loves birdwatching from the windowsills after exhausting herself playing with her toys and in her water bowl. She's not the cuddliest but she sleeps at the bottom of my bed and wakes me with a squeaky meow, purrs, headbutts, and a few minutes of cuddles before she needs her breakfast. She brings me so much joy and I think we're the purrfect match.

Happy Home - Dasher


Adopted by Diane Hendrickson

Formerly Dasher

Dasher and my other cat Mr. Tuxedo have become friends. They love to wrestle and try to bite each other's neck, but also rest on the back of the couch and look out the front window together. They share the 2 litter boxes and eat dinner next to each other.

Happy Home - Sage


Adopted by Meghana and Pranav

Formerly Sage

We adopted Sage in early February 2021 from the CWA, and are unable to get over how adorable and sassy she is. Sage loves her treats (especially boiled chicken) and spends her day lounging on the couch and her bed, with an occasional side of play thrown in. We could not have found a sweeter companion, and are so thankful for her presence in our lives!

Happy Home - Juniper


Adopted by Savannah

Formerly Juniper

I came to CWA after losing my previous cat to a severe illness. I was ready to find a new baby to love and have help in my healing. Juniper was my saving grace. The story behind why she had no teeth melted my heart and I knew she couldn’t spend Christmas at the shelter. She needed a new, loving home. She was shy at first, wouldn’t even come near people too often. After a month, she refused to sleep unless she wrapped her paws around my hand, arm, leg, whatever she could find. Never have I met a more loving, sweet, cuddly cat in my life. Two years later and I adore this beautiful girl with all my heart and I’m blessed to have her in my home.

Happy Home - Claude


Adopted by Kat

Formerly Hui Hui

I rescued Claude in 2019 from cat welfare. I recently lost my eldest cat at the time and wanted to get a kitten. Although, a volunteer mentioned a few “older” cats (1 yr old) and one of them was Claude. He recently had surgery to amputate a leg due to a getting hit by a car, so he wasn’t very mobile. Something immediately clicked between us, and I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I ended up leaving cat welfare with Claude in my passenger seat, and he’s gotten along with my other two cats. Such a sweet boy, and loves cuddles and has phantom leg every time I scratch his chin. I didn’t find him, he found me.

Happy Home - Basil and Cooper

Basil and Cooper

Adopted by Denny and Jenyfer

Formerly Victor and Butter Scotch

Basil (formerly Victor) and Cooper (formerly Butter Scotch), hit it off very quickly with each other and their big brother, Axel (our German Shepherd.) Basil enjoys rolling around on the carpet and lounging in the sun. Cooper is very curious and loves to explore. They have brought so much happiness into our home.

Happy Home - Randy


Adopted by Declan

Formerly Randy

Randy was in the shelter for a whole 4 years in the shy cats room, but it was more so trauma from being a stray for 6 years that made him fearful of people rather than him being shy. Once everyone in the house gained this old man's trust, his true gremlin colors began to show !! He regularly demands and screams for wet food and attention, he also loves to cuddle but only in the most inconvenient ways and times - he is still confused when the other cats try to play with them but has warmed up to one and is even cuddling him now too! He turned 11 in April and he is so happy and fun to be around even at his age !! Regularly stealing pillows, treats, etc he has no shame and clearly missed having a loving home. Please remember to adopt seniors as they bring just as much joy and happiness to your life as other cats !! He has made so much progress in the barely over half a year I've had him and it makes me so happy and proud of him !!

Happy Home - Winston


Adopted by Sadie Ledford

Formerly Raven

Winston has been the perfect addition to our family! He makes us laugh and he is so sweet. We adopted him at about 10 months old and he acclimated so quickly. We picked him because the moment we approached him he turned over, showed us his belly and immediately started purring! He is the happiest kitty and his purrs never stop! CW made the adoption process so easy and affordable.

Happy Home - Bartholomew and Shadow

Bartholomew and Shadow

Adopted by Allison Eckert

Formerly Taylor and Dora

Bart and Shadow are a wonderful addition to our family. They love to play and climb into whatever they can. They bonded quickly and are inseparable! Thank you Cat Welfare for completing our family!

Happy Home - Maggie


Adopted by Anna & Owen

Formerly Candy Cane

We had come to Cat Welfare a few months prior to get a lovely cat named Steve. He is a complete baby and loves attention and more so to play! i knew he needed a friend so we adopted Candy Cane, now Maggie from CW! She came to CW almost feral and it took this little girl a few weeks to fully feel at home, but after only two weeks she was sunbathing in the windows, playing with steve and getting belly rubs! she’s completely turned around and is a huge part of our family. i am so glad i’ve been able to get not one but two sweet kitties from CW!

Happy Home - Waffle & Mocha

Waffle & Mocha

Adopted by Katlyn Young

Formerly Venus & Silky

I've had Waffle and Mocha for nearly two years now and, while it took some time for them to adjust, they've now really made themselves at home and have even started coming out of their shells more with myself and others (more Waffle than Mocha, really). They've been wonderful and I'm so glad I chose these two Shy Cats!

Happy Home - Olive and Adena

Olive and Adena

Adopted by Lesley Pfening

Formerly Aileen and Adina

We adopted Olive and Adena in August 2019. They have been a joyous addition to our household. They (mostly) get along with our other cat and dog. It is fun to watch them play and tumble like little kittens even though they are now full grown cats.

Happy Home - Lodi


Adopted by Sydney and Alexis

Formerly Charlie

Lodi makes us so happy! His snuggles warm our hearts! He adjusted so well and we can’t imagine life without him! Thank you to the CWA for completing our family❤️

Happy Home - Peeti (Sweet Peter)

Peeti (Sweet Peter)

Adopted by Kathy and Rick

Formerly Boom Boom

We adopted Peeti in late November 2020...we were looking for an older cat but she jumped up in her cage and meowed at us when we passed her. She was about one year old and had been in the shelter for a few weeks. Well, she hid for a couple of days under a cedar chest but gradually she came out and became the most affectionate, lively and intelligent cat we had ever had. She loves to sit on people or hide behind their legs, and plays constantly with her toy mice. She will even fetch some mice we throw and bring them back to us for another run and comes when she is called. We have bird feeders and big windows and she loves to watch them come and go from her perches nearby. Peeti is a wonderful little cat and has brought lots of joy and laughter into our house. Thanks, Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - Tilly Noel

Tilly Noel

Adopted by Kim Anthony

Formerly Noel

We adopted Tilly (Noel) on December 30th. She is a sweet cat who is doing a great job slowly adapting to living in a house with 5 people! She spent her first days here under our bed and only in our bedroom but since then has started exploring and making this house her home. We are so thankful to have her as part of our family. :-)

Happy Home - Steve


Adopted by Anna Torsell

Formerly Toby

I adopted Steve when I had just ended a lot of things in my life. Everything was changing and I knew, being an animal lover, I’d need a friend for these next few weeks. I spent what felt like hours at this excellent shelter with a ton of sweet kitties and some very helpful patient staff. And when I found Steve I knew he was the one. Steve is FIV+, which means he’s got a weaker immune system. But ever since he came home he has blossomed into a cat who honestly loves the attention of being the only son. Lots of treats love and sleepovers have turned this guy into a full character who runs the house. He is very found of men and loves to sleep on my boyfriends lap, when he’s not sleeping on my pillow or zooming around at full speed, ready to play. He is the light of my life and the reason I get up some mornings, although his crying for me when the door closes makes it harder. Thank you so much for bringing us together.

Happy Home - Domino


Adopted by Meredith

Formerly Domino

It’s been over a year since I adopted this sweetie and it is the best decision I’ve ever made. She loves cuddles and sleeping, and has been a perfect companion in this stressful year. I love her so much.

Happy Home - Ezri


Adopted by Rachel & Sam Hayes

Formerly Trisha

We adopted Ezri (previously Trisha) from Cat Welfare a couple months ago and we love her! It took a little adapting to our home (and a new Kitten) but she’s doing great! She loves lounging in the shower, play wrestling and having cuddle time!

Happy Home - Leroy Brown

Leroy Brown

Adopted by Terra

Formerly Edan

Leroy Brown has been a part of our family for 6 months now and we are in love! He is the sweetest little boy, with equal amounts of playful energy that makes us smile and laugh, and cozy cuddle time. He is so smart and learns tricks so fast! He impresses everyone he meets. We feel that we got so lucky adopting Leroy Brown, thanks Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - Buddy and Riley

Buddy and Riley

Adopted by Bill and Gina McCall

Formerly Hope and Chance

We always have 2 or 3 cats, but when old age took our 2nd cat, we decided to get two more and thought littermates would be nice for us and for the siblings. They are moved in, very happy and doing well.

Happy Home - Tigger


Adopted by Roberta Mitchell

Formerly Jason

I had just lost my beloved Ms. Kitty and was feeling mildly depressed. Friends & family suggested a new cat, I wasn’t sure I was open to the idea but we went to CWA to see all the beautiful cats. Tigger (f.k.a. Jason) captured our hearts as he demanded attention and rolled over for belly rubs. He’s an affectionate, loving, playful & vocal companion and has brought so much joy to our home.

Happy Home - Juniper


Adopted by Ashley Watson

Formerly Ramona

Formerly a very shy and scared kitty who chose to live in the shed at Cat Welfare, Juniper is now a very happy girl who loves to get all the pets! Super ridiculous yet refined at the same time, cat owners will understand. Couldn’t ask for a better kitty!

Happy Home - Margo


Adopted by Shanna

Formerly Margaret

I adopted Margo in February 2020 right before the covid shutdown. She’s the sweetest most friendly kitty ever. She also loves to cuddle. I don’t know what I would have done during quarantine without my sweet baby angel. I’m so thankful!

Happy Home - Pete


Adopted by Christine Tunanidis

Formerly Pete

I adopted Pete in 2019. He'd been born at Cat Welfare, went to a furever home for 9 years, then was returned to Cat Welfare when his owner passed away. His eyes were sad and confused and when he burrowed into my lap to be cuddled, I knew he'd be going home with me. We have since relocated to Florida, where he is enjoying chasing the tiny lizards that find their way into the house. He also has become quite vocal, and he and I have a lot of conversations throughout the day, especially if I do not adhere to the schedule he has set for the household!

Happy Home - Jim and Hazel

Jim and Hazel

Adopted by Molly

Formerly Jim and Felicity

We adopted Jim (black) 3 yrs ago. And then Hazel 1 yr ago. They fit into our family so well. We love them and Cat Welfare ❤️

Happy Home - Finneas


Adopted by Matt & Lisa Marquand

Formerly Trouble

Back in May, 2020 we scheduled a 1:1 visit at Cat Welfare to visit a stray they'd gotten over the weekend and we fell in love with Finneas immediately. His loud purr and inquisitive nature sealed the deal. He's integrated well will my daughter's 5 year old Fuzz Cat. They chase, wrestle, and sleep together. He loves to be petted on his terms and has the cutest little chirp instead of a meow. His favorite toy is a little green plush mouse that came with him from Cat Welfare and a plastic, Halloween costume headband that has a single plush "cat ear" sticking up from the middle (he carries it and bats it around the house).

Happy Home - Lola


Adopted by Tanner and Paige

Formerly Lola

We adopted Lola last October and she has been one of three kitties we've taken in within the last year! She was very scared and shy at first but has come out of her shell so much since we have brought in a kitten. She loves to play with her and make sure she is keeping herself clean!

Happy Home - Lenny


Adopted by Lee Anne, Jeff, and Corey

Formerly Montgomery

After seeing him on your Facebook page, we came in on the Saturday right before everything shut down “just to see him in person.” You took him in at Valentine’s Day, and had to amputate his back left leg. Well, as soon as we got in the room with him, he was so lovey, hopping all over us. We of course brought him home. We had so much time to bond with him, and even though we are back at work now, he is still our special man. He reads the paper with me every day, follows everyone to the bathroom, and loves playing with his brothers and sister. I can’t imagine our house without him!

Happy Home - John "Klayton" Connor

John "Klayton" Connor

Adopted by Will Horosz

Formerly Conner

My girlfriend and I have volunteered with Cat Welfare for a while. One of our favorite things to do (pre covid) was to help socialize the cats in the shy cats room and FIV+ room. Really loved all of them but was unsure about adopting because I already had one older male cat at home named Hobbes (FIV-). Being a volunteer and seeing all these cats in need of a good home changed my mind. I let Cat Welfare know when I decided to adopt, and they recommended John "Klayton" Connor-then Conner, still goes by Connor for short haha. (He was named after John Connor from the Terminator movies and Klayton, one of my favorite music artists.) It was an unknown time, right when lockdown had first started and he was super shy, pretty much living under a chair for a week or so, with me camped out on the floor with him at night. But then he really came out of his shell, he's super playful, everybody likes him and he loves having Hobbes around, as Cat Welfare told me he had bonded with older male cats before. I'm really happy I adopted him. And he and his adoptive bro Hobbes are proof that FIV+ and FIV- cats can live in the same household no problem, happy and healthy.

Happy Home - Murphy


Adopted by Beth C

Formerly Forrest Gump

Living the good life as a happy Irishman.

Happy Home - Eyepatch


Adopted by Jess and Eli

Formerly Delta

After moving into our first home, back in June we had decided that we were ready for our first cat together. Walking into Cat Welfare in July we decided to keep an open mind and find a kitty that we connected with. After meeting the super kind, one eyed cat known as Delta we decided that she was a perfect fit for us. After recovering from losing an eye, and adapting to a new home Eyepatch loves to cuddle, give headbuts and lovebites, and play with her favorite mouse. Honestly can’t imagine our life without her. Our little family is full of love, and we enjoy every moment!

Happy Home - Luna


Adopted by Vera

Formerly Bella May

Luna was the first cat to come up to me at Cat Welfare! She was so sweet and adorable. I love torties and with her being a diluted tortie, I just found her so unique. She is the sweetest cat I’ve ever met in my life. We got so lucky with her! She was 2 when we adopted her. She’s never hissed or tried to bat at anything. Luna is such a treasure. I also have three bunnies and she doesn’t bother them or anything. Sometimes they sit together and it’s so precious. I am so glad we adopted her because she has given me feelings of fulfillment and love.

Happy Home - Rayla


Adopted by David

Formerly Deja

Reyla (formerly Deja) has been a spark of joy in my life, ever since I first brought her home. She was shy at first, but has turned into the most loving, wonderful cat you could ever know. When she’s not playing with her (seemingly) infinite supply of toys she’s snuggled up on my lap, purring loudly and soaking up all the head scratches. She has so much personality and I love getting to know her more week by week. She has acclimated so well to a very large space and multiple roommates. I’m excited to see her personality unfold even more and I’m so glad I’ve found a new best friend!

Happy Home - Furgie


Adopted by Karen Smalarz

Formerly Furgie

So happy to have Furgie as a new member of our family. It was love at first sight!

Happy Home - MacDuff


Adopted by Dan and Kelsi

Formerly Wilson

MacDuff, or Duff, grabbed our attention with his constant meowing at the shelter. He was very timid, but clearly wanted attention and needed some love. It took her a while, but Duff's older sister, Ophelia, warmed up to him and they love to cuddle and chase each other around the house. Duff has more energy than any creature, human or cat, could ever wish to possess. His favorite things are waking his parents up every morning by jumping from the top of the headboard onto them, sitting on the window sills to meow at everyone that walks by, and parkouring off of the walls around the house. He is so sweet and adds so much life to our home!

Happy Home - Mab


Adopted by Dan & Jess

Formerly Aggie

She is named after the Winter Faerie Queen of Air and Darkness, but she is completely the opposite of what her intimidating name implies. We decided to adopt in May 2020, and we don't regret it one bit! We had an appointment to see 2 cats that day, but as soon as they brought her out, we immediately knew she was the one for us. Mab was pretty shy at first, but now she's so talkative, playful, hungry for treats, and loves to cuddle with us day and night. She tolerates so much of our antics, and she is herpy derpy herself. Mab has forever changed our lives, and we literally cannot imagine life without her now. Adoption has been so different due to COVID-19, but we appreciate CWA for making the process easy as it can be! We're so thankful to CWA for matching us and so happy that Mab chose us as her forever home.

Happy Home - Molly


Adopted by Britani

Formerly Matilda/Mike

Molly is just wonderful! I found Cat Welfare after I had to say goodbye to my best furry friend, Pal. He was 16 years old and died of cancer. My heart was broken. I met Molly and quickly knew that she was our new forever kitty! The first night that I brought her home, she slept on my chest and purred all night long. I think that she was trying to heal my broken heart! She is sweet and playful at the same time. She has fit in to our family wonderfully! My kids and older pets just adore her!

Happy Home - Juno and Naomi

Juno and Naomi

Adopted by Josh, Ashley, and Audrey

Formerly Juno and Naomi

We've had Juno and Naomi over a month now! They have become such a special part of our lives and we love every minute of them! Naomi LOVES chasing and talking to a laser pointer. Juno is a sassy but sweet loving girl and loves to play with pipe cleaners. They have recently started to interact with each other more and it has been so much fun to watch! We couldn't be happier with both of them!!

Happy Home - Benji


Adopted by Bethany Dickess

Formerly Punky

We adopted Benji last summer as a shy, little scared kitten but he quickly made himself at home and into our hearts. I've had many cats over my life and he by far has the biggest, most amazing personality. He's a big (18 lbs), happy, and ornery boy! We are so thankful for all you do.

Happy Home - Mia


Adopted by Melissa

Formerly Nahla

This is Mia (formerly Nahla) who I adopted 3 years ago today! I spent 2 hours at the shelter when I was looking to adopt and then this orange kitten waltzed her way through my path and I was hooked. She was just over 2 years old at the time, which was perfect for me as I wasn’t prepared for a kitten. I came back the next morning when the doors opened and brought her to her forever home! I’m so thankful you took her in as she was a stray who was very pregnant. Your team taking her in gave her a chance at living her best life. I always say I work hard so Mia can have a great life and I mean it! She’s the Queen of the Castle.

Happy Home - Negan


Adopted by Christine Tunanidis

Formerly Negan

My cat Charlie lost his bonded companion, Missy, to a heart attack in 2019. Charlie was going downhill quickly as he pined for her. My vet suggested adopting another cat to keep Charlie company. Negan was injured when he arrived at Cat Welfare and had undergone surgery for leg injuries, and his shaved fur was still growing in when he went home with me. We moved to Florida in February 2020 and Negan is having a ball chasing the lizards that get into the house and performing his official toad patrol duties.

Happy Home - Cali


Adopted by Patricia Goldrick

Formerly Cara

I went in a few times to find the perfect cat for me. Cali would come say hello, purr for a bit then go relax somewhere. She was very friendly and laid back both times I visited her, so I brought her home. She's an explorer, friendly and an adorable companion. I really appreciate the staff helping Cali and I find a great match!

Happy Home - Catsy Cline

Catsy Cline

Adopted by Carolyn

Formerly Catsy Cline

It's only been a week, but she owns the place!

Happy Home - Willabee


Adopted by Stephanie

Formerly Muffin

My college-aged daughter first came across Muffin in October 2019 when she was looking for a cat to adopt. She found, bonded with, and adopted another kitty then, but she called me on my birthday in February when she learned Muffin had been at CW for 3 1/2 years and was still available. My heart broke for her. We met and she adopted me that day. She was very shy at first; it took 6 weeks before she would accept any love. She has learned how good it feels to snuggle, though. She turns on her motor as soon as my alarm goes off in the morning and comes to me for pets. Thanks, Cat Welfare friends, for taking good care of Muffin until we could meet. She's my love!

Happy Home - Loretta (for now)

Loretta (for now)

Adopted by Suzanne Diehl

Formerly Loretta

We adopted Loretta 6/2020. She had been at the shelter for 2 years, a graduate of the shy cat room. We expected her to take time to acclimate. Alas, as soon as the door was left open, she was out exploring. She met her brother and quickly proved that she is way less shy than him. She is going to make a great addition to our family. Thanks for saving her for us.

Happy Home - Cookie


Adopted by Jessica & Shawn

Formerly Zack

We adopted Cookie from Cat Welfare Association in 2017, and it’s his third year in our family now. Cookie is so adorable and smart, and all our family and friends love him! I still remember the day we first met Cookie in the shelter, we decided to adopt him at the moment when he reached out his paw from the cage and put it on my hand.

Happy Home - TIMMY


Adopted by Kathy Wyatt

Formerly CHEVY

Timmy was my third foster last summer. Found in a car engine with a broken leg, 10 weeks old, he came to me in a cast bigger than he was. When it came off, his leg had not healed properly and he was left with a numb front paw. I could NOT take him back - I adopted him. He's now a year old, happy, healthy and adorable. His paw doesn't slow him down a bit!

Happy Home - Sir Reginald Clayton Adler

Sir Reginald Clayton Adler

Adopted by Rodney Adler

Formerly Reggie

As soon as we saw Reggie we knew he was our newest fur baby. And were we right. He demands attention. Loves his toys and his new brother, Bailey, who was also rescued from the shelter (see dibs happy home story).

Happy Home - Merlin


Adopted by Jody & Pat

Formerly Sam

We met Merlin at Cat Welfare while we were searching for our indoor cat that had sadly snuck out our door. Merlin was a small kitten who was loving, mischievous and playful. He stole our hearts and helped fill the void left by the cat we lost. Merlin loves to chase and play with his sisters, 2 dogs, one medium sized named Diva, and his really big Belgian Malinois sister, Jixi. Merlin loves to play, pose for pics and cuddle in our arms for naps.

Happy Home - Keevah


Adopted by Olivia H.

Formerly Jamie Lee

I had been wanting to adopt a second cat for a while, so I finally made a trip to Cat Welfare Association in January 2020 when I had a break from school. Keevah was the last cat I saw during my first visit and I immediately fell in love with this sweet lady. She was very shy, so I went back a few times so she could get used to me before I officially adopted her. She's still a very shy girl who want attention on her own terms, but she is slowly becoming more social. Although she might be shy with people, she LOVES my other cat, Dublin (also a female). Part of the reason why I wanted another kitty was for Dub to have a friend when I'm gone during the day, and luckily (after a few weeks of getting used to a new housemate) they are great friends. Keevah is always taking care of Dub and it is just perfect. I'm so glad I found this sweet girl to be part of our family.

Happy Home - Sky


Adopted by Elaina

Formerly Sky

I came looking for a cat to replace something like an emotional support dog. I have anxiety and needed cuddles and hugs. I was recommended sky. She had been there for a year and looked so mean because she didn’t like other cats. The first time I went to pet her she pushed right into my hand. I pushed her the first night I got her to be out and about and not hiding through food and treats. She went up to my 2 guests and starting rubbing against them purring. She is still scared of strangers but loves to cuddle on the bed and sleep on her chair that is in front of the window and bask in the sun. She loves to play and enjoys the simple things. I have never loved a pet as much as I love her and I can’t wait for the happy years ahead to come.

Happy Home - Glinda


Adopted by Abby

Formerly Glinda

When I met Glinda at the shelter nearly a year ago, she was a grumpy girl, insisting that she didn't want any friends or love, just treats. After telling the shelter workers that I was looking for a mature cat who would be okay being alone most of the day, they introduced me to Glinda and I knew she was meant to be mine. After bringing her home, it took a few weeks for her to warm up enough to come out of hiding, but we got there with a lot of patience and food. She still isn't a lap cat, and she loves having her independence. However, she insists on sleeping next to me every night, doesn't like that I want to use the bathroom alone, and she loves a good scritch and snuggle. Take a chance on a seemingly antisocial cat, he or she just might be your best friend in the making.

Happy Home - Manny & Mina

Manny & Mina

Adopted by Deidra

Formerly Bruno & Pacogirl

These two are huge now and doing great! Spoiled absolutely rotten :)

Happy Home - Rusty


Adopted by Karen Maykuth

Formerly Stewie

We thought we were adopting a cuddle bug, but we got so much more. Rusty is a fearless, mischievous purring machine, and our other cat adores him. We're so glad he came to live with us. He's a joy.

Happy Home - Elliot


Adopted by Emily

Formerly Elliot

Elliot is a fun, loving, and silly kitty that has fit in so well with our family! He gets along so well with children and loves snuggles. He has adjusted well and really likes tuna and looking out the window. But his favorite is definitely the feather on a string toy. He kills it often.

Happy Home - Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde

Adopted by Isaac and Katie

Formerly Bailee and Buster

We adopted these two cuties on Feb. 15,2020 and we are so happy to have them in our family. They're so sweet and lovable. They love to run around their room playing with their fake mice and they are constantly cuddling with each other. I don't think we could have found a better pair of kittens than these two

Happy Home - Ollie and Lily

Ollie and Lily

Adopted by Dan and Julie Fox

Formerly Liam and Lily

My husband snuck these two in on me! They were a surprise when I came home from work. Who could resist them! They are a funny pair. They are usually together, and are sweet kitties. We love watching them play! It’s comical!!! I’m happy they chose us ❤️

Happy Home - Herbie


Adopted by Kayla and Carl

Formerly Herbie

We went in knowing we wanted a senior cat. Most people I’ve told think it’s weird since we’re both still a young couple. But over the years I’ve volunteered at shelters and realized that elderly animals aren’t as quickly adopted as the younger ones. We went in and saw a few cats, but Herbie won us over easily. As soon as we entered the room he came right to us and was the cuddliest of cats. Right now he’s adapting wonderfully to our home, and loves the constant attention and petting. We love Herbie and we’re so glad to have him apart of our family!

Happy Home - Coco


Adopted by Everhard Family

Formerly Coco

We’ve only had Coco a few short days (2/2020) but she is already right at home. She’s remarkably patient with the five year old twins and is so loving and sweet all around. She plays and naps and chats and then curls up on a chair if there’s no lap available. We are so lucky to have found her.

Happy Home - Lucy


Adopted by Marie Bakle

Formerly Lucy

Marie chose Lucy shortly after Christmas. Or rather, Lucy chose Marie by meowing and sticking her paw out of her cage to get Marie's attention. Lucy is a party animal, for sure. She naps while Marie is at school and is ready to full on play when Marie is back home....all night! Lucy will have fun with anything on the floor. She has been nicknamed "Nerf" , as Marie's brother's Nerf Darts are her favorite toy...well that and all the stuffed animals in the house..lol. She is quite crafty at removing stuffed animals from people's bedrooms and adding them to her ever growing pile of toys. Lucy is so much fun and lights up any room. Thank you Cat Welfare for this pretty little gal who always brings laughter to the day!

Happy Home - Luna


Adopted by John Bakle

Formerly Wishbone

John chose Luna shortly after Christmas, on his second visit to Cat Welfare. John is a cat lover and was heartbroken when he lost his beloved cat, Cuddles to a brain tumor last summer. When John met Luna, he said, "I think she needs me!". Luna was a very traumatized kitten , who recently had her back leg amputated. The first month was a little rough, as Luna was unsure of her new home. She spent most of the month hiding in the far reaches of our basement, only coming out to eat. She was quickly crowned Champion Hide and Seeker. Now, Luna has started coming out of her shell. She loves hanging out in John's room, looking out the window and helping with homework. She has even started playing with toys! Thank you Cat Welfare for our fluffy, beautiful new family member!

Happy Home - Frida Catlo

Frida Catlo

Adopted by Shana W

Formerly Libby

Frida has blossomed into the most social, playful and affectionate cat since I gave her a furever home in June. She adjusted so quickly and loves gazing out the window from her cat tree's hammock or curling up in my lap. My friends argue about who gets to cat sit next. I can't imagine my life without her!

Happy Home - Dax


Adopted by Katherine and Deven

Formerly Amy

Dax, formerly Amy, was sweet but nervous being among so many other kitties. When she got to her new home, she turned into a fearless explorer who loves snuggling and hunting catnip mice!

Happy Home - Sasha


Adopted by Shannon M-N

Formerly Felicity

Our sweet Sasha-Bear is such an intelligent, gentle, and happy kitty. She loves cuddles with her little sister, Marie (another Siamese mix, we got her from Pets Without Parents) and playing fetch. She has her own instagram page (sasha.the.seal) where I show other cat owners that cats enjoy the enrichment of learning tricks and being outside on a leash as much as dogs do, as well as teach people about conservation of big cats such as tigers or cheetahs ("Sasha's Big Cat Cousins posts"). We actually named Sasha after a cheetah that lived at the Cincinnati Zoo. We adopted her from the Cat Welfare Association on Sept. 3, 2018 when she was 3.5 months old. She is such a joy. She wakes us up in the morning by resting her paw on our faces when our alarms go off, which is very helpful for us since we are exhausted grad students! Her favorite treat is peanut butter, and honestly I wouldn't be where I am today without her. We got her just before I had a very serious diagnosis that left me in a lot of pain and sadness, but having this beautiful kitten around gave me a reason to get out of bed. We love her so much, thank you, everyone at this amazing shelter, for all that you do!!!!! You are saving cat AND human lives through your work!

Happy Home - Tesla


Adopted by Susan Thomas

Formerly Baby Spice

Sweetest baby ever! We had not had a kitten for 12 years but when my Aja died at 19, we had to get another cat. She is super purry and cuddly. She loves to play in the bathtub. We are planning to get her a sister very soon.

Happy Home - Max


Adopted by Collin and Kara

Formerly Cameron

We added him to our family in June 2019. When we first brought him home, he was very shy and hid under our couch. After a few days, he came out of his shell and explored everywhere (even the top of our cabinets). Now he loves to be where ever we are. Occasionally he will sneak off to the downstairs to have some alone time. He sleeps in bed with us at night, on his back. He is such a good cat and his doggy brothers love him just as much as we do. Cat Welfare is an amazing place and I recommend anyone looking for a cat to check them out. We are planning on adding another kitty very soon to our family and we will absolutely return here for our next family member!

Happy Home - Mick


Adopted by Ryan

Formerly Mick

I remember when I first met Mick, he was quiet and really relaxed. We were looking for two cats and my family was scared of FIV. So we came back later and seeing Mick still there we had to adopt him. And since then he's been the sweetest boy ever.

Happy Home - Stormy


Adopted by The Elkin Family

Formerly Lydia

We adopted Stormy a few days ago and we all couldn’t be happier. She has already been a delightful addition to our family and we are so grateful to have found a feline friend that we could give a forever home. Thank you to the Cat Welfare Association for giving all these cats a place to call home until they meet their match.

Happy Home - Bill and Thorin

Bill and Thorin

Adopted by Holly

Formerly Bill and Thorin

I adopted Bill and Thorin as a bonded pair seven months ago. They love to snuggle, chase laser lights, and take naps. I wasn’t planning on adopting two cats, but they stole my heart when I met them. I can’t imagine my life without them.

Happy Home - Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin

Adopted by Amy and Kai

Formerly Batman and Robin

We just wanted to wish you a Happy Holidays! From our home to yours! Love, Amy, Kai, Batman and Robin

Happy Home - Rita


Adopted by Danyu

Formerly Rita

My friend who had volunteered there introduced me to The Cat Welfare Association and I got Rita on my second visit. She was a "quiet cat" with half of her tail amputated but seemed to be pretty nice to humans. She came to my home in July and had a problem biting her tail. Cat Welfare referred us to several vets and finally, she made peace with her tail under medications. She is very sweet, a bit bossy, and crazy when playing at home after getting away from the pain in her tail. She has gained some weight and became quite fluffy in the winter. I just would like everyone to know that she is doing okay now!

Happy Home - D.va


Adopted by Kaleigh and Josh Baisden

Formerly Cheyenne

We have had our kitty for 10 months now! She is so playful and sweet! We love her so much! Thank you!

Happy Home - Formally: Lebron. But we call him Bron Bron, Or Skunky Monkey

Formally: Lebron. But we call him Bron Bron, Or Skunky Monkey

Adopted by Mina

Formerly Johnny

My boyfriend surprised me with him on my 23rd birthday and he’s been my baby boy ever since! He hops, he plays, and he’s such a snuggle bug. He meows at us when he’s ready for us to get out of bed and sleeps in bed with us all night long. He’s just the best Skunky Monkey ever!

Happy Home - Kai


Adopted by Cole & Alexandria

Formerly Felix

We were itching for another furry friend for our first cat and we were drawn right away to Kai (Felix at the time). He was right up at the cage door, looking curiously at us. He liked face scratches right away. Since being home, Kai has adjusted to indoor life and his new brother. He's grown into such a loving cuddle bug and has such a spunky, curious personality. Playtime is his favorite and it's such fun running around the house with him. Thank you for the new addition to our home!

Happy Home - Olivia and Leela

Olivia and Leela

Adopted by The Hoffman family

Formerly Olivia and Leela

My daughter and I started volunteering at Cat Welfare in September 2019. We were immediately smitten with Olivia (gray). We came to see her at the end of October to get to know her better, when we did we met little Leela (tortoise) as well and had to have them both. These two have brought so much joy to our home! They love playing (and chasing each other!). They have mended our hearts from the loss of our family cat in July. We couldn't be happier. Thanks, Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - Cherry


Adopted by Marcia Gavorcik

Formerly Cherry

We adopted Cherry on October 30, 2019 and she has become a real asset to our family. She's still in her snooping stages, but she knows where her food, water, and litter are and has free roam of the house. She has several favorite sleeping spots in our bedroom, but her most favorite is right across from me and not too far from her food dishes. She is so playful and attentive. we love her and she loves us. We do have a dog, and we were advised not to introduce right away, but Tulip, (our dog) insisted on meeting her right away as she was aware of Cherry coming home with us. They have a love/hate relationship. Cherry is still trying to figure the dog out. But, they sleep close together on the bed, so I know they'll be just fine.

Happy Home - CassieQuinn-Sequin for short

CassieQuinn-Sequin for short

Adopted by Jenny & Tami

Formerly Bootsy

We adopted CassieQuinn two weeks ago now...She is such a sweet beautiful girl... And so well behaved. She is learning to be lazy and eating canned chicken for now. She really isn't too fond of cat food. We are trying though. She likes to race down the stairs just in front of me. And she follows us all over the house. About every fourth day she conks out and sleeps hard... We just adore her. Thanks Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - Frances


Adopted by Fiona and Austin

Formerly Lilah

We adopted beautiful Frances a couple months ago and she has brought us nothing but pure joy. She is incredibly sweet and cuddly. She is also super playful, she loves to chase her older brother (a chihuahua mix) up the stairs :-) Thank you, Cat Welfare, for the important work you do!

Happy Home - Leonard & Nyota

Leonard & Nyota

Adopted by Lilly

Formerly Carmine & Shirley

I adopted 9-week-old brother and sister, Leonard and Nyota, three weeks ago. These tough little survivors lost a hind leg (Leonard) and half a tail (Ny) before their rescue, but they haven’t let that hold them back! They are already happy and well-adjusted in their new forever home, where their favorite activities are wrestling each other, falling asleep cuddled up together, climbing their cat tree, and attacking paper towel rolls. They’ve brought so much love and light into our home, and I am forever grateful to everyone who helped and cared for them along the way!

Happy Home - Zima


Adopted by Sierra Vahalik

Formerly Carie

I adopted this sweet loving kitty back in September. She loves to spend her days climbing into windows to watch the dogs and cars go by. She has made my life so much brighter and I love snuggling her before bed each night. Thank you to CWA for helping me find my furever friend!

Happy Home - Poppy


Adopted by Jennifer & Linda

Formerly Kelsey

Kelsey came to Cat Welfare as a stray kitten with a skin condition and a polyp in her esophagus that affected her breathing. Now she is a healthy active 11 month old named Poppy who wrestles with her chihuahua sister, and who plays fetch.

Happy Home - Titan


Adopted by Summer

Formerly Titan

When I brought Titan home to be the center of attention, his personality blossomed. He went from a terrified and (somewhat) grumpy shelter cat that many passed by to a purring machine full of curiosity and love. We have been best friends for over four years now. I am so thankful for the Cat Welfare Associate for not giving up on Titan before I came along. Much love!

Happy Home - Rooney


Adopted by Alena

Formerly Hanna

I walked into Cat Welfare in October 2017 and walked out with my very best friend. It’s cliché but Rooney really saved my life. He is so much more than a pet to me. Thank you Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - Pepper


Adopted by Alexa Richardson

Formerly Pepper

Pepper has been such an amazing addition to my family, I adore her so much. Her diva, playful personality makes us laugh. She is constantly running around playing with our dog. She purrs on my chest when it’s sleeping time. We can't wait to come back to Cat Welfare to get Pepper a best friend.

Happy Home - Epsilon


Adopted by Connor

Formerly Bootsy

I just saw this feature! I adopted Epsilon two years ago from here, and it’s been the happiest two years of my life!! He started out timid, and I was the only living thing he liked haha, but slowly he has adjusted. He’s now my sweetest little love bug and I couldn’t be prouder of him ❤️ And he’s best friends with my new cat! I literally can’t believe my luck in finding him; he’s the most precious soul in my life 💕

Happy Home - Jerry


Adopted by Michelle Morris

Formerly Peppy

Jerry came home with me and my family a month and half ago. The first day was rough on him, he didn’t want to be touched or have anything to do with us. The second day was a brand new day for him and us, he was out in the open, coming up to us for love and things have never been the same. Jerry is part of our family and I think he feels the same way. Pictured is his favorite stop to take his day time naps. When he’s not stretched out on the couch he’s playing with his toys or curled up in one of our beds.

Happy Home - Monkey-Do


Adopted by Paula

Formerly Monkey

I adopted my man Monkey almost 2 years ago after moving to Columbus from Washington state. I thought he would make a great buddy for my other kitty Oliver. Oliver and Monkey are the best of friends and the 3 of us are living our best lives back in Washington!

Happy Home - Shiki


Adopted by Madysen

Formerly Nathaniel Pawthorne

I adopted this FIV+ boy a few weeks ago and he is the most affectionate cat I have ever met. He always wants to cuddle with me and be right by my side. I’m so happy I brought him home to love.

Happy Home - Bella


Adopted by Kristin

Formerly Purrfecto

We adopted Bella in June. She has been the best cat I have ever had. She has such a personality. She loves attacking my feet as I walk through the house. She plays all day with her favorite toy ball and carries it around in her mouth meowing at me to throw it for her. She’s cuddly and actually likes to sit on my shoulder. She has definitely fit in with the family well. And she is most definitely the queen of the castle.

Happy Home - Andy


Adopted by Steven Dunn

Formerly Andy

I was looking for an older cat that would've had a hard time getting adopted. I saw Andy online and his face was just so cute I had to see him in person. The staff was very surprised that Andy was the cat I wanted to look at, being in the shelter for a few years I'm sure they thought he might stay there forever. He immediately jumped on my lap and started purring. We shared a few minutes then he got down and walked around. I told them that he was the one, again I was told he can be fussy and was just not that personable. When I got him home he was immediately so happy and showered me with head bumps, purring, and just wanted to touch everything. It turned out his gums were inflamed and had a bad case of stomatitis. After having 14 teeth removed, he felt MUCH better. He has been the BEST cat I've ever had. He doesn't scratch furniture, he uses the litter box without lifting his back end out, he gives so much love and enjoys lap time, he has started playing with the toys I bought him and just follows me around everywhere. I'm so happy I took a chance on the cat that "nobody wanted" because he is so grateful I can see it in his eyes everyday that he has his own home and his own human. Thank you all for helping me and allowing me the opportunity to have such a wonderful spirit in my home. You are all doing God's work. Blessings & light!

Happy Home - Mad-Eye Moody aka Moody

Mad-Eye Moody aka Moody

Adopted by Alli

Formerly Cinders

I got Moody just over a month ago. She was scrawny and scared with a shaved tum and a cloudy, scarred eye. She is THE most affectionate cat I have ever met and I’m so happy she lives with me! Nowadays, she gets into absolutely every nook and cranny she can find and is currently annihilating a crinkly toy and yelling. 10/10, most excellent cat in the world. I always can’t wait to get home and see her.

Happy Home - Murphy


Adopted by Wilma Simmons

Formerly Karl

I adopted Murphy aka Karl on Saturday, August 24th. He was a little afraid when we got home; but it did not take him long to come out and sleep with me. He is so lovey and playful. I am so glad that I adopted him. He has made my life complete again. Thanks for taking care of him until we could find each other.

Happy Home - Ophelia


Adopted by Stormie & Dave

Formerly Nikki

A couple of months ago my fiancé and I welcomed Ophelia into our home after meeting her at the shelter. She’s the most loving cat in the world. Everyday after work we nap together and every evening we play together. She loves to cuddle, play with her fish taco toy and lay on her fuzzy blanket. Ophelia has made our little family whole. ♥️

Happy Home - Mochi


Adopted by Makayla byerly

Formerly Cinnamon

I adopted Mochi on May 29th she is such a lovable baby she loves laying and sleeping on me when she isn’t running around or on her cat tree.

Happy Home - Lou and Coconut

Lou and Coconut

Adopted by Michelle Leeuw and Chris Albers

Formerly Lou and Coconut

Our happy home started with the adoption of Lou a few years ago. Lou was shy at first but quickly warmed up to his new home and family. 2 years later, we decided to pop back into Car Welfare to check out cats. That's where we found Coconut. Coconut was brought to Cat Welfare with kittens at a young age and quickly took on being Lou's loving little sister. Thanks Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - Jinx


Adopted by Kevin & Laci

Formerly Jinx

We took Jinx in as a permanent foster about 2 years ago from the shelter because of our experience with older cats suffering from kidney disease. In that time she blossomed into the sweetest, most loving and affectionate cat either of us had ever seen. Unfortunately we lost Jinx to kidney disease not too long ago, but we take comfort in the fact that she finally found her forever home in her last years.

Happy Home - Roscoe


Adopted by Mike

Formerly Ricky

I picked Roscoe up about 5 months ago- he wakes me up every day for work and waits for me on the windowsill to get home. He's put on a few lbs since I got him and he's definitely a happy cat!

Happy Home - Feyja


Adopted by Cort and Jen

Formerly Jack

Hi! My name is Freyja, I'm the artist formally known as Jack - I'm the runt of a Maine Coon mix litter who were all adopted, and left me all alone - Now I'm the reigning Queen of Berwick! I grew up with an amazing special needs rescue who taught me to be in charge of everything! He passed away last year, I got super depressed, and Cat Mom and Dad adopted 2 new friends named Gryffindor and Samwise! I taught them the ropes, reminded them that I'm in charge, and then we were all good! I like to beat my brothers up, play, wrestle, and run around like a mad woman (seriously, my brothers just stare at me as I go and go and go). In my spare time, I love to cuddle with my brother Samwise, play with my brother Gryffindor, and make sure that everyone is obeying my rules that I set as a monarch from high above their silly little realm. I..secretly love to cuddle with my brothers.. but shhhh... I try to keep that to myself while they fan me with cat toys, clean me, and feed me treats and catnip.

Happy Home - Mr. Samwise Gamgee

Mr. Samwise Gamgee

Adopted by Cort and Jen

Formerly St. Pepper

After spending hours at Cat Welfare for some cat therapy after losing his BFF of 14 years, Cat Dad stumbled upon St. Pepper's cage (where he was being kept as another feline in the FIV+ room, had been terrorizing him). Cat Dad opened up Sgt. Pepper's cage, and he jumped into Cat Dad's arms giving head butts, goatee cleanings, and love. Cat Dad, though not looking for another cat, instantly knew that Sgt. Pepper chose him. Sgt. Pepper was renamed Mr. Samwise Gamgee (Cat Dad and Cat Mom are nerds) - and from the moment he came home, Samwise became Cat Dad's companion. He slept with him, cuddled with him, followed him like a shadow, cleaned him, and even jumped in the shower with him! They've been instant BFF's since. Samwise even helped be the social bridge for Gryffandor (a super shy rescue cat), and gave his sister Freyja, who was also in morning over Cat Dad's loss/her feline brother's loss, a cuddle/cleaning/and play buddy. Stay tuned for Sam's instagram, "Sam Sleeps" which focuses on FIV+ rescue cat support, education, and... well... Sam.. sleeping.. as seen in this picture.

Happy Home - Gryffindor


Adopted by Cort and Jen

Formerly Copper

Gryffindor - a former shy cat room occupant - was terrified of people and needed his own space of upwards of 6 weeks prior to mustering the courage to leave his private room. Between daily visits from his humans who read to him for hours at a time, visits from his reassuring brother (Samwise) and sister (Frejya), and short term play dates, Gryff slowly learned that love, humans, and other cats, were his biggest cheerleaders. Fast forward a year of patience, love, reassuring energy, and sibling guidance, Gryffandor has turned into a big, fluffy, lover of being doted on, playing with his favorite toys, catnip, cat treats, being cleaned by his BFF, Samwise (an FIV+ rescue from Cat Welfare), and playing around the house with his sister, Freyja (also of Cat Welfare). Our terrified little man, has quickly become a favorite at our Vet (5th and Kenny), and a goofy little man who is into everything at home. He couldn't be happier! See the smile in the picture for validation!

Happy Home - Eli


Adopted by Jane and Scott

Formerly Trevor

We had the misfortune to lose both of our beloved cats, ages 12 and 16, within three weeks of each other. We have had cats in our home for our entire adult lives and our house was extremely empty without them. When I saw Eli (nee Trevor) with his brother in their cage, I was immediately taken by the alert expression on his tiny face. Then, when he began purring like a little buzz saw the moment he was put into my hands I was smitten. As he sniffed and snuggled into my arms, I knew this was the kitten (and ultimately cat) for us. In the two weeks he has been with us so far, he has brought incredible joy and delight. He came to us as an extremely well socialized kitten, so kudos and thanks to whoever fostered him! We look forward to many happy years with him. Thank you, Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - Jinx


Adopted by Gayle Hinkle, David Betts and Family

Formerly Phyllis

We adopted Jinx about a week ago and she is a amazing addition to our family. She is so loving and has made herself at home very fast. We would love to thank all the staff at Cat Welfare for bringing this sweet loving girl into our lives. She is truely in her forever home. And we can't imagine life without her.

Happy Home - Gigi


Adopted by Gary and Jim Burns

Formerly Gigi

Gigi has been with us for 6 months now. My brothers cat, Oreo (another cat welfare alumnus,) passed after 18 years. My brother works at home so Oreo became his office manager, business partner and constant companion. He was very upset when she passed, so I suggested we go to Cat Welfare and see if we could find another cat. While at Cat Welfare, we noticed a gray cat batting at us and went over to take a look. She was Gigi. We were told that she had been adopted but returned because someone was allergic to her and that she would not leave her cage because she did not like being with the other cats, otherwise she was healthy. She also needed quiet home with no other animals and maybe a little extra attention. That fit our home, so Gigi came to live with us. Gigi is a very gentle cat and somewhat timid. When I first rolled a ping pong ball in her direction, she ran and hid under the dining room table. After I showed her the ball and rolled it away from her, she immediately chased it down and pounced on it. It did not take long for her to realize that giving the ball a swat made it even more fun to chase. The same sort of thing occurred with her brush, first very apprehensive, now she receives a gentle brushing at least once and often twice a day. It did not take too long for her to understand that she now has a permanent home and family. She has assumed her role of office manager, business partner and companion. She likes to play with her toys; play chase the cat; sit in a window and watch the outside world; relax with her new family and watch TV (she likes Spongebob – lots of action) and of course take cat naps. The picture is of Gigi waiting patiently for her” midnight snack”. I get up and leave early; she always joins me for breakfast and greets me when I return home. Yes “Gigi” may sound like an odd name, but she answers to it so we decided to keep it rather than try to rename her. Why fix what is not broken? Gigi seems to be very contented. She received what she needed – a home and a family. I encourage others to take on a Cat Welfare cat. It will help both the cat and you too.

Happy Home - Gypsy aka “Gyp,” “Gyppers,” “The Gyspter,” and several other loving nick-names

Gypsy aka “Gyp,” “Gyppers,” “The Gyspter,” and several other loving nick-names

Adopted by Stu & Megan

Formerly Gypsy

Straight out of the shy room, who knew Gypsy Cat would become the perfect addition to our family after one of the saddest times in our lives... Unexpectedly losing my first pet (and my wife's cat) Princess in December 2018, we were devastated and sad, unsure of when we would be ready to open our hearts and our home to a new cat. But shortly after losing Princess, my wife found Gypsy's picture on the Cat Welfare Website -- the first cat my wife would ever look at, and that would be all we'd need. We first went to see a Gypsy in early January 2019 as she was battling a cold, not quite ready to leave the shelter for a forever home. We would come back to the shelter 5 times after that to see Gypsy, only to get the cold shoulder from her every time we sat down to play with her. BUT - she'd always look at us with those big, full eyes, and it wasn't long until we decided to bring her home in late January. Gypsy flat out loves her new home. Our little energy bus is constantly running around, chasing and hunting her 20+ toys that accent our living room floor. She needs very little rest between play sessions and absolutely loves and insists on being around us at all hours of the day. Her big, full eyes, and her constant chirps and trills have filled our hearts and made us a happy, complete family once again. Who knew this grey & white tiger straight out of the shy room would be exactly what we were looking for? Gyspy sends her love and meows and wants to thank everyone that helped take care of her for over a year and a half at the shelter. Our now not-so-shy kitty couldn’t be more perfect, and she wants to tell everyone to take a chance on the shy ones -- they don't disappoint!

Happy Home - Melon


Adopted by Aiden

Formerly Everest

Melon is a happy relaxed cat, he's been with us for a little under a year and we love him so much.

Happy Home - Luna


Adopted by Audra Maxwell

Formerly Magnolia

I'd been eyeing Luna (Magnolia) for months. When I asked to see her she was on the highest kennel, in a bed, ignoring the world. I climbed a ladder and worked to earn her trust. Once I got a pet behind her ear, I knew she was coming home with me. Here she is, happy, adjusted, and spoiled! She's a total lap cat, loves catnip and her tree next to the bay window. It took a lot of patience and work, but she even loves my doggie. THANK YOU Cat welfare! I'll take good care of her Fur-ever!

Happy Home - Raymond, Roland, and Reuben

Raymond, Roland, and Reuben

Adopted by Kelly

Formerly Raymond, Roland, and Reuben

In August of 2018, I tragically lost the cat-love of my life who I had for 12 years. I was heartbroken and didn't think that I'd be able to adopt another cat for a very long time, but my home felt so empty, so I decided that I'd try out fostering for a while. I figured that I'd foster fail eventually, but I didn't expect it to be so soon! My first fosters were this lovely trio of boys, and they were such a comfort and source of joy in such a time of despair. It didn't take long before I just knew I couldn't give them back! I still can't believe that I adopted 3 kittens at once, but it was probably one of the best decisions that I've ever made. They are just the absolute best and I'm so grateful to Cat Welfare for bringing them into my life!

Happy Home - Zelda Zu

Zelda Zu

Adopted by Ray, Laurie, Sage & Scout

Formerly Dottie

Zellie is the biggest goofball and the sweetest girl ever! In the shelter, she isolated herself outside and every time we visited, she would be wading in puddles outside. Once she came home, she rolled over on the carpet as if to say...”I’m finally home”. And she has two kitty siblings to play with!

Happy Home - Hoover


Adopted by Karen

Formerly Dustin

When we brought Hoover home, we found that in his prior life he'd been trained to stay off the furniture, stay off humans, and not to touch anything soft and fuzzy. But he's recovering quickly, sleeping in bed with us and leaping tall couches in a single bound. Still working on his fear of soft blankets, but we have the rest of his life to work on that.

Happy Home - Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren

Adopted by Cyra and Tanner

Formerly Braxton

We had previously adopted two cats from you in 2015. My husband decided we needed to add a third furry family member so we came back to find the third musketeer. He found the cutest little white and buff kitten in a cage who just wanted belly rubs and that’s all it took and Kylo joined his furry older brothers Sam and Panther! They all became the best of friends and even though Kylo was the baby he soon grew into the biggest though not the baddest cat in the house! He now loves watching hockey on tv and snuggling under blankets with his mom! Thanks again for helping us expand our family and providing new lives for so many kitties in Columbus!

Happy Home - Gomez & Annie

Gomez & Annie

Adopted by Caroline & Trevor

Formerly Gomez & Aggie

It's been almost 2 years since we adopted our shy cat room kitties and they are doing great! Gomez is one of the snuggliest cats I've ever known (he even heads butts & snuggles our two dogs) and Annie is a daddy's girl that enjoys belly rubs & wet food :) They aren't shy anymore and make sure to greet all our guests & make sure they are the center of attention!

Happy Home - Rumbellestiltskin


Adopted by Maggie

Formerly Rowana

I went in and saw this cutie last May. She was smaller then, and when I noticed her eye I instantly knew she was the kitty I needed! I myself am visually impaired, so she fits in just fine! Rumbelle loves to play and especially loves her toy mouse! Rumbelle is always happy, and loves her cat tree! She is a big snuggler and wants to spread love to everyone!

Happy Home - Callie


Adopted by Carrie Teynor

Formerly Ruthy

Callie has adjusted well to her new home. She is eating well which is good because she needed to gain weight. Her favorite toy is her cheese block. Her other favorite past times include cuddling and chasing her older sister Roxie who we adopted last year.

Happy Home - William


Adopted by Christine Curry

Formerly William

Hi, my name is William and I was adopted recently. I love my new Mom and my new home. I should tell you first that I go now by the name of "Minuit". My Mom being French gave me this name because I'm a black cat. Minuit means midnight in french so it was an easy choice to make. You might know my famous ancestor who posed for the poster "Le Chat Noir". My Mom is also trying to paint me. Maybe one day I will be famous also. I want to thanks everybody at CWA who took so good care of me and specifically Aaron who recommended me to Christiane to be her new companion. We are a good match. ps I should tell you that I picked her...when she called my name I knew we were made for each other, you see .. way back, I might be part French because when she speaks French to me I understand her. Merci le chat noir..Bisous to all

Happy Home - Petunia/Tiny Tuna

Petunia/Tiny Tuna

Adopted by Bailey & Ben

Formerly Don't recall

Little Miss fits in just perfectly! The other kitty in our home, Walter, is also a Cat Welfare kitty. Tuna has turned out to be a bit of a special needs baby - she's mostly Deaf, missing half her teeth, and is of a rather small stature. She's somewhere around 3 now and just the cutest little squeaker. Loves to get kisses from Walt, and play with our small dog. She sleeps in my bed and begs for attention like no kitty I've ever seen. You'd think she never gets any love but it's about non-stop! She's also a very ornery kitty - taught herself how to get into the fridge within a week, and keeps sneaking into the butter! Couldn't be happier with this wee baby!

Happy Home - Floyd


Adopted by Lynn & Mike

Formerly Junior

Floyd came to us after being in the isolation room at Cat Welfare. He was suffering from bad teeth, couldn't eat and therefore was only 9 pounds. Well, he is doing wonderfully now. Cat Welfare helped us find the East Hilliard Vet "Doctor Tom" who healed Floyd's dental issues. Floyd loves to eat now and is a svelte 16 pounds! He purrs all the time and thinks he is a lap cat. He enjoys fires at night, caviar, Cheezit crackers and watching bathtubs fill up. Thanks Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - Bambam


Adopted by Morgan

Formerly Danny

I adopted Bambam in July of 2018 shortly after moving out on my own. We have since become closer than two peas in a pod. I have never known such a sweet, kind, laid back cat in my life. We can spend all day just cuddling on the couch, watching movies and snacking. I'm pretty sure every picture I've posted to social media since is a picture of him, which is certainly not a bad thing given that he's so photogenic. Thank you so much Cat Welfare for introducing me to my best furry friend.

Happy Home - Aster & Cheno

Aster & Cheno

Adopted by Kendyl & Andy

Formerly Paula & Gypsy

These two very timid, scared kitties have blossomed into snugglebugs! They love their family and each other, and have grown to be inseparable. We love them very very much.

Happy Home - Frederick


Adopted by Cole & Alexandria

Formerly Frederick

We adopted Frederick almost 5 months ago. His face and happy purrs drew us in right away. He is the sweetest cuddler and he loves following mom around!

Happy Home - Hela


Adopted by Ken

Formerly Can't remember...lol

My boyfriend was crushed after we lost one of our furr babies. About 6 mos ago he stopped at Cat Welfare after work. He brought home Hela(black and white kitty). She's been the perfect fit with her human and furr family. We love her. She's funny, smart, sassy and obviously well loved by her brother Loki.

Happy Home - Minnie


Adopted by Lindsay

Formerly Lucy

My boyfriend and I adopted Lucy (now Minnie) a few months ago after we suddenly lost our kitty to a heart condition. Her story on petfinder broke my heart, and I knew she deserved a new home. Even though she’s almost 10 years old, she loves to play with toys and will even play fetch with her toy mice! She enjoys playing chase with our other kitty. She is a sweet kitty that loves to cuddle and has helped heal our hearts. We’re looking forward to many years together!

Happy Home - Kameron


Adopted by Kaiya

Formerly Cameron

I love him ❤️ All he does is sleep all day and want to play at weird hours of the night. Glad I might the right choice 😊

Happy Home - Daphne


Adopted by Tabitha

Formerly Daphne

I adopted Daphne back in July and I can honestly say it was the best decision I’ve made in all my life. She is the sweetest and most cuddly cat I’ve ever encountered and loves to give/receive affection all day long (even at 4am) but I’m not complaining. She loves to play in her 7ft cat tree with her best friend Sammie ( a kitten we found outside our apartment ) and she loves getting her weekly treat of fresh fish. She is absolutely spoiled but she deserves it.

Happy Home - Gonzo


Adopted by Casey

Formerly Todd

An unexpected love... my mommies had their eyes on one of my CWA sisters originally, but they fell in love with me the moment they saw me. In the close to one month that I’ve been in my furever home, I have been treated with love, snuggles, belly rubs, plenty of toys and treats. I miss my human CWA buddy Aaron but he would be happy to know that I am loved! I make my mom and grandma laugh with how playful I am. I’m really happy with my new digs and can’t wait for the next time I get treats!

Happy Home - Taco & Margarita

Taco & Margarita

Adopted by Rad & Mike

Formerly Alison and Blossom

These sisters love each other and are so social! They like playing with each other's tails, racing each other up and down the stairs and snuggling. They're the perfect fit for us.

Happy Home - Marceline


Adopted by Anna and Shawn

Formerly Petunia

We adopted Marcy in May 2016 right after we graduated from OSU! Now she's best friends with our other cat Leela and is the friendliest, most energetic cat we've ever met. We recently bought a two-story house, and she absolutely loves scampering up and down the stairs!

Happy Home - Bennie


Adopted by Jessica

Formerly Frappuccino

I adopted Bennie (formerly Frappuccino) just a few weeks ago, but we've become great friends already! He is such a wonderful little guy with so much love to give. He gets along great with my other cat, they are constantly playing together. Every night since I've brought him home, he's slept peacefully at the foot of my bed, but always makes sure to wake me up when it's time for me to feed him his breakfast. I'm so glad I adopted Bennie, he's already changed my life in so many ways. Thank you Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - Mina


Adopted by Deidra

Formerly Pacogirl

This little girl is growing up fast and doing great! She's the sweetest thing ever and spoiled rotten :) Adopted July this year :)

Happy Home - Baekhyun


Adopted by Grace

Formerly Bradley

Baekhyun was initially admitted at Knapp Vet for a broken leg, and stayed there for a few months. He was a loud, affectionate little kitten that I had the pleasure of taking care of while working in kennel. I absolutely fell in love with him while he was at the vet, and I knew I had to take him home! Baekhyun is so tolerant of every animal that comes his way and loves everyone. He’s very loud and full of personality and loves playing fetch with his toy mice. I’m so lucky to have such a good boy!

Happy Home - Olive


Adopted by Cecily

Formerly Marly

Meet Olive; the chunky princess formally known as Marly. We spent a good hour or so as a family trying to find the perfect cat and who knew that she would be all the way in the back tucked away in a cubby. She's the sweetest thing on the planet and we're so happy to have her. Huge thank you to the folks at this association for everything they do and for helping us give Olive a new home!

Happy Home - Bonkers


Adopted by Joy Hoffman

Formerly Unknown

I adopted Bonkers 12 years ago as a kitten from CWA. She has been such a loving Kitty, always wanting to be touching her humans. It's to the point where she has even laid on our feet if we were standing. She will sleep with my six-year-old whom she has been with since he was born. I have even found her grooming him in his sleep. She has been the best companion! Even as I type this, she is laying next to my head. :-)

Happy Home - Loaf


Adopted by Charlotte

Formerly Cher

I adopted Loaf (formerly Cher) from CWA almost 8 years ago. She was hiding out under a shelf and the employees brought her out to me. She was so sweet and cute with her crossed eyes that I decided to adopt her, and she's been my companion ever since. Loaf is no longer shy, and loves to meet new people who come by the house. She loves to meow and sing and is always playful and affectionate. I couldn't ask for a better cat!

Happy Home - April


Adopted by Amy and Scott

Formerly ???

I adopted this gorgeous girl 19 years ago as a kitten from Cat Welfare. She brought our family great joy as she grew from a curtain climbing kitten to a gentle and loving adult cat. She didn’t have a mean bone in her body and was a champion snuggler. She lived for 19 years as a beloved member of our family.

Happy Home - Moose


Adopted by Katharine

Formerly Kiwi

I brought Moose home on August 5, 2016, when he was just 11 weeks old. Now, just 2 years later, he’s been a world traveler, moving with me to Ecuador and back and now to Florida! He’s definitely a “special” cat— he has a lot of energy and he is sure to let me know when he wants to play, and he snores sometimes when he sleeps, just a few examples of many unique qualities. But I wouldn’t trade his furry toes for the world!

Happy Home - Kinase


Adopted by Rachel Brown

Formerly Jeremiah

After moving to Columbus and settling in, I decided to start my kitty family. I walked into the CWA building and Kinase (larger kitty, née Jeremiah) immediately started "talking" rather loudly at me, announcing I was now his human. In the year since then, he's become my snuggle buddy, gained a few fluffy pounds, and still enjoys talking with me all the time. Kinase is quite laid back and welcomed in a sister, Aurum, when she adopted us off the streets. He doesn't let being FIV+ interfere with life at all and loves lasers, shoe strings, and playing with Aurum. Looking forward to many happy years together and so glad Kinase chose me!

Happy Home - Zora


Adopted by Abby

Formerly Reba

I’ve had Zora for over 3 years now. She loves her other adopted siblings, Tango and Zelda. She’s the most loyal affectionate cat I’ve ever owned!

Happy Home - Crow and Lannister

Crow and Lannister

Adopted by Scott and Jessica

Formerly Crow and Barry

Crow and Lannister are best friends and spend all their time together. They love fighting over Daddy’s lap every night. Crow and Lannister are spoiled rotten and we love them to the moon and back!

Happy Home - Janet


Adopted by Kiowa Shuman

Formerly Janet

After losing our 17 year old and 13 year old cats to natural causes over the past year, we decided it was time to open our hearts to another. We adopted Janet on Mother's Day weekend and what a wonderful gift she has been! She is so loving and friendly and has brought us precious friendship. She loves watching the birds, squirrels and bunnies in our back yard and is always ready for pets when we get home. Thank you Cat Welfare Association and all of the volunteers and supporters who love and take care of these precious souls!

Happy Home - Zorro


Adopted by QiAna

Formerly Mick

I adopted Zorro at 12 weeks old after my beloved fur baby Phoenix passed away. He has filled that empty void in my heart. He is so full of energy, and he makes me laugh all the time. He's a sweet boy but rambunctious and curious about everything. He keeps me busy but I love every minute we spend together. He's my Zorro Bean, and I love him to pieces.

Happy Home - Gracie


Adopted by Kristin & Willard

Formerly Monica

We are in love with little Gracie! She is so sweet and just a touch feisty which is the perfect combination. She has brought so much joy to our home! Thank you for taking such good care of all the wonderful kitties at your shelter.

Happy Home - Bill


Adopted by Amanda and Josh

Formerly Bill

We adopted Bill a couple months ago. He took some time to get adjusted to his new dog brother. They now get along well. Bill is the sweetest cat. His favorite thing to do is lay in his cat bed in front of the window. The moment his human siblings go to bed, he comes over and lays with me. He is the best cat and we are so happy he is ours. Thank you!

Happy Home - Eadu


Adopted by Rachel, Ryan, Izze and Spencer

Formerly Alisa

We adopted Eadu on Mother's Day and she has just been such a joy. We love watching her play and explore the house. She is so amazing and patient with the children. Eadu has been the perfect addition to our family.

Happy Home - Benny


Adopted by Jason Defenbaugh

Formerly Mr. Peaches

Benny was known as Mr. Peaches when we first met him at Cat Welfare. He was a sweet little cream colored fellow that loved attention, but seemed to always be suffering from upper respiratory issues. He clearly had a rough life prior to being saved by Cat Welfare. We wanted to take Benny home as we felt he needed a forever home to more accommodate his health problems and to give him more focused attention. We just knew this sweet little cream colored kitty deserved a better life than what he had been dealt so far, and we had hope we could give it to him. After many months of care and attention, Benny's health improved greatly! We have learned a lot about Benny since he has come into our home... Benny is highly intelligent, very dignified, he loves to curl up on laps, and he loves car rides! He is also very playful, his favorite toys are balls of all kinds as well as his small toy mice we place in a box which he loves to "hunt" them from. Of all his favorites, his most favorite thing to do is to go on rides outside in his own personal cat stroller. When he realizes we are taking him on a walk, he happily goes into his stroller and sits inside it, relaxed and watching whatever we might come upon... Birds, people walking dogs, squirrels running ahead of us, all things moving become Benny's entertainment! Benny has enriched our lives, and we hope we have enriched his too.

Happy Home - Dusty


Adopted by Fran

Formerly Holly

Dusty is a sweetie. She adapted quickly to her new home, and purrs up a storm.

Happy Home - Mia


Adopted by Susan and Will

Formerly M.J.

I met Mia (formerly M.J.) during a volunteer training class at Cat Welfare. Already having 2 cats, I had no intentions of adopting another cat, I was there to help socialize the kitties. But Mia caught my eye, she distracted me during the whole class! She was so sweet and so shy, I instantly fell for her charms. We adopted her later that week, it was slow going at first, but she has really come out of her shell and fits in nicely with our other 2 cats (one of which we adopted from the 'shy room' last year).

Happy Home - Roxie


Adopted by Abby Teynor

Formerly Roxey

We adopted Roxie on February 11th of 2018. She loves playing with her fish toys and laser pointer, looking out the window, and cuddling in bed.

Happy Home - Mittens


Adopted by Tim Horton and Bertilla Sieban

Formerly Taylor

We adopted Mittens on April 23rd, 2018. We gave her the name Mittens because she has "thumbs" on her front paws. Within a few hours, she came out from her hiding spot under the bed and began exploring her new home! She is a very curious and loving cat and we are so happy to have her. She loves playing with her mice, sitting on the windowsill, and spilling water from her water bowl. Thank you Cat Welfare for bringing us together!

Happy Home - Sinatra


Adopted by Virginia Wilson

Formerly Sinatra

Thank you so much! Sinatra is a loving cuddly kitty who fits so perfectly at our home.

Happy Home - Hayba


Adopted by Yiying and Andre

Formerly Hayba

When we first met Hayba here, she was so timid and even freaked out a bit in the visiting room. But once we took her home, she started purring and exploring every corner of the apartment as soon as we let her out of the carrier! She loves sitting on the sill of window and watching birds outside. She loves following us around and will sit on our laps as soon as we sit down anywhere (oh yea even in the bathroom). She has two beds of her own but she decided she will only sleep in our bed at night. If we try to keep her out of the bedroom, she will scratch the carpet and bang on the door! I adopted Hayba when I was kind of at a low point. I'm so glad that I have this little furry monster to snuggle with every day now and that she is happy with her new home too.

Happy Home - Crystal and Bella

Crystal and Bella

Adopted by Travis, Alea, Donna, & Kurt

Formerly Betsy and Bella

Our family was hoping to eventually find a couple of sweet, playful kitties. We stopped by CW for some therapy cuddles and were told about a bonded mother & her kitten. This solved any worries that I had about territory fights or problems from 2 unfamiliar cats put together. My young son immediately loved their playfulness and friendly welcome. They came home with us and were comfortable, curious, and affectionate to our family and guests right away. It was the perfect timing and the perfect match!

Happy Home - Bernie


Adopted by Sarah Smith-Kelley and Jacob Kelley

Formerly Bacon

We didn't choose Bernie, he chose us. My husband and I adopted Bernie so our other guy, Hugo, could have a brother. Hugo has FIV so we knew we wanted to adopt another FIV positive cat. The two of them get along great. Hugo shows Bernie the ropes and Bernie keeps Hugo on his toes. You can find Bernie on his perch looking out the window, chasing Hugo through the house, or playing with his fish. We are so thankful for Cat Welfare. FIV cats make amazing pets and we were glad to give Bernie the home he deserves.

Happy Home - Bailey


Adopted by Rodney and Ana

Formerly Dibs

Last October my wife lost her best friend Ash to old age. In February she was ready for a new friend. Dibs was shy and kept to himself, but when my wife saw him she knew he was the one. 8 months old and separated from his brother, we were ready for a long courtship. 4 days later he was running the house like a king. He has doubled his weight and he is an attention monger. He has found his forever home and we are so pleased he chose us.

Happy Home - Joy and Cassie

Joy and Cassie

Adopted by Josh LaRue

Formerly Mamacita and Mama Cass

I first came to the shelter just before Christmas of last year and fell in love with Joy (fka Mamacita). She purred when I picked her up and followed me around while I was visiting with the other cats. Fast forward to January and I found myself at the shelter again looking for a friend for Joy. Cassie (fka Mama Cass) was a new arrival, and once again it was love at first sight. The introduction period was a bit tricky, but with the help of Cat Welfare, my girls are now best friends. They play, sleep, and hang with each other all day long. Coming home to find my girls waiting for me by the door and the unconditional love they provide is truly priceless.

Happy Home - Slider, Pilot

Slider, Pilot

Adopted by Carrie Lee & Brian Handelman

Formerly Clint, Pilot

We adopted Slider (formerly Clint) in spring of 2016. He was the last of his siblings left and the only kitten to cry out at us when we walked in the room! He was a tiny little runt of a kitty and now he is quite a big boy! I am a big Cleveland Indians fan, so I named him after their mascot. His favorite activity is kneading our older cat, Oliver’s, belly. A little less than a year later we found Pilot who, upon his cage being opened, immediately climbed out onto Brian’s shoulder. It was love at first sight! He is still a climber and a cuddler who absolutely loves to be held. We kept his very fitting name (he was found at the airport); I thought it was especially cute because my dad is a pilot! Thank you, Cat Welfare, for these boys who bring us so much joy!

Happy Home - Scarlett


Adopted by Emily

Formerly Scarlett

I adopted Scarlett January 5th 2018. To help her settle in I gave her a space in the guest room. After an hour she was out exploring the house! Scarlett loves to cuddle and even sleeps with me at night. In fact, if I don't go to bed at a regular time she gets feisty! Scarlett enjoys napping, looking out the window, climbing and batting around my cell phone charging cord. My house is now a home because of her loving and playful spirit! I'm so glad we have each other!

Happy Home - Nelson


Adopted by Ashley and Chris

Formerly Maury

Without Nelson, our house would not be a home. He is such an amazing cat who melted my fiance's heart from day one (formerly self-proclaimed as "not a cat guy"). We adopted him over two years ago. He loves playing on his custom built kitty tree, watching birds out the window, and "zooming" through the house as he attacks our legs. He finds a toy in everything (currently an Amazon box), but listens VERY well (no issues with getting on counters and responds to commands). He is a very social cat who waits for us to get home, then immediately lays down and cries for some rubs and attention. With such an amazing personality we just HAD to give him his own Instagram and document the cuteness. Follow Respect.the.Nelson for more adorable pictures. Thank you, Cat Welfare, for your very important work in giving these amazing companions a chance!

Happy Home - Emmy


Adopted by Kelly Geither

Formerly Buckeye

We brought Emmy home in January as a buddy to our previously adopted cat (Chaz). She was shy at first and hid under the bed a lot, but recently she has started to come out of her shell and loves to chase and play with Chaz.

Happy Home - Chaz


Adopted by Kelly Geither

Formerly Chaz

Chaz is such a sweet boy. He is so calm and loves cuddles. We are so happy to have him!

Happy Home - Joe


Adopted by Libby

Formerly Joe

Joe was adopted 2 years ago and was very skittish and shy. Now he is the most social and wonderful little buddy. He enjoys catnip, cuddling, popcorn, and taking six to eight naps a day. He is loving and perfect!

Happy Home - Lady Grey

Lady Grey

Adopted by Karisa Smith

Formerly Toots

My family and I adopted the beautiful Lady Grey on Feb 6 2018. She didn't seem to want much to do with us after all the attention she got from us at the shelter, she was a bit aggressive and overwhelmed. I was a little worried but wanted to give her a chance to warm up to us in our home where it was relaxed and quiet.We brought her home and prepared her a room to relax and become acclimated to her new home (as we have other cats), but she wanted nothing to do with it! She cried and cried to be let out into the house from our bedroom. Surprisingly enough after a few hours of exploration and sniffing around, She was running and playing as if she had been with us for years. She is loving her new home and we are loving her even more! She warmed up to us beautifully right away. She loves to snuggle and loves the belly rubs.

Happy Home - Jaime (JJ)

Jaime (JJ)

Adopted by Ashley

Formerly Hazel

Sweet little tripod girl has been doing very well since I got her. She likes to hop around and attack her feather wand. She's still a little surly about having a brother but they're getting along better every day. She's still the puffy ball of purrs and head rubs I adopted.

Happy Home - Daphne


Adopted by Kathryn Maynard

Formerly Miss Berry

Daphne (formerly Miss Berry) is completely settled in our home! She LOVES to play with her mouse and her feather stick. She's great at purring, eating, and snuggling in her bed. We love her. Thanks, Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - Cookie


Adopted by Jessica & Shawn

Formerly Zach

We adopted Cookie after Christmas 2017, and he is such a sweet boy that we love him so much! He would wake us up when he hears our phone rings the alarm clock, and uses soft sound to say good morning to us. We believe he grew up in a family with dogs, as it's very interesting to find some of his habits are very similar to dogs'. He likes us to throw the toy mouse, and he will fetch it back, just like a retriever!

Happy Home - Luna


Adopted by Angel

Formerly Sugarfoot

Luna quickly became a permanent resident of our happy home. She is everyone’s favorite roommate, greeting everyone at the door, demanding face rubs and talking to you if she doesn’t get them. She’s the most lovable cuddly family member, sleeping on top of her mom every single night.

Happy Home - Bella Ninja Kitty

Bella Ninja Kitty

Adopted by Crystina Aller

Formerly Becky

A week before Thanksgiving 2011 I ventured into Cat Welfare looking for a cat or kitten. I was given a tour and fell in love with (then) Becky. A beautiful DSH grey kitten. Love at first sight- she was adopted that day! Fast forward 5.5 years later (now) Bella Ninja Kitty has a filled life! She has a younger (much larger) sister, a Great Dane; Audrey Hepburn. She enjoys long afternoons on her cat perch and chin scratches!

Happy Home - Starry Night

Starry Night

Adopted by David and Sondra Hays

Formerly Starry Night

Starry chose us over a year ago! We couldn’t imagine our family without her. We are crazy about her and she is a little spoiled. She has come a long way with us and you can tell she is just as crazy about us! Thank you

Happy Home - Bella


Adopted by Daysa+Emani

Formerly Lacy

We adopted Bella as a kitten she is so spoiled such a loyal and innocent kitty. Yes, she is! She loves to chase and play with kids and made everyone in the house want more cats! Glad we adopted her!

Happy Home - Walter


Adopted by Katy and Kevin

Formerly Mel

Walter was adopted in Feb 2016 and he has brought so much joy into our lives. He is the most friendly, playful, and happy cat. Thanks, Cat Welfare Association!

Happy Home - Tamale


Adopted by Solie Nunes

Formerly Mrs. Pickles

“Tamale, formally known as “Miss Pickles” has made a wonderful impact on mine, and my husband's life, a new marriage and a new home. We have been planning on getting a new furry friend to spend their life with us for a few months now. We knew we wanted to adopt, but had no preference or ideas of what we wanted, age, looks, anything, other than that we wanted a kitty who would love to be loved and love us right back. When I tell you that is exactly what we got, it would be an understatement! She is the most wonderful cat I've ever met. We have only had her for about a week now, and even in that short time she has made herself a permanent member of our family. We love her dearly! Thank you, Cat Welfare Association for existing, and for doing what you do. It was a great experience being able to meet all the cats and to pick our new sweetheart too.

Happy Home - Eddie and Alfie

Eddie and Alfie

Adopted by Slim and Pam Bloom-White

Formerly Edward and Alphonse

We think these two brothers were close to begin with, but now, they are the best of buds. They have settled in quite nicely. Dodger, their older brother, doesn't quite know what to do with them. So he follows them around like a shadow. And Orlando, their older sister, treats them to a nonchalance that only a 17 y/o can muster. Thank you for letting us have these two amazing boys. We love them and now can't imagine life without them around.

Happy Home - AbbyNormal


Adopted by Amanda

Formerly Dita

Dita renamed herself AbbyNormal after several loud bouts of yodelling and general oddness. A year and a half after coming home, she still loves following me around and yelling. She also loves cuddling, singing to her toys and stealing licks of salsa.

Happy Home - Java


Adopted by Erica

Formerly Mindy

Java is the sweetest little cat I’ve ever known. Adopted from Cat Welfare Association in September 2016, she has won over countless “non-cat people” with her beautiful eyes, demands for belly rubs, and cuddly personality.

Happy Home - Louis


Adopted by Rachel Flenner

Formerly Quatro

I adopted Louis from Cat Welfare back in November 2014 when he was a small kitten named Quatro. He has grown into quite the handsome cat with a personality as big as his owners.

Happy Home - Ember


Adopted by Lynn

Formerly Bobby

Ember came to me in June 2017 at age 8 weeks and joined my 3 cat chowder. I have recently adopted his soulmate Echo who is two months his junior. Ember chose me by calling from his cage at CWA. Talking is one of his favorite things and also chasing up and down stairs with Echo.

Happy Home - Emily Binx

Emily Binx

Adopted by Brittany Mollett

Formerly Regina

Emily has lived with us since Mid-October and we couldn't be happier! She loves snuggles, chasing her ball, and definitely wet food! Emily does really well with her other fur siblings Winnie, Walt, and Wendy (who are dogs). My wife and I could not have asked for a better addition to our family! Thanks, Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - Mr. Henry B White

Mr. Henry B White

Adopted by rachel

Formerly Henry

I got Henry 10 years ago from cat welfare. one of my 2 cats passed away and my other cat was so lonely. I went in seeking a companion for him. I very much succeeded in not only that, but I got the best companion for myself as well. my cat Wilber immediate liked Henry, how could you not? He's the most charismatic, silly, funny, sweet and loving creature. He has so many fans out there. any one that steps into my house ends up loving him. he makes me laugh on a daily basis and sleeps next to me every night. I got so lucky finding this guy.

Happy Home - Comet


Adopted by Chris, Brandy and Celeste

Formerly Elroy

Comet joined our home in November after having lost our cat Hash in July. I wasn't sure we were ready for a new cat but Comet has been a great addition to our family and he loves his best friend our dog Cooper. Thank you for showing us we were ready for another cat.

Happy Home - Bacall


Adopted by Libby Baldwin

Formerly Bacall

I adopted Bacall a little over a year ago and she has made our house a home. She has so much spirit and personality, that no day is ever boring. She loves cuddling in odd positions and chasing after her canine roommate.

Happy Home - Lucien


Adopted by Kim

Formerly Jessie

I adopted Lucien in November of 2015 when he was 3 months old. He's my first cat and has always been a little ball of energy and love. He likes to cuddle, watch the snow fall, and meow a LOT. Adopting Lu is one of the best things I've ever done. He really means the world to me.

Happy Home - Foster


Adopted by Alex Hittepole / Tara Kis

Formerly Coal

He is going on 4 months in his new home in Marysville He is a big fan of our 3 kids and his new buddy Natty, also know as Brenda when she was adopted from Cat Welfare 4 years ago. Many more fun years to come.

Happy Home - Sophie


Adopted by Emma

Formerly Gracie

When I adopted Sophie, she was a timid little kitty (she wouldn't let anyone touch her without cowering, stayed curled up away from other cats all the time...) who had just had her tail amputated. Only 4-5 hours after I took her home, she began acting affectionate and has since become a clingy and very affectionate cat towards me. I've had her for about 1.5 years now and she's doubled in size and healed from her surgery as a kitten perfectly and gets along just fine with the other cat in my household.

Happy Home - Franki


Adopted by Claudia & Cole

Formerly Rosita

Franki is so easy going and laid back, she fits into our family perfectly. She even loves cuddling and playing with her Goldendoodle brother, Graham. So glad she's ours!

Happy Home - Spice


Adopted by Ashley

Formerly Spice

After finding out I had thyroid cancer and taking time off work I was bored and need a friend. She is the best thing that has happened to me. She lifts my spirits. I'm cancer free I believe because of her company and love. Having a lack of thyroid makes me tired, but she gives me life!

Happy Home - Mango


Adopted by Alexis

Formerly Mao mao

I had recently moved away from home and missed having animals around, so I went to this shelter looking to find a new companion. I went through every cat and she was the VERY last one I saw in a cage in the corner. I reached my hand into pet her, I could tell she was scared, she immediately began licking my hand and I was sold from that moment on. She is a VERY shy cat and it took her awhile to warm up to me, but after she did she began to sleep next to me every night and greet me when I came home. She still has a problem with meeting new people, but she's the sweetest cat. Over a year later and I can still say that she puts a smile on my face, even though her favorite hobby is meowing in my ear at 3 in the morning. I'm fairly certain I know now why she was named Mao mao.

Happy Home - Nego


Adopted by Rebecca Wolfrum

Formerly Ollie

Thank you so much to Cat Welfare Assoc. After having my former kitten adoption end with an unfortunate and untimely death with FIP, I was leery and hyper-sensitive regarding my new adoption. The people at Cat Welfare were helpful and understanding. After working through a couple of small health issues, our little Nego is happy, healthy and as you can see, has fit in quite well in his new home with his older sister Tatiana. When Nego isn't playing on his cat tree, sunning himself in the window, or licking his bowl clean, he enjoys snuggling up with Tatiana. And she seems happy with the company. She especially likes it when he takes to massaging her with his kneading paws. Thank you again for the wonderful addition to our family. He is a joy.

Happy Home - Zenobia AKA Zobie

Zenobia AKA Zobie

Adopted by Yvonne Wingard and Michael Ruddell

Formerly Ritz

We had just lost our cat of over 13 years, Bennie, to cancer, but my boss suggested that visiting a cat sanctuary might make me feel better. One of my violin students volunteers at Cat Welfare, so we went. Zobie is the sweetest gal...she plays noises and growls during thunderstorms!

Happy Home - Dee Dee

Dee Dee

Adopted by Rob & Kathy

Formerly Delilah

In May of this year, we went to Cat Welfare looking for a new kitty. We had our last baby for 17 years and we were so lonely without a kitty. Much to our luck, we found our Delilah. She had been at Cat Welfare for a long time and was in need of a family. We were meant to be together! She was shy at first but is now making herself right at home with us. She loves to play with her mice and especially loves looking out the window at all the birds and dogs in the neighborhood. We are so happy to have her in our lives. She is truly a lovey and we were lucky to find her.

Happy Home - roxy


Adopted by angelica

Formerly lulu

I adopted ms. Roxy from the shelter on June 9th, 2017. Roxy was just 9 weeks old at the time! She is such a spoiled little girl. As soon as I approached her cage and held my finger to it, she nudged me with her head. This little girl was not shy! At that moment I knew she was the one for me. Her distinguished markings, caught my attention and I just fell in love with her. Roxy really loves playing with her toys and let's not forget she loves to chase them all throughout the home! She really enjoys sunbathing and cuddling together. I'm so grateful to have an amazing companion, such as Roxy!

Happy Home - Ofelia


Adopted by Erica

Formerly Lace

Ofie lived in the shelter for two years, because she was always hiding. And while she is still shy around strangers, she has warmed up to others. Now she greets her mom when she comes home late, and they watch tv and nap together. Now her mom can't even go to the bathroom without Ofie demanding attention.

Happy Home - Walter and Jessie

Walter and Jessie

Adopted by Nan & Mike

Formerly Bert & Earnie

They are brothers and were in a cage together. I saw Walter's nose (on the right), and we were done looking. Walter is sweet and gentle. Jessie is an extrovert and loves to headbutt. They chase each other around the house (usually Jessie chasing Walter). They will go to the exact same spot and sit to patiently wait for a treat. We can't imagine our lives without them.

Happy Home - Gray & Poupon

Gray & Poupon

Adopted by Bodie & Stefanie Truitt

Formerly Apple and ?

These guys are my foster fails that came to CWA at 5 weeks old. I guess there's something to be said about when you raise an animal from a baby because these two are the sweetest and most loving cats I've ever owned. They love to play with each other, and I really wasn't in the market to adopt them, but I so desperately wanted to see them stay together. Thank you, Cat Welfare for taking such good care of me and my babies!

Happy Home - Rose


Adopted by Ashley and Eric

Formerly Margie

We are coming up on Rose's (formerly Margie) one year adoption anniversary. She brings a lot of joy to her puppy brother. She loves head rubs, hiding in the bathtub and she truly thinks she is queen of the house. She has brought such happiness to our family

Happy Home - Lily and Luna

Lily and Luna

Adopted by Cara

Formerly Xena and Mini

I came to cat welfare to adopt one cat and then met these two. They were in neighboring cages and I just couldn't pick one over the other. Once they were introduced at home they were instant playmates. They enjoy napping, bird watching, napping, and late night roller derby sessions. They're incredibly playful and always looking for affection (and treats). I'm so glad to have them both.

Happy Home - Rumble McSkirmish

Rumble McSkirmish

Adopted by Ruth and Anthony Hall

Formerly Jacob

We adopted Rumble a year ago and he has been just the best cat. So loving and affectionate!

Happy Home - Narcissa


Adopted by Chelsey

Formerly Sunshine

Narcissa has been with us for two months now. She loves cuddling with her two brothers, Ollivander and Crookshanks. She also enjoys "catching" toy mice. Every night, she sleeps on her special pillow pet. 'Cissa is a sweet and sniffly girl.

Happy Home - Forge


Adopted by The Shump family

Formerly Ed

We adopted Forge in July 2017. This 3 legged orange baby is super talkative and playful. He loves playing with his human baby (our 1 year old son) and his kitty siblings. Running climbing and chasing the other cats are his favorite things to do. He is very happy in his furever home.

Happy Home - Spooky


Adopted by Allison

Formerly Doc

I adopted Spooky (aka Doc) about two weeks ago and I could not be happier that I found the best forever friend. From snuggles to the best sandpaper kisses. Spooky is the best little companion, and can't wait to see what sneaky thing he will do next! :)

Happy Home - Gucci


Adopted by Leah Griebel

Formerly Fiona

September 18th, 2015, my previous roommate and I visited Cat Welfare. Upon meeting her for the first time, I put my hand in front of her to sniff and she immediately head-butted my hand and I knew she was the one (and I think she knew too). Gucci now happily spends her days catnapping, staring out the window, purring, cuddling, running around like crazy, and harassing me for pets and more food! She is the best companion I could ask for. I'm so glad we found each other.

Happy Home - Mel


Adopted by Maddie

Formerly Melody

I adopted Mel in November 2016. I saw her cute little face with that one big eye and knew she was the one! She is such a little character and is so chatty! Mel loves to cuddle every night in bed with me. I love spoiling her and watching her play with all of her toys. Everyone who meets Mel instantly falls in love with her! I have never met a more loving cat! She absolutely loves attention and she gets chatty when she isn't getting enough of it! I love my little sassy girl! Mel makes me so happy and I am so blessed that I found her!

Happy Home - Toby


Adopted by Sophia

Formerly Axel

As soon as I met Mr.Toby I knew he was the one. This shy little guy immediately bonded with me before we even left Cat Welfare. He settled right in as soon as he got to his new forever home, and he's been my little side kick ever since! He loves perching on his cat tree, playing chase with his feline brother, knocking things over, and best of all, sleeping in my bed every night.

Happy Home - Winston


Adopted by Maggie

Formerly Morris

Winston and I saved each other's lives. I walked into Cat Welfare on a whim, having no idea the impact that adopting would have on my life. When an employee asked me if I'd ever considered adopting an FIV+ cat, I didn't know what to say. I didn't even know what FIV was. But the minute I picked up Winston, he purred like a motor boat and sank into my arms. I knew I wasn't gonna leave without him. Suffering from clinical depression can be a roller coaster ride of emotions, and somehow Winston knows when I need him the most, crawling into my lap and purring himself to sleep like my own little feline security blanket. I couldn't ask for a better fur baby to spoil.

Happy Home - Poppy


Adopted by Isabella and Jack

Formerly Taffy

After having Lenny for a year, it was pretty clear we needed to find a buddy for him to run around the house and cuddle with. That's when we decided to go to Cat Welfare. We described him, and what we were looking for. Immediately, we were brought to his new little sister, Poppy (formerly known as Taffy). Within only a couple of days, they were happily sniffing each other out, and sharing toys! Little Poppy has been the best little sister to Lenny, and she definitely puts him in his place, even though he's twice her size. They love licking one another, looking outside, chasing one another, watching each other play, and of course napping together. She's getting along just fine with her big brother Lenny :)

Happy Home - Hurricane "Baby Cane"

Hurricane "Baby Cane"

Adopted by Kaitlyn and Victor

Formerly Cashmere

Hurricane was 2 months old when we got him, he is now 11 months. He is a super spoiled kitten with a perch where he likes to watch the birds and pretend to chase bugs. He absolutely loves laying on his back now which is great cause you can always see his vampire teeth sticking out (see photo). He is such a great social cat who let's anybody and everybody pick him up and give him love. We are SO happy that we found him.

Happy Home - Eleanor


Adopted by Melissa & John

Formerly Safari

I adopted Eleanor on October 31, 2015 (fitting for a black cat, right?) I didn't really expect to be leaving with a cat that day, but something about Eleanor drew me in. She was housed in a cage on the wall, and every time I would look at the kittens in the cage above her, she stretched ALL the way up on her hind legs and reached out, trying to get my attention instead! I eventually took her out and held her, and I fell in love right away. Now, I can't imagine my life without her. She is such a sweet girl and a fantastic companion. She greets me at the door every day when I get home from work, loves sticking her paws in cups of water (which is both adorable and irritating) and chasing the laser light. I am so glad that we found each other!

Happy Home - Ghibli and Rukia

Ghibli and Rukia

Adopted by Kira

Formerly Hei Hei and Melanie

We adopted both of these babies from CWA (about a year apart) and they are best friends now. They have made wonderful additions to the family.

Happy Home - Sophie


Adopted by Susan and Will

Formerly Missy

We found Sophie in the "shy room" at Cat Welfare. She was very skittish and didn't pay much attention to us, but I was drawn to her and knew we had the patience to give her a good home. She is doing amazingly well, she only hid for a couple hours the day we brought her home but since then she has really flourished. She is such a sweetheart, she's extremely playful and very affectionate. She's still a little scaredy-cat at times, but she's becoming braver every day.

Happy Home - Biscuit


Adopted by Alec

Formerly Sage

Biscuit seemed to be shy at first, but when she started purring loudly and grabbing our hands to pet her more we knew she was the one. We adopted her about a month ago and now we are inseparable. She has the most endearing quirks like running away from the litter box every time she uses it and meowing whenever anyone stands up, but that's what makes her so cute and loveable. She is as attached to me as I am to her. So glad this little stray was found and reached us.

Happy Home - Phoebe


Adopted by Hayley

Formerly Deb

What’s not to love about a blue eyed girl with a little attitude? That’s my girl Phoebe! Her sassiness was what caught my eye when I first met her at Cat Welfare. She was very playful and seemed to have a lot of spirit - and of course those blue eyes and her unusual coloring. She has some weight issues we are working on but this girl loves to eat! I was not sure how she would get along with my first CWA adoption, Roxie but overall they have adjusted to life together. Two divas in the same location can be a challenge but they have each staked out their own territory and share the rest of the place, including my lap. Phoebe has been such a great addition to my family. Thanks CWA for all you do and bringing this blue eyed beauty into my life.

Happy Home - Sheena


Adopted by Sarah

Formerly Sheena

I adopted Sheena about two months ago. She did well with her new home! And she's becoming herself getting into things and sleeping with me. She loves her brother cat Felix. They get along beautifully! Sheena is her mama's baby. I call her Sheena Marie and she has found herself a forever home!!

Happy Home - Luna


Adopted by Sophie & Matt

Formerly Meg

A member of your staff introduced us to Luna/Meg when we visited Cat Welfare. She gave us a cautious sniff and then licked my hand. We knew right away that she would be coming home with us. She likes being the only cat in the house and settled in very quickly, sitting on the sofa with us after an hour in her new home. Since then her personality (goofy) has come out more and more. Thank you Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - Marty


Adopted by Stephanie Folkerth

Formerly Marty

Marty was found as the only non-feral in a feral colony and he hadn't left his cage when we came in. Everything with him has been so easy, like we were meant to have him. From the day we brought him home he's been relaxing on a windowsill or snuggling his way into our hearts.

Happy Home - Sadie


Adopted by Steve

Formerly Shelly

Sadie came to live with us in December after 7 years at Cat Welfare. She has transitioned from a cranky old lady to a cuddler who loves to play and find comfy places to hang out and keep us company.

Happy Home - Lily


Adopted by Rose and Travis Withrow

Formerly Mary Elizabeth

We adopted Lily in early February and she was ready to socialize the day she came home! She loves to snuggle and has become quite the lap kitty. (The photo is her in my lap). She also likes to rub on my husband's beard - it is a good head scratcher. She wants to eat all the time but she ignores people food and is ambivalent about fancy wet cat food; she just wants kibble! She is also very chatty and enjoys watching the birds outside the cat big screen TV (window). We adore her and thank Cat Welfare for bringing us together - thanks for all you do!

Happy Home - Cooper


Adopted by Charles & Becky Farris

Formerly Cooper

Cooper came home June 2016. Linda asked us if we would consider an FIV+ kitty, and we did. We were blessed with the most loving cat ever. He's loved more than words and I know he loves us right back! Please consider a fiv+ cat. Cat Welfare is an incredible support provider. These are normal cats. They just need the right care. Our life is better because Cooper's in it. God bless you, Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - Zooey


Adopted by Steph

Formerly Ella

Ella was in the shy cats' room, which is normally where I hang out when I volunteer. I love those cats so much. I fell in love and brought her home and within a month, she's gotten so affectionate and comfortable. I'm so happy I have her!

Happy Home - Laphicet


Adopted by Nick and Christina

Formerly Foxy

Nick came in looking for a cat to adopt on Valentine's Day, and Foxy was recommended by Clancey. Upon picking him up, he instantly started nuzzling Nick, and soon enough, was on his way to his forever home. Laphicet loves his catnip toys, and tormenting his 3 new brothers' tails. He loves nothing more than cuddling up with his humans at night time, and laying in the sun during the day. Happy, healthy, and friendly, he spends every day making those around him better with his presence!

Happy Home - Xion


Adopted by Dree Levin

Formerly Buck

Xion took only a few hours to get used to his new home. His hair is growing in nicely on his back and covering his scar. I'll almost miss how cute he looked with a bald spot. He is a cuddly, playful Cassanova. He gets jealous of my computer and other devices and will attack my fingers if I don't pet him. I wake up with him on my face or snuggled into my chest. I am thinking of adopting another cat just so he won't be lonely when my roommate's cats move out. The three of them have become quick friends.

Happy Home - Walter


Adopted by Bailey

Formerly Henry

Walt came home October 2016. He took a few months to come out of his shell, but has been the happiest kitty! He loves his new mom and dad, and sleeps on our pillows or at our feet every night. He usually doesn't mind the kids at all either, and is the gentlest little buddy out there. Walt will cuddle up with our 5 year old, and tolerates loving from the 3 and 1 year olds too. When he gets annoyed (usually by too much toddler loving!) he's never scratched - he'll just get up and walk away. He's crazy about his new home, and loves cuddling up to snuggle or getting right in the middle of whatever you're doing. He's a chatty boy too, and gets so excited when Dad gets up in the morning (breakfast!), when Dad goes to bed (dinner!), or when I get home from work (somebody is awake!). He's the perfect mix of obnoxious, loud, loving and gentle. Couldn't have a better family cat than our Walt.

Happy Home - Basil


Adopted by Becca

Formerly JJ

I adopted Basil almost two years ago and I fell in love with him immediately! So happy I found him.

Happy Home - Chainsaw


Adopted by Lyra, Charlie, and Eli

Formerly Popples

We came to Cat Welfare to adopt a cat after my (Lyra's) partner went missing. We originally had a specific cat in mind, but when we met her, we realized that she wouldn't work well with our current cat, Milo. While I was wandering around, playing with other cats, I noticed my other partner, Charlie, cuddling up with a little gray ball of fluff. The connection was instant. Milo was a little hesitant to accept the new member of our family, but within a couple days, they were grooming each other, playing, and cuddling. A few days after we adopted Chainsaw, I woke up with both Chainsaw and Milo in bed with me. That was the day we found out Simon, my missing partner, had been found dead in a creek. Ever since then, Chainsaw has not left my side. She and Milo have been such a huge comfort in our lives, and we're so happy to have them.

Happy Home - Cashew and Callie

Cashew and Callie

Adopted by Ann P

Formerly Cashew and Sharon

I adopted Cashew and Callie (tuxedo) in August of 2013. My cat of 20 years had just passed away a few months earlier and I needed the sweet sound of kitties back in my house. They are great friends (most of the time 😀) and Cashew is such a big doofus. Thank you Cat Welfare for all you do.

Happy Home - Albus


Adopted by Nicole

Formerly Snickers

Snickers and I bonded immediately at the shelter and I knew I had to take him home!! He is the wise cat of the house and I promptly renamed him Albus Dumbledore. Albus and my cat Toby have become fast friends and are always playing after only a week! Albus is 6 years old, but plays and loves like a kitty. I've never had a sweeter animal; Albus is always rubbing against me or on my lap and sleeps above my head on my pillow every night. I love this cat!!! And I think he is pretty happy too. Never expected to get a 6-year-old cat (especially when I was looking for a baby kitten!) but couldn't imagine a perfect fit for our household. Thank you so much, Cat Welfare ❤️

Happy Home - Ruthie Cat

Ruthie Cat

Adopted by Misty

Formerly Ruthie

Ruthie found me when my roommate was looking for a cat back in 2004. She just found her way into my arms and we spent who knows how long wandering around waiting for Mel to find her cat. But it was me who got Ruthie, who was left at CWA with a litter of kittens and spent a year there waiting for me apparently. Thirteen years later, Ruthie Cat is my best friend.

Happy Home - Plum


Adopted by Jenyfer

Formerly Plum

I adopted Plum in October of 2013. She captivated me immediately and I couldn't have asked for a better companion.

Happy Home - Endy


Adopted by Jordan and Erica

Formerly Chester

We had not intended to adopt another kitty when we went to Cat Welfare that day, but we fell in love with Endy (formerly Chester) the moment we saw him. We were told that he was very lonely as his brother had already been adopted. He was so tiny and so sweet that we knew he was meant for us. We brought him home where he met his new big brother Spartacus. They became fast friends and the best of brothers. Endy is the sweetest and most loving cat ever. He has truly made life better for our family.

Happy Home - Roux


Adopted by Aujah

Formerly Gillian

When I first saw Roux, I leaned in to pet her and she sniffed me. I met her approval as she thrust her head into my hand for petting. We still do this today! It took her a while to get comfortable, but now she chirps at me and is always asking for pets and attention. Sometimes when she's feeling sociable, but not in the mood to play, she'll sit in the middle of the room or on my warm game system to observe us, blinking occasionally at me and anyone else in the room.

Happy Home - Ziggy


Adopted by Melanie Cramer

Formerly Ziggy

When I brought Ziggy home, she immediately made herself right at home. She even has a new buddy, Pepper.

Happy Home - Fiona Joy

Fiona Joy

Adopted by Miller Family

Formerly Joy

When our beloved family cat passed away at the end of 2011, I told the kids we weren't going to get another cat and donated all of her toys and food to a shelter. It was only two weeks later I found myself parking our car outside of Cat Welfare for Catoberfest. The kids had talked a lot about the legacy of our kitty who passed - she was a stray who found us and spent 15 years showing us that a cat others may turn away from deserves a home. We walked through the doors and announced that we had come to adopt a cat that no one wants! They showed us Fiona, missing a leg and part of her tail. She rules this house she shares with us, 2 other cats and a Mastiff. She's been a true joy for over five years!

Happy Home - Twister  (Twist-TY)

Twister (Twist-TY)

Adopted by Bryn Eiden

Formerly Twister

It's been almost a year since we've adopted Twister and I couldn't imagine my life without her. She's such a sweetheart and her personality is coming out more and more everyday. She went from hiding under the bed and table all the time to now monopolizing our pillows at night. I wasn't given much information about her history but am glad that she has found her forever home with us. Thank you Cat Welfare for taking a chance on Twister so that we were given the chance to find her!

Happy Home - Lilo


Adopted by Madison Mitchell

Formerly Charcoal

We adopted Lilo (aka Charcoal) the day after Christmas in 2015, I believe. Upon entering the shelter, her cage was the first one I was drawn to. She was all scrunched up in the back corner completely terrified looking. I ended up pressing my hand against the cage and within seconds she was purring and kneading. One of the volunteers was actually surprised by how quickly she had taken to me! Well long story short, my boyfriend and I took her home. It took about one month or so to get her to stop hiding in our bathroom... and then another couple of months to get her to stop hiding under the bed... and I'm pleased to say that nowadays we can't seem to get her off of our laps. She's an absolute diva and demands attention now that she is comfortable. She doesn't even remotely shadow the scared cat we brought home a year ago. Lilo is one of the loveliest additions to my fur-baby life I think I will ever encounter. She never knew what home was until we were able to provide her with one and she never would've gotten that chance if it wasn't for this amazing shelter. I can't thank Cat Welfare enough for all that they do!!

Happy Home - Buddy


Adopted by Kathy Tryon

Formerly Patsy

After I lost my cat earlier this year, I thought I would never find another cat to fill the hole in my heart left by Snickers. Reluctantly, I went with my daughter to "look" at some cats. Little did I know a few days later I would be taking home my buddy. She thinks she runs our house. She gets along just fine with our dog (as long as he does what she wants). She loves to ride around in laundry baskets and on my husband's walker tray. After all the fun she likes to curl up on my chest for "Buddy Time".

Happy Home - Spotty Jones

Spotty Jones

Adopted by Denise Blamer

Formerly Smokey

I recently lost my cat to FIP. I went to check out all the beautiful cats at Cat Welfare. Well this guy "picked me"! He was socializing with my older cat within a day! He fits in PURRfectly here! A true sweetheart! Thank you for all that you do!

Happy Home - Lucy


Adopted by Jess and Aaron

Formerly Polly

I adopted Lucy on July 5, 2016. She was so scared she lived in my walk-in closet for three weeks. Now six short months later she is part of the family. She loves playing, getting on furniture, and cuddling. She loves my other 4 cats, and we could not be more happy with this sweet baby girl! I know the shelter had her marked as a semi feral, but all she needed was a quite, patient home and ta da all traces of that behavior are gone. Thanks Cat Welfare for all you do!

Happy Home - Sadie aka Squeeker

Sadie aka Squeeker

Adopted by Michael R Gress

Formerly Sadie

My human adopted me in May of 2015 At first I was shy and hid a lot but after a little while I warmed up to him. I love just to lie around the apartment and to sleep in my human's lap. Life has been good since my human adopted me. At the shelter they said that I would never be a lap cat but I proved them wrong for I love to sleep on my human's lap and on his bed when he is asleep.

Happy Home - Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty

Adopted by Brittney Pickens and Matt Pietzcker

Formerly Katherine

When we got Lady Liberty she was so small and shy. At just 9 weeks old, back in September of 2016, she didnt want much to do with people but over the course of time she has become the biggest diva and always wants your attention. She was an amazing addition to our little family and has really become the star of our home.

Happy Home - Eris


Adopted by Lex and Breigh

Formerly Monica

We got Eris to help our other cat Veronica adjust better, she has been such a joy to have in the house. The two of them get along so well and we catch them playing and cuddling all the time. They're thick as thieves. Eris also loves to cuddle with us, and she purrs like a motorcycle. We love her a lot and she certainly brought a lot of personality into our home.

Happy Home - Nimbus 2000

Nimbus 2000

Adopted by Cynthia Williams

Formerly Nimbus

Hello my name is Nimbus and I had a rough start in life. But that has all changed now. I picked me a new family that love me and let me sleep in a big soft bed. I am still a little bit shy but I am learning to love and trust again thank you all for taking me in til I found my new family.

Happy Home - Abilene


Adopted by The Foulks family

Formerly Bonnie

Abey is such a sweetheart. She is very curious and loves to play with her new BFF our English Bulldog Bubba.

Happy Home - Ricochet


Adopted by Jen

Formerly Jaime

We adopted Ricochet (Jaime) in May of this year. We knew he was the one because he wouldn't stop demanding attention from us whenever we walked by his cage. As you can see, he bonded with our dog rather quickly and they are best friends now. Ricochet turned out to be a fitting name as he has quite a bit of energy and tends to bounce around (and get into everything he possibly can!). But he's family now and we love him :).

Happy Home - Ozzie


Adopted by Michele Donohue

Formerly Basil

A year ago in November, my cat, Lucky, (also a Cat Welfare cat) died at age 14. I never thought I would fill the void in my heart after losing him. My adult children gave me a gift certificate last Christmas to Cat Welfare. I was reluctant to use it so soon after Lucky’s death. However, my daughter convinced me to at least go and look, so off we went, a few days after Christmas. The first time I looked at Ozzie (formerly Basil), I knew he was the one. He had the most beautiful eyes that just seemed to be saying “please take me home with you”. So we did!! Now, a year later, my heart is not quite as empty. Ozzie made himself at home right away. He even slept in our bed the first night we had him!! He is not a “lap cat” per se, but he will snuggle next to you on the couch or chair, and of course, in the bed. I am so glad we went to Cat Welfare “just to look” that day!!

Happy Home - Tinkerbell


Adopted by Katie

Formerly Alice

I adopted my little black kitty almost two months ago (coincidentally right before Halloween!). Tinkerbell is full of personality! Her favorite games are running up and down the stairs (she thinks you can't see her when she crouches down behind them!) and playing with our dog's tail. She prefers being near people than by herself and loves curling up beside her family on the couch. A very happy life for a former stray!

Happy Home - Sam and Panther

Sam and Panther

Adopted by Cyra and Tanner

Formerly Dos and Dynamite

We visited Cat Welfare looking for a furry friend to fill our new home. I immediately fell in love with Sam (Dos), who had been returned by his previous owners to the shelter. He was a perfect, sweet, good-natured cat to suit us. As I carried Sam to the counter to fill out his paperwork, I spot a wild little black kitten climbing the side of his cage and mewing uncontrollably. Panther (Dynamite) also stole my heart from that moment and we agreed that the good-natured Sam needed a little spice from the tiny black kitten a quarter his size. Fast forward more than a year later, and we have two of the greatest cats imaginable! They love to play and nap in our home and have brought us a joy we didn't know we were missing! I've never seen two more loving and content cats than these two. Even though they weren't actual blood brothers, they became brothers and best friends who can't even be separated by a closed door without becoming distraught! Thank you to the staff and volunteers who helped us find our fur-children and fill our home with happiness! Your organization does wonders for the cats of Columbus!

Happy Home - Grisha (Gregory Belolapin), sometimes Griffin

Grisha (Gregory Belolapin), sometimes Griffin

Adopted by Jon Becker

Formerly Griffin

He was adopted from Cat Welfare in March 2015. We love him. He's very playful and expressive. He loves to carry around his toy fish in his mouth. Grisha has been a problem child on occasion; he likes to pee on our couch. However, I think we've broken him of this habit and he seems happy with us and his fellow cat, Vaska.

Happy Home - K.C. (kitty-cat)

K.C. (kitty-cat)

Adopted by Jennifer

Formerly Cinnamon

My daughter fell in love with K.C. at first sight. We still spent time with each cat in there to make sure she was the right one for us, but my little girl kept going back to this kitten. I was hesitant at first since she was blind in one eye, I was worried my little girl would be too much for K.C. to handle. But she has been a great addition to our family and we love her tremendously! We even got K.C. her very own kitten to play with 😊

Happy Home - Marge


Adopted by Katie, Hannah and Jasmine

Formerly Marge

We went to Cat Welfare looking for a new furry member of the family. We were looking at all the cats and couldn't pick out of all them. Until a volunteer told me about "Large Marge" we needed to see why they called her this. As soon as we saw this 20 lbs cat, all three of us instantly fell in love. We brought her home where she now enjoys long naps on the couch and all the love she could ask for. She is currently on a diet and is now down 2 lbs and counting!

Happy Home - Remy


Adopted by Todd

Formerly Remy

They say that you don't adopt cats, they adopt you. Well, Remy was the first cat I saw at Cat Welfare, and as soon as I tried to go visit another cat he pressed himself against the cage and basically began yelling at me. The rest is history. Remy is an amazing friend and companion, an incredible athlete, and a hilarious presence all around. He enthusiastically chatters at me throughout the day, never shy to vocalize when he's getting hungry. Closed doors are a no-go around the apartment these days, as this guy gets absolutely heartbroken with abandonment if you shut the door to go to the bathroom. Plus, he needs the wide open space for his expansive galloping and playing around the house. And once he's tuckered out from all the showing off, there's no better cuddler or nap-buddy. Remy fills my days with laughter, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us.

Happy Home - Crosby


Adopted by Alyssa

Formerly Griffin

I adopted Crosby (formerly Griffin) a few weeks ago and I just love this little guy! He is adjusting very well to his new home. He is very playful, loves to cuddle and take naps on the couch.

Happy Home - Pantera


Adopted by Anne

Formerly Harper

I love my new kitty so much! Pantera is the sweetest, most playful, nosiest and most curious cat. She follows me everywhere and wants to know everything that is happening. She loves to play with her toys and to watch water run down the sink drain which was what she was doing when I found her at Cat Welfare. She has shiny, sleek black fur and beautiful green eyes. She has adjusted to her new home so quickly, and is gaining healthy weight and thicker fur. I'm so glad I have her. She is perfect. I recently moved to Columbus and wanted a pet, Cat Welfare was highly recommended by a friend who also had a great adoption experience.

Happy Home - Kosmo


Adopted by Katie Jones

Formerly Robbie

Kosmo is absolutely adored by the family. He's super affectionate and loves cuddling. Out of all the toys he has, toes seem to be the object of choice lol. He always greets me at the door and loves to follow me around the house. I couldn't ask for a better pet! Thanks Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - Goldie


Adopted by Rabeea and Motaz

Formerly Goldie

I volunteer at Cat Welfare, and while volunteering there I ended up falling in love with Goldie. My husband and I weren't looking at adopting a cat for several years, but I brought him down to the shelter and he fell in love with her too! She was a friendly, but shy cat at the shelter. After adjusting to her new home she is now the princess of the house, and her personality has blossomed! We could not be more happy to have adopted such a sweet and loving cat! She has brought so much joy into our lives. Thanks for bringing us together Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - River


Adopted by Jessie

Formerly Rikki

I adopted River/Rikki earlier this year. I was looking for a playmate for my cat and had heard good things about Cat Welfare, so I stopped by on a whim. When I visited the shelter, she was hiding out on top of a shelf, one of the ladies working introduced me to her and said she was one of her favorite cats. River started purring as soon as I petted her, and every time I started to walk away her eyes would follow me. I brought her home the next day. It didn't take long for her to come out of her shell, and she and my other cat love to play together. I was super impressed with this shelter, and I'm so happy that I found my purrrrfect kitty.

Happy Home - Jasper


Adopted by Jordan Melsoner

Formerly Sheldon

We saw Jasper in the kitten room, a little older than the rest of the kittens, and he immediately grabbed our attention. He was kneading his blanket and wouldn't stop purring. We picked him up and held him for a long time, he still continued purring! Today, he's still a very purry baby. He loves to be held, greets us at the door when we come home, and follows us around the house. He can be a bit crazy too, chasing any object in sight. Toes and bottle caps are his favorite, even before all his many cat toys! We love him to bits and couldn't imagine living without him. Thank you Cat Welfare for all you do!

Happy Home - Luna


Adopted by Erik Cunningham

Formerly Vickie

I found Luna curled up in a blanket under a cat tree at Cat Welfare. She started off pretty shy and stuck to her hiding spot under my bed but over a short time has grown more confident in exploring her new home. Luna loves to curl up in her nest of blankets and roll around while being pet. I'm sure she will be happy for years to come. Thanks Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - Louie


Adopted by Rachael Collins

Formerly Mr. Hank

I came to Cat Welfare a few times and just could not seem to make my mind up on which cat to bring home to the family. Then one day I came in and I met Mr. Hank. I immediately knew he was the one, he has such a loving personality. He is our Louie!! His first day home he only hid for about 4 hours and then he decided to come out and explore his new home. He and our dog Kobe hit it off and Louie seems to love his new forever home!:) I just adore Louie and am so glad I got the chance to be his mommy!!:)

Happy Home - Aschera (Ash) and Astra

Aschera (Ash) and Astra

Adopted by Crys and Rhys

Formerly Chanel and Gracie

After losing my last cat (who was the nearest and dearest to me of any living being I've ever known, feline or otherwise) just over two years ago, getting a new cat to be my emotional support animal was a really big deal for me. I knew going in that I wanted a cat who was a little like me; a bit ragged from our struggles, but with a lot of love to give. I found Chanel's profile on the website and after reading that she'd been a feral and come in with a life-threatening wound, it was love practically at first sight. I went to the shelter to meet her, expecting to meet a cat who was maybe a little skittish and slow to trust- but she blew all my expectations right out of the water by coming right up to me when I knelt down to let her sniff my hand, and being overjoyed to be petted and even picked up! This girl is so affectionate! All she ever wants is to sleep or get loved on! (Both at once is her favorite.) She's everything I need, and even though she has a few medical hang-ups to get through, she's healing me at least as much as I am her. We adopted her "little sister" at the same time, who is just the sweetest baby. She loves to nuzzle your forehead and then lick your nose when she's feeling affectionate, (which is always!) They're both total lap cats, but surprisingly instead of fighting over it, if a lap is already occupied the other kitty will just curl up around them instead! I've never seen two unrelated cats who got along so well and so quickly. They'll groom each other and sleep together in the big bed, whether there's a person in it or not! Thank you Cat Welfare for bringing these two perfect girls into our lives!

Happy Home - Mr. Minx, Stinky Minxy, Janky Tail

Mr. Minx, Stinky Minxy, Janky Tail

Adopted by Zoe and the Kiger family.

Formerly Minx

Although Mr. Minx was not a Cat Welfare cat, CW did help save his life. For years my family and I fed him as a stray. It took us about a year and a half to get close to him. But before I knew it, he became comfortable with me and would sit on my lap outside. He especially loved climbing up my pant leg so that he could stand on my shoulders. Unfortunately, he has been through quite a lot throughout his life. He can't walk in a straight line, he has one tooth (which is why his tongue is always out), his tail had been broken in several spots (assuming it had been broken several times),and one of his ears is mangled and partially missing due to a bad case of ear mites. One day we decided to rescue him and take him to the vet. Cat Welfare helped us tremendously with the vet fees and guided us in the right direction. Now, a year later, he is thriving and my best friend. I truly believe he saved me. Mr. Minx and I will always be so grateful for CW, CW's staff, and all the love/support/care they give.

Happy Home - Caelum


Adopted by Aspen Shorr

Formerly Moe

On Sept 9th, I got up, got ready for work, and realized I had a little bit of time to kill. So I thought, hey, why not go pet some cats! Little did I know that 30 minutes later, I would be scrambling to get this mega furrball to my house and go to work in a timely manner! I was drawn to his sign that said "15.13 lbs" and the words "LOVABLE AND FRIENDLY" circled in pink highlighter... Those words prove true, as he has had everyone who has laid eyes on him fall in love. I was worried that after my cat of 15 years passed, I wouldn't find another to love like that, but here I am... a bit over a month later, spoiling him rotten with tuna and chicken bits and as many tummy rubs as his belly can stand. Every pound on him is another 100 lbs of love he provides to everyone. I'm so lucky to have him in my life. :)

Happy Home - Henry


Adopted by Michelle Moskonas/Eric Leppert

Formerly Mr.Hope

When we we walked into your facility we fell in love with Mr. Hope. As soon as we opened the cage door he came out and we knew right away he was the one. Now he is a spoiled baby and very happy in his new home. He knows he rules the house. We love him so much, and we are very happy that we found him. More like he found us!!! Thank You for everything.

Happy Home - Lemme


Adopted by Deedee & Kevin

Formerly Marky Mark

I had been searching for the perfect kitty for our new home. When I shared that an older cat, with a good lovey disposition is what I was looking for the staff at the shelter took the time to introduce me to a few guys that fit the bill. I think it was Lemme's size, 16.5 lbs, and his big lover personality that won me over. This picture is from his second day with us. His brother, the dog, has never been around cats so we were nervous, but Lemme's giant lovey personality won him over in no time. It's almost like he's been with us forever!! Thank you so much Cat Welfare team, you took time to match us up and gave me tons of advice, all of which has been very useful!

Happy Home - Diggie


Adopted by Hilary and Nick

Formerly Thomas

We adopted Diggie (short for Dirk Diggler of the acclaimed film Boogie Nights) in July of 2016. He is the most loving and affectionate cat, always wanting pets and snuggles. His fur is very unique and soft, with a combination of stripes and spots on his belly. Diggie loves to play and is a talkative, little ball of energy. He follows us around our apartment making lots of little "chirps" and "meows," which is his form of communication with us. His favorite pastime is chasing a rolled up paper ball. Diggie is an avid cuddler and likes to sleep in bed with us at night, although waking us up at 5 am to play has become his MO. Adopting Diggie was one of the best things we've ever done, and has been an important milestone in our relationship as this is the first cat we have shared together. We love Diggie very much and are so excited for the future of our little family!

Happy Home - Ellie


Adopted by Maria

Formerly Joy

I got Ellie as a surprise birthday present this year. I've wanted a cat for years and I teared up upon finding out she was actually mine. Ellie is adored by her new family and by so many friends! She is very social and has the loudest purr! :) She also loves lounging around the house and taking naps with her mama. She is the best cat a girl could ask for! Thank you, Cat Welfare! :)

Happy Home - Veronica


Adopted by Lex and Breigh

Formerly Veronica

We adopted Veronica the day my cat of 7 years passed. I knew I couldn't live in a house without a cat, and I couldn't let a cat go without a loving home. V, as we nicknamed her, was in the shy cat room and had been there for about a year. She was timid and we were told, and found out for ourselves, she was a biter. However, with a lot of patience and love she is blossoming into a very odd little cat. She loves playing, and is always trying to eat our food. We love her very much and are grateful that Cat Welfare kept her for so long until our paths would cross.

Happy Home - Frank


Adopted by Hayward Family

Formerly Frank

We adopted Frank in May of 2016 after our dear cat Lily, who we also got from Cat Welfare, died. It was important to us to have a cat who was different than Lily. Frank didn't like other cats or dogs, and since he would be our only pet, we figured we would be his perfect family. After some challenges, Frank has settled in. He is happy, healthy, and a great addition to our little family.

Happy Home - Yasmine


Adopted by Amina Ali

Formerly Citrus

I adopted Yasmine on August 26, 2016. She is the dream pet. She has a beautiful character traits as well as beautiful fur. I love her and love it at the Cat Welfare Association.

Happy Home - Tobias


Adopted by The Hawkins/Douglas Family

Formerly Janky

We adopted Tobias about a year ago, when he was 3 months old. He is our very first cat and we absolutely adore him! The minute we held him at the shelter, we immediately formed a bond and when we brought him home he quickly became a part of our family. Even my mother who previously was not a fan of cats, loves him! Tobias loves to cuddle, is very smart, gentle, lovable, and is a super playful cat (he especially loves to play with our smallest dog Chandler). We are so happy to have him in our family! Thanks so much Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - Irene


Adopted by Caren, Jerry and Sophia

Formerly Marla

We adopted Irene (or Marla) almost four weeks ago. Since she is blind, we gave her the study to start in, but after just two days she was already exploring the house. We had never expected her to acclimate as well as she did. Now, it is a regular occurrence for her to nap on the couch with us or to play with her catnip toys in the kitchen. She's even braved the staircase. Irene has been a wonderful and affectionate addition to our family.

Happy Home - Meowly VonMewsonn, Admiral Grain P. Fluffy bottoms III, Bo Jangles Luke Skywhisker aka Bo and Luke

Meowly VonMewsonn, Admiral Grain P. Fluffy bottoms III, Bo Jangles Luke Skywhisker aka Bo and Luke

Adopted by Jeremiah Shively

Formerly Gweneth, Olaf, Pears, Achilles

Gweneth was the first, orange one, followed by Olaf the larger gray, to hopefully become a playmate. Went in the other day and found Achilles and Pears, our home is now filled with fun and excitement every day.

Happy Home - Rosie, Lucy and Scully

Rosie, Lucy and Scully

Adopted by Craig Calcaterra and Allison Hagen

Formerly Gwendolyn, Cordelia and Nanette

We lost George, our 17-year-old cat, at the end of June 2015. He was such a good friend and companion that we knew we could not replace him for a long, long time. And when we did, we knew we'd replace him with another calm, older cat. We waited eight days. Then we adopted these three goofy kittens. They were tiny when we got them, however, they have grown into their current collective nickname, "The Fatties." They shed too much and stink fairly often and destroy most everything but they are big, happy healthy girls -- sisters -- who we love to pieces and we couldn't imagine life without them. George would be appalled but, on some level, would probably grudgingly approve.

Happy Home - Jackson and Panther

Jackson and Panther

Adopted by Teresa and Steve Stahl

Formerly Jackson and Panther

It has been 5 months since we adopted brothers Jackson and Panther. They have been a wonderful addition to our home! Both are settling in their new home as you can see from the picture. Their personalities have definitely come out! We call Jackson, King Jackson as he struts around the house. He likes to hang out on the steps "monitoring" the house! Initially Panther was very shy but he has come out of his shell and is the most affectionate cat! We are so thankful we found Jackson and Panther!

Happy Home - Mario


Adopted by Debbie and Louis

Formerly Mario 2

We stopped at Cat Welfare in November of 2014 to donate a few items. Our cat Hunter, had recently passed away and we were not yet ready for another pet. While there we saw so many cats that needed homes and after we left, we continued thinking about them. We returned the next week and fell for an adorable little guy named Mario 2. We adopted him and dropped the "2" from his name. He was very timid for the first week, only coming out from a hiding spot to eat or use the litter box. In the past 1.5 years, he has gotten more and more brave. He loves to play and has become a wonderful companion! Thank you Cat Welfare.

Happy Home - Sarah


Adopted by Alexis and Brandon

Formerly Jeannette

Thank you for uniting us with Sarah, we love her. She is happy here and acclimating well in her new home.

Happy Home - Tucker and Annabelle

Tucker and Annabelle

Adopted by Sarah Spencer

Formerly Tucker and Taylor

I just wanted to give an update in case anyone remembers these two! I came to Cat Welfare about 6 or 7 years ago looking for a cat and fell in love with a handsome, outgoing boy named Tucker. It was love at first sight and I was ready almost immediately to sign the paperwork and take him home. Then I was told that oh, he has a sister and would I like to meet her too? I was told it had been their second time at the shelter as their previous owner had adopted them from there but then sadly had passed away so they were returned to the shelter at 8 years old. I already knew at that point there was no way that I could separate them after all of that so I said yes please I want to meet her too so they went and pulled out this frantic and scared grey ball of fluff hiding in the bottom of a cat tree (she was not taking well to shelter life) and that's how I ended up going home that day with two kitties. All my friends insisted that they were identical, so it was kind of like just having one! When they sat next to each other they looked like a matching pair of slippers but their personalities were very different with Tucker being a kitty Don Juan and Annabelle being mostly shy and reserved with a rare playful streak. They made the big move with me to the west coast two years ago but sadly Tucker crossed over the rainbow bridge shortly after due to tumors in his lungs. Now it's just me and Annabelle hanging out in our little bungalow by the beach. I'm so glad that I got to know and love Tucker and was able to give him a very warm, loving, and spoiled last 5 years of his life. Annabelle is finally opening up to me after all of these years and seems to be pretty content spending most of her day lounging in bed. I know it was fate as I never would have found her if it weren't for her outgoing brother and for Cat Welfare caring for older kitties who still have so much potential for life and love.

Happy Home - Sienna


Adopted by Kristi and Bob

Formerly Sienna

We adopted Sienna in May of 2016. She has overcome most of her shyness and has become a sweet, gentle, and playful little lady! She's now very confidently roaming around the house and hanging out in a few favorite spots. We've already had many laughs and smiles from her antics during playtime. We are thrilled to have Sienna as part of our family! Many thanks to Cat Welfare.

Happy Home - Pippa


Adopted by Hayley & Kevin

Formerly Flash

We adopted Pip in September 2015 during the CWA 70th anniversary event. We had no intentions to adopt a cat but after meeting Pip (and convincing Kevin) I just couldn't leave without her! I was told that she had been at the shelter for quite awhile and that she recently had to have all of her teeth removed. She was also a very shy cat but Jane at CWA had been working with her and told us that she was getting a little better every day. We decided that it was definitely worth a shot and I am so happy that we did! Pip has been a wonderful addition to our family and always keeps us laughing. She was very timid for the first few weeks but she came out of her shell in no time! She quickly became best buds with our other cats, Winnie and Oliver, and she has no problem walking right up to our dogs to say "hello". Pip has become extremely affectionate and she is always the first one to snag a spot in the bed at night. She has so much personality and we love her to pieces! Thank you so much to everyone at Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - Artemis, Art, Artie

Artemis, Art, Artie

Adopted by Savannah and Nicole

Formerly Artemis

We have three dogs in our home two mini schnauzers and a French mastiff so I thought hey why not add a cat? I knew I wanted a senior cat and all I had to do was get my fiance Nicole on board ;) . We came to the shelter and the staff was so helpful and friendly. Nicole wanted to take home a kitten and I reminded her that although they are so cute they are not trained. That's when we saw Artemis and his big bright green eyes. I scooped him up and he started purring right away. He enjoys hanging out in the privacy fenced in back yard with the dogs and ducks. He demands a cat massage every night before we go to bed and he sleeps in between us. He likes to hang out in between the shower curtains and lick the faucet for water. He also likes to open every door and cabinet in the house. Artemis is a character and we love him for it. I love how he gets along with every pet in the house even the fish! Thank you guys so much for a perfect fluff of happiness :)

Happy Home - Wilson


Adopted by Beatrice and Amalia

Formerly Wilson

We went into Cat Welfare to visit and drop off some donations. When I(Beatrice) took my mom(Amalia) back into the kitten room, she immediately fell for a little tiny black kitty that couldn't leave her alone once she drew him out of the corner. She decided she had to get him. We thought about changing his name, but we decided that it fit him. He's a year old now and he is doing fantastic. He is a very large boy, he's not fat, he just has a ton of muscle. We call him sumo-guard Wilson because he likes to walk the perimeter before he lays down and he runs to the door and growls when someone knocks on it. He is the sweetest cat ever though. He will crawl into the bed next to you and purr his head off. He is also amazingly patient with the rambunctious little kitten we got from you. Thanks Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - Yoko


Adopted by Michelle

Formerly Anna Maria

I've had her for almost two years now and she's quickly become my best friend. She's such a great cat! Cat Welfare is wonderful and I'll definitely be going back if I ever want more furry friends.

Happy Home - Momo


Adopted by Beatrice

Formerly Misty

I came into Cat Welfare to visit all the cats, but once I found Momo I couldn't put her down. She was a small kitten that was all fluff. She had giant ears with even longer hair. She's grown into her ears now, but she's still small and a fluff ball. She's lovely. I am so happy that I got her. She makes me very happy with her kitten antics.

Happy Home - Squiddy


Adopted by Cassie

Formerly Amy

Squiddy and I are beyond happy together! She's an adorable, well-mannered kitty who enjoys purring and kneading in my lap at all opportunities :3 Thank you so much, Cat Welfare, for introducing me to Squiddy! I am so grateful to have her in my life!

Happy Home - Daphne and Chloe

Daphne and Chloe

Adopted by Susan Smith

Formerly Java and Bean

I adopted these crazy girls almost 4 years ago. I had just lost both of my cats (6 weeks apart) about 4 weeks earlier. I didn't think I'd adopt so quickly but I frequent Cat Welfare often and as soon as I saw them I knew they were for me. Love them to the moon and back!!

Happy Home - Dizzy


Adopted by Sarah

Formerly Dizzy

I came to the Cat Welfare Association looking for a companion for my other cat, and everyone I asked had one answer: Dizzy! This little cutie had been there over a year, despite how cute and playful she is with other cats, because she is standoffish about cuddling. When I brought her home, she initially found such a good hiding spot I almost thought I'd lost her! But within two days, she and Mr Kitty were getting along, so I knew she was the right choice. I bought some treats, and a laser pointer that I was told was her favorite toy, and slowly but surely, she stopped hiding and started letting me pet her. It's been two weeks and I am still working on getting her to let me pick her up, but this morning I woke up to her sleeping on my feet! There is still progress to be made, but every day gets better. I adore this goofy cat, and I am so glad I brought her home with me.

Happy Home - Hugo


Adopted by Jacob & Sarah

Formerly MacAroni

We came to Cat Welfare after our cat Oscar, also from Cat Welfare, passed away. We were introduced to the FIV+ cats and instantly fell in love with this big chunk. He is extremely cuddly and loves belly rubs and treats. We were happy to give an FIV+ cat a loving home.

Happy Home - Leo (Leo the Lion)

Leo (Leo the Lion)

Adopted by Nikki & Zac

Formerly Chuck Norris

Hello we came to Cat Welfare Association as first time cat owners, searching for therapy cats to help battle the depression and anxiety that comes along in life. We knew we wanted 2 babies to call our own. My husband saw Leo and it was an instant bond, after snuggling his cheeks I knew he was coming home with us. He loves being home, he sleeps on our bed, even with all the toys and jungle gyms a cat could want, and loves to snuggle and purr loudly. He is a huge fan of belly rubs too. My search continued for a couple more days until I found Prince at another local shelter. He laid on my chest and purred, so he came home to meet his brother, and Leo instantly sniffed him and nuzzled his face. They have been inseparable since. Life has been nothing but sunshine, loud purrs and belly rubs since we adopted our children, thank you for being patient and helping us with our decision, such a great shelter!! (:

Happy Home - Ferris


Adopted by Stacey & Doug

Formerly Ferris

I (Stacey) saw a photo of Ferris on the website and just had to meet him! When we met, Ferris was very timid and didn't have any fur on the underside of his neck from a previously embedded flea collar. Although he was incredibly reclusive and scared at first, with the help of some kitty treats, he warmed to us fairly quickly. We are so pleased to say that Ferris has made a happy home with us! He is very chatty and loves to let us know when he can see the bottom of his food dish. He enjoys staring out the window at the geese near our home and loves to sleep in bed with us. Ferris is an incredibly important part of our family and our home wouldn't be the same without him. Thank you, Cat Welfare Association, for providing us with the opportunity to expand our family!

Happy Home - Mustachio


Adopted by Olivia Hicks

Formerly Mustachio

Mustachio has adapted very well to his new home. He has especially made a big impact on my mother. We recently lost our family dog and he has brought my mother out of her sadness. He loves running up and down the stairs (despite the absence of a limb), loves exploring and tries to get the birds from outside his window. Thank you for giving not only me, but Mustachio as well, the opportunity to find a new family!

Happy Home - GracieGrace


Adopted by Linda

Formerly Nancy

We adopted GracieGrace in August or September 2015 so shes not quite a year old yet. This is my first torti and I love her to pieces. She definitely has a torti attitude and requires tons of attention but only on her terms. She rarely leaves my side and if she does she checks back constantly. GracieGrace is a total diva and the biggest sweetheart ever. There are 3 other cats in our home, all adopted from Cat Welfare, and she makes sure she keeps them all on their toes. She and our male kitty, Benmont, are best of friends. My little family is complete now that GracieGrace has joined us.

Happy Home - Boo


Adopted by David Good

Formerly Peaches

I adopted Boo as a kitten in September of 2014. I named her Boo because of the proximity to Halloween and the orange and black coloring she sports. She has been very happy, playful and well-behaved in my apartment. The fact that she has only one eye has never slowed this tortie down. Boo loves sleeping in my bed (day or night!) and is very affectionate. I couldn't ask for a better fur companion! Thank you, Cat Welfare, for all you do for the community!

Happy Home - Paddy Paloma

Paddy Paloma

Adopted by Colleen Tiefenthal

Formerly N/A

My family adopted Paddy about 13 years ago from Cat Welfare. My two children were young and our tiger cat of 15 years had passed away. We went "just to look" but fell in love with this little calico who had been brought in with her brother and mother. She crawled into my daughter's lap and the deal was sealed. Paddy loves our beagle, pretty sure due to their coloring she thinks they are related! She is a tiny sweetheart and we think she is just beautiful.

Happy Home - Paddy Paloma

Paddy Paloma

Adopted by Colleen Tiefenthal

Formerly N/A

My family adopted Paddy about 13 years ago from Cat Welfare. My two children were young and our tiger cat of 15 years had passed away. We went "just to look" but fell in love with this little calico who had been brought in with her brother and mother. She crawled into my daughter's lap and the deal was sealed. Paddy loves our beagle, pretty sure due to their coloring she thinks they are related! She is a tiny sweetheart and we think she is just beautiful.

Happy Home - Jubilee


Adopted by Sarah S

Formerly Bridgette

We adopted Jubilee about a week ago. She knew she was home as soon as she got out of the carrier. She made fast friends with her new brothers Thor and EC. She is still making friends with her new sis Amora. Side note, the other 3 kitties were all strays we took in. Thor and Amora are about a year old and EC is about six. Jubilee is super happy, sweet, playful and loving. She is a great addition to our home.

Happy Home - Nora


Adopted by Jackie

Formerly Alexandria

We brought Nora home January of 2015. I knew we were meant to be when she followed me all around Cat Welfare. She still to this day likes to follow me all around my apartment. She always greets me at the door and ends her day by my side too. She gets along great with our other two cats, and any time she thinks one is distressed, she runs right up to him/her to make sure he/she is OK! I can't imagine life without her!

Happy Home - Prim


Adopted by Haley and Adam Van Duzen

Formerly India

We adopted this one eyed beauty from Cat Welfare and we are so glad did. She is the sweetest little kitty and has definitely made herself at home. She loves our kids and gets along great with our other pets. She sleeps in bed with us every night and is a snuggle bunny. I was hesitant to adopt a cat with just one eye but I am so glad I made the decision to bring her home. She is loved and shows love in return. Thank you Cat Welfare for allowing us to bring this precious baby home with us. She has found her forever home!

Happy Home - Fury


Adopted by Brian and Rachel Bell

Formerly Jovie

On the first night we had Jovie, we put her on a leash and harness and let her explore our home. She then jumped up on my lap, curled up and purred. Next she jumped over to our loveseat and curled up with a smile on her face. She looked so much like Toothless, the midnight fury dragon, from the movie "How to Train Your Dragon" that we decided to name her Fury. She loves her new name and is very loving and playful. We love her very much and our other cat Rex is trying to get along with her now.

Happy Home - Franklin


Adopted by Rylan Foster

Formerly Hank

About 3 weeks ago I adopted Franklin from CWA and he has been the best cat! He is such a sweetheart. He was very shy at first but now he roams the house and everyone in my family loves him! I am so happy that I could give Franklin his forever home!

Happy Home - Meeko


Adopted by Renee Buchele

Formerly Kelvin

I brought Meeko home 2 days after saying good bye to my horse. I knew he was the one for me immediately. At first, Meeko was a little weezy, quiet, and lethargic. Now he plays all the time, purrs,talks, cuddles, and has really been enjoying the life of a cat given a second chance! He was and is the perfect cure for my heartache and I can't imagine not having him. Thank you CWA!

Happy Home - Ricky Bobby Beaumont Jr. III

Ricky Bobby Beaumont Jr. III

Adopted by Darby and Rick

Formerly Ricky Bobby Beaumont Jr. III

I can't share enough great things about Cat Welfare and our boy Rick Bobby Beaumont Jr. III! The volunteer that helped us was so helpful and connected with our cat that we kept the unique name that was given to him and we adopted on the spot in June 2015. Ricky Bobby (for short!) is such a polite and loving cat that brings so much happiness to our lives! He loves to curl up in the funniest positions and no matter what he always faithfully shows up to snuggle at bedtime. He has such a big personality and I catch him doing the funniest things...he's hilarious! He is my first pet as an adult with no kids so naturally he has become a major part of our family! Thank you Cat Welfare for everything...we couldn't be happier!

Happy Home - Vampira


Adopted by Jackie and Norm

Formerly Marisol

We went into the Cat Welfare looking for a sweet kitty that could meet my needs as an Emotional Support Animal. We played with a few cats on the floor, but kept getting drawn back to this affectionate girl in her cage. We took her home and after only a week it felt like she had always been a member of our family. She is an amazing companion for us and may be getting a little spoiled. She spends most of her days in her sunny window seat and seems very pleased with her new home.

Happy Home - Jasmine


Adopted by Ashli & Tom

Formerly Darlin

We came in looking for a companion for our 1 year old cat Sebastian, we looked at everyone and there was something drew us back to a 4 month old kitten named Darlin. We felt sorry for her because she was shy and scared. Even though she still isn't a fan of being held, she loves to play and cuddle with her loving companion and every now and again she will curl up on the couch next to you when she gets jealous of the attention Sebastian is receiving.

Happy Home - Roxie


Adopted by Miller Family

Formerly Roxie

From the shy little cat in the corner to the diva in training, Roxie has made a great transformation since we adopted her in April 2015! We were first attracted to Roxie because she looked a lot like our beloved Pounce that we lost after 15 years. But as we get to know her, Roxie is her own special girl! She was very shy and timid when we met her at Cat Welfare, it just felt like she needed her own home, our home. She hid under the bed at first only coming out to use the litter box and eat. Even though her favorite spot is still her bed under the bed, she also loves her window perch (she has squirrel friends) and her plush dome bed in the living room. In recent weeks, she has developed into a lap cat and cuddles in bed as well. She plays with her favorite toys, a crinkle ball and catnip mouse. Apparently she had litter box issues in the past, and she did for a brief time with us, but then we discovered she had an ear infection. After that was cleared up, the litter box problems stopped and she blossomed into the lovable girl she is today. Thank you Cat Welfare for the wonderful work that you do and allowing us to help Roxie find her inner diva!

Happy Home - Frankie


Adopted by Darrel Holiday

Formerly Frankie

Frankie has been a most welcome addition to our house. She's a very quite cat but very playful when it suits her. She has brought it to our attention that the colder weather has brought some mice into our 108 year old house. Although I don't think the mice enjoy her play as much as she might. As seen in the picture she's become accustomed to sleeping in the bed with my wife and me. But she won't scoot over as willingly as my wife. Way back in 1989 I was involved with a young woman afflicted with the demon of addiction. She was never able to rid herself of that demon. She died of an overdose while in my presence. She was named after her father Frank...her name was Frankie. When Frankie was pointed out to me as a possible good fit for my situation I felt it was meant to be. Thank you for all that you do there at Cat Welfare. Darrel

Happy Home - Silver


Adopted by Kelsey and Grant

Formerly Silver

We adopted Silver about a month ago. We were worried about integrating him with our resident cat, who has been an only child for over three years. Thankfully, it wasn't long before they were playing, grooming and snuggling with each other. Sheldon loves his new little brother and so do we!

Happy Home - Lucy and Winnie

Lucy and Winnie

Adopted by The Davis Family

Formerly Beth and Sweetheart

I took a very long time deciding to take home Lucy and Winnie, but I couldn't imagine life without them now! They are both lovable weirdos and I discover new quirks everyday. Lucy loves to sit as close to your face as possible, hang out inside paper bags, and attack her own tail, while Winnie likes climbing my kitchen counters, drinking from the water bowl using her paw, and drinking from the bathtub faucet. They are adjusting to each other pretty well, especially considering that Winnie was in an isolation room at the shelter. My advice to others would be to check out the kitties outside of the main room because they can be just as wonderful. Thank you to the staff at Cat Welfare for being so patient with helping me pick out these two sweet girls who have made me so happy!

Happy Home - Oliver


Adopted by Jodie

Formerly Oliver

A good friend of mine was fostering some kittens and a mother for Cat Welfare. The kittens were sick and so I couldn't adopt them. When she brought me by the shelter just after Thanksgiving I met Oliver. I no longer live in Columbus anymore and the 7 hour car ride back to Northern Virginia was a challenge. Oliver and I are doing great. He loves to play up to three times a day. We play before I go to work when I get home from work and later in the evening. He is a sweet loveable boy.

Happy Home - Remy


Adopted by Amber Estock

Formerly Kenny

My boyfriend brought me in to adopt a kitty, and I was introduced to One Eyed Kenny. He was a little rough, and only had one eye, but I fell in love with him. He likes it very much here at home. He is extremely playful and affectionate. He spends most of his days now in his window seat I created for him. He has also gained a few pounds; I'll admit he's a bit spoiled.

Happy Home - Knightley


Adopted by Taylor Rae Dodge

Formerly Riley

I came to Cat Welfare looking for a female, but I fell in love with Knightley's handsome little face and just had to adopt him. He is the most cuddly cat I have ever met, often climbing into my lap on the sofa and sleeping so close to me that his whiskers tickle my face. I sometimes call him "silent squeak" because he has the tiniest meow, but most of the time no sound comes out at all. He loves fake mice toys and even plays fetch! He never fails to make me smile and I believe that we're happier together than we ever were apart!

Happy Home - Samwise


Adopted by Chris and Kim Basmagy

Formerly Samwise

We adopted Samwise from Cat Welfare and he instantly became a member of our family. At first, he kept his distance from the dogs but after a few days they were sharing the couch together and playing like brothers. Samwise is very energetic and gives us a lot of laughs. At night, he we hear him participating in the "cat Olympics"...(dont ask). Thanks again for all the work that you do, our family and Samwise appreciate it.

Happy Home - Voter Colonel Sebastian Doyle

Voter Colonel Sebastian Doyle

Adopted by Caterina Runyon-Spears

Formerly Sebastian

We adopted the Voter Colonel just after Christmas in 2011 (his personality required something grander than just "Sebastian" so I completed his name as a tribute an episode of a favorite TV show). We were looking for an older cat who wouldn't mind sharing space with a much older cat that was occasionally overzealous in some cat-related greetings. The moment we were introduced to him, Sebastian rolled over and showed his tummy. I knew then that he was coming home with us. The blending was fairly smooth, as our older kitty was very laid back. Alas, our much older kitty crossed the rainbow bridge before the two could get really acquainted, but the Voter Colonel doesn't seem to mind being an only cat. He greets us at the door. He likes chasing the white dot cause by the sun shining through the peephole in our front door early in the day. He stalks his water dish and then stares at it for half an hour before finally slapping it a few times and drinking (not even kidding). When I had to go away for three weeks for medical treatment, he had some separation anxiety (licked a racing striped into his back). He's slowly getting used to these creatures our oldest daughter brings over, but still looks horrified when the oldest meows back at him. Honestly, he's a lovable goof, and I wouldn't give him up for anything. Thank you so much.

Happy Home - Pearl


Adopted by Brittney Jarrell

Formerly Kit-Kat

Pearl (formerly known as Kit-Kat) is adjusting well. She lays in the sun a lot and gets along well with her new roommate kitty Mr. Snuggles. They spend most days chasing each other around the house and enjoying lots of treats 😄 She's puuurfect!

Happy Home - Blossom


Adopted by Lienne S

Formerly Blossom

Blossom chose us to provide her with her forever home. She is the friendliest cat and always greets you when you come home, snuggles with you on the couch, and sleeps with you at night. She'll always brighten your day with her cute meow, big eyes, and soft cuddles.

Happy Home - Spooky


Adopted by Lisa Y.

Formerly Sarah Lee

I am so grateful to have Spooky in my life. She is the sweetest cat who just loves to be around me. She follows me around and will just hang out with me no matter what I am doing. I love her companionship. Her tiny meow is the cutest thing I've ever heard and she is cuddly and loves being scritched and petted! She enjoys batting around her toys, sunning herself on her cat tree, and TREATS! I enjoy knowing that after a long day at work she will run to the door to welcome me home. She's just so well behaved and easy going. She is my first pet in my entire life and I knew as soon as I held her in my arms for the first time at Cat Welfare that she was going to be perfect. I love her so much. I am happy I met Melissa Meyer at Cazuelas and learned about Cat Welfare. :) Thank you!

Happy Home - Midnight


Adopted by Susan, Elianna & Selena

Formerly Elmer

My girls had been wanting a pet for so long so one day I just decided to grant their wish. We came to pick out our baby. We chose Midnight because we wanted a black cat and he was so sweet being passed around from person to person. He has made each day an adventure and he has brought us so much joy!

Happy Home - Ollie and Laurel

Ollie and Laurel

Adopted by The Arnetts

Formerly Pucket and Laurel

Hello, and thank you! We adopted Laurel (1-1/2 years) and Pucket now Ollie (5 months) in August. I want to thank everyone there for helping us, especially Aaron, as he was quite patient and helpful. The kitties love their new home and follow us around. Laurel continues to be extremely loving, and Ollie quickly learned his role in the family of kitties. Our other two cats have adjusted to the new family members, and we are so happy to have the addition of such wonderful kitties!

Happy Home - Herman


Adopted by Halie

Formerly Herman

I was at a very low point in my life and needed something to love me no matter what while I deal with depression. None of the cats really felt right to me and I was getting ready to leave. Then a nice lady asked what I was looking for and she said she may have the cat for me. After walking down a long hall, there he was. I fell in love completely. He grabbed my hand and pulled it back in for affection. I knew I couldn't leave without him. Every day my love for him continues to grow. I'm proud to have this toothless cutie. He's so spoiled (pictured on his own blanket with a heating pad) and loved beyond words. I show him off to the world. I'm so grateful Cat Welfare let me adopt such a wonderful cat!

Happy Home - The Princess & The Duchess

The Princess & The Duchess

Adopted by Ken, Melissa, and Ellie Thien

Formerly Milly & Robin

Princess Little Cat (black) was adopted by our family in 2012 and The Dutchess (siamese) was adopted by our family in 2013. The Princess and The Dutchess are best friends; they love to run, play and wrestle with each other. The Princess loves when her daddy sings to her and The Duchess insists on getting her snacks at 9:30pm every night. Both had to be bottle-fed and doctored when we took them into our home. Needless to say, we met with their approval and they have decided to keep us and have us for their forever home!

Happy Home - Sheldon


Adopted by Kelsey

Formerly Sheldon

I adopted Sheldon from Cat Welfare four years ago; it was love at first sight. I couldn't imagine my life without this silly cat. He's a quirky goofball who absolutely loves snuggling. I am so thankful to Cat Welfare for helping me find one of the loves of my life.

Happy Home - Oscar


Adopted by Sarah and Jacob

Formerly Matt

When we walked into Cat Welfare we didn't choose Oscar, he chose us. He walked right over to us and made himself at home in our arms. He is such a loving cat and we are incredibly thankful he found us. He is an only cat and he loves all of the cuddles he gets. Oscar can usually be found on someone's lap or a bed, catching some sun and getting affection. His little ear always makes for great conversation and we would not change one thing about him. He has found his forever home and we are happy to give that to him.

Happy Home - Vixen


Adopted by Erin Sherman

Formerly Squiggly

I came to Cat Welfare to adopt my first cat. I originally came to see a different cat but this little sweetie kept meowing at me from her cage. I took her out to play and she stole my heart. I took her home where she became the sassy little Vixen she is today. She loves to play and always wants to look in the refrigerator to see if there's something in there for her.

Happy Home - Chevy and Miko

Chevy and Miko

Adopted by Jane

Formerly Chevy and Miko

I adopted these two cats at the spring. They are very cute and they eat a lot ha ha. I never leave the food bag in some place they can find because they will open it and feed themselves.

Happy Home - Anni and Digi

Anni and Digi

Adopted by Darryl and Denise Lewis

Formerly Lucinda and Norma

We visited CWA in the hopes of bringing home two kittens after our 19 year old cat left this world six months prior. I had looked at several kittens while my husband played with two energetic kittens. At the last minute he convinced me to take a look at them even though I was pretty set on two others. They were still too young to take into the playroom so I open the cage just to pick one up. Digi (Norma) fell asleep while I was scratching her and Anni (Lucinda) laid against my chest with her head on my arm and just purred. As tears came down my face I told my husband they are ours. I called daily until they were ready to take home. These furballs of love and fun have taken over our hearts and home. I look forward every day to see them after work, laugh at their awkwardness, and relax with one or both in my arms or on my chest. Thank you CWA for allowing us to take them home!

Happy Home - Pandora and Ophelia

Pandora and Ophelia

Adopted by Kathryn

Formerly Ruby and Anna

I adopted these two sweethearts in July! They have brought so much joy to me! As a bonded pair, I wanted to keep them together and they are very happy. They spend their days lying in the sun, playing with their giant pile of toys and chasing each other while playing hide and go seek. They have mastered the art of getting cat treats from me. Ophelia (formerly Anna) is a cuddle monster. She loves to curl up next to me any chance she gets. Pandora (formerly Ruby) is still a little shy, but loves her belly rubs and occasionally will join in for cuddles. I cannot express how thankful I am to have found my ladies. Thank you so much!!!

Happy Home - Raymond


Adopted by Jennifer Schleppi

Formerly Raymond

In 2004 I came to Cat Welfare looking to adopt my first cat. This BEAUTIFUL tuxedo cat approached me, and how could I resist. The longer I held him, the more I could feel the attention we were receiving from the staff/volunteers. To make a long story short, Raymond had not let people near him in the three years he lived there. Within six months he overcame all of his fears and is now the most social, vocal love bomb ever. You can't hold him enough. I was so touched by his story that I just knew he was the one for me. He has had numerous health issues, including cancer of the eye, which he has overcome - making full use of those 9 lives! Adopting him was the single best decision I have ever made. He is truly the love of my life and I could not be any more grateful!

Happy Home - Henry Rupert David Pennington

Henry Rupert David Pennington

Adopted by Cynthia Greenleaf & James Weaver

Formerly Davey

While we recently lost our beloved Henry to cancer, we wanted to thank Cat Welfare for bringing him into our lives. In 2006 we met & fell in love with this charismatic guy and he was the very heart of our home for nine happy years. Henry was a giant goofball and prone to enthusiastic head-butting and sprawling out on laps. He was a provider of endless affection and amusement, and simply an extraordinary cat. We are forever grateful to Cat Welfare for rescuing him so he could become part of our family.

Happy Home - Lucy


Adopted by Alex & Ben

Formerly Blackie

Lucy came home with us as a hospice adoption over one year ago! She is extremely talkative but still shy. She loves sitting in the sunshine, drinking out of the toilet and to eat only the gravy portion of wet food.

Happy Home - Charlotte and Lincoln

Charlotte and Lincoln

Adopted by Clark-Denny family

Formerly Charlotte and Lincoln

Both cats were adopted on July 14th, 2015. They have adjusted quickly to their new permanent home. Charlotte loves the cat condo and enjoys sunning herself when the light comes through the windows/patio doors. Lincoln loves his toys and is on neighborhood watch throughout the day. Both have added joy, love and laughter to our family. After just a couple of weeks they are now like siblings that play all through out the house. The Cat Welfare staff/volunteers were great to work with and we couldn't be happier with our new additions to the family.

Happy Home - Punkin


Adopted by Heather

Formerly Rambo

Originally my kiddos and I went to CW to check out another kitty, but soon realized he wasn't a good fit for the family. BUT something told me to keep looking and I'm so glad that we did! Punkin has been a wonderful addition to our family! He is patient with the kids and even sneaks into their room to snuggle with them at night after they are already snoozing. It's adorable! We don't know what we'd do without him!

Happy Home - Hattie May & Azzie

Hattie May & Azzie

Adopted by Craig & Loraine Treneff

Formerly Hattie May & Azzie

After we lost our beloved Zoogie after fifteen years, we decided to find a hard-to-place cat. We ended up with two! Hattie May, a notorious biter who had been at CWA for an amazing 11 years, and Azzie, another long-time resident, were our finds. Hattie May is companionable, energetic and affectionate. Azzie is as sweet as she can be and very intelligent. Both had adjustments to make, but are now relaxed and happy. Here they are, lounging on the screened deck we built for them! (Hattie is on the right.) Thank you, CWA, for giving these wonderful girls a chance at a new life. HM and Azzie are proof that no cat should be overlooked – any of them can flourish in the right place!

Happy Home - Bo


Adopted by Leyda F

Formerly Bo

I adopted Bo back in August 2014. I was alone and sad and new to the adult world. I had a dog growing up and knew nothing about cats and, in fact, I thought they were mostly mean. One day, after being fed up with being lonely in my home, I started browsing Petfinder. I stumbled across Bo's lonely page. He'd been at Cat Welfare for a long time and I fell in love when I saw the small black cat with his tongue out. For two months I prepared my budget and home for him. I visited him once before I adopted him just to make sure I knew it was going to be a good fit. And when I finally got to meet him, I really fell in love. I took him home about two weeks later. Since then, he's become a happy cat in my home. He went from being so shy and quiet to the most talkative and loving cat I've ever met. We'll have conversations, he'll make sure to cuddle with me every night when I go to bed, and he is always by my side. I never knew cats could be this loving or even this healing! Bo has helped me heal and has taught me love for an animal I've never had. With him and therapy, I've successfully been off medication for an illness I've needed meds for since 2008. He's become my Emotional Support Animal and we'll be together until the end of his days. I really love him and with the way he looks at me, I think he loves me too.




Formerly JACK

Jack was found abandoned and alone. Jack was taken to Cat Welfare and placed into foster care to be bottle fed by a volunteer who happened to be my wife’s cousin. We brought Jack home and he has fit in well with our two other cats (well kind of, LOL). Jack has been a joy in our life and is very happy to have a forever home.

Happy Home - Julia


Adopted by The Jones family

Formerly Julia

We adopted Julia on December 20, 2014. When we met her, we immediately fell in love with her. She loves to crawl on our beds to cuddle with us, and she likes to play with yarn and shoelaces. She is different from our last cat, who didn't care if you were there or not. Julia gets along very nicely with everyone she meets and even though she is very shy with new people, she always comes back out to meet them. She has a busy social life with cuddles, playtime and meals, but she always has a way of finding time for a nap in her favorite spot, the rocking chair as seen in the picture. We would like to thank the entire Cat Welfare staff for helping us find her.

Happy Home - Devon


Adopted by David Roduner

Formerly Jeremy

Devon (formerly Jeremy) has been with us since the summer of 2002. We can't believe it's been that long. He likes his house more than his old apartment, since there are floors to run up and down, and he even finds a mouse once in a while! He loves to rest on laps, knowing his humans won't move as long he lays there, happily purring away. He's still quite active. He loves playing fetch with paper candy wrappers. He drops them at your feet, looking at you expectantly, waiting for you toss them.

Happy Home - Deja


Adopted by Lori M

Formerly N/A

I went to cat welfare in 2005 with plans to pick an orange cat, instead a small scrappy black kitten picked me. She meowed and tried to grab me as I passed her cage so I took her out, held her and I just didn't put her down again. I named her Deja, she named me Meow. Today, nearly 10 years later, we're both grown up and still best friends. She's a silky, stealthy, black beauty of a cat who follows me around, and I couldn't have wished for a better companion. We thank you for bringing us together Cat Welfare!

Happy Home - May Belle

May Belle

Adopted by Deidra

Formerly Reva

May Belle formerly Reva was a really big girl when I brought her home. She lost quite a bit of weight and is much more active now! She runs up and down the stairs and can jump a lot higher. She is a very sweet lady who just purrs and lets me carry her around. She was so slow-moving when I got her that she was no threat at all to my older pets and fit right in. She naps a lot and lets me know when it's time for dinner!

Happy Home - Moxie


Adopted by Deidra

Formerly Calypso

Moxie, formerly Calypso, totally took over the household and became the boss in spite of being the smallest and youngest! She is now getting along great. She has especially taken to the dogs and this handsome young fellow. She is a dear sweet kitty and she loves to play, play, play. Moxie gets lots of treats and has a window seat where she likes to watch the bird feeder. I am so happy I adopted her- she always puts a smile on my face.

Happy Home - Dracula


Adopted by Carissa Thrush

Formerly Not sure

In 2009, I cam to Cat Welfare with my Mom, looking for a black kitten. The first thing I saw when I came in was a cage with a black cat and her kittens in it. The nice lady at the desk opened it for us and I started to pick up each cat, one by one. Eventually I came to one little boy who just stared at me and let me hold him as long as I wanted. He also had a slight overbite, which looked very cute. I knew right away he was the one. We took him home and named him Dracula :). My family loves him very much. He likes to sit on the screened-in back porch and watch the birds at the feeder. He loves treats, and rolling around in patches of sun on the floor. We can't imagine our lives without Dracula!

Happy Home - Mr. Lipscomb & Dixie

Mr. Lipscomb & Dixie

Adopted by Angie Lipscomb

Formerly Ed or Tripod? Dixie

Mr. Lipscomb and Dixie are two three-legged cats who recently became part of my family. Mr. Lipscomb lost his left front limb, and Dixie her left rear one. Mr. Lipscomb is very agile, playful and affectionate. He goes out of his way to find creative ways to avoid being brushed. He answers to his name, which few cats do! Dixie has struggled with her mobility in a new environment, but is now adapting remarkably well, and progresses each day. She is my little ray of sunshine! Mr. Lipscomb encourages and challenges Dixie, and the two are playmates and great friends. I’m so glad I found these two special animals.

Happy Home - SGT Herbert Von Meowenstein

SGT Herbert Von Meowenstein

Adopted by Chris Wallace

Formerly Herbert

When I first met Herbert at CWA, I fell in love with the little guy. He is super lovable, affectionate and listens very well (So far, I've trained him to sit and come when his name is called). I was amazed at how quick he came to trust me and how fast he adapted to his new home. I am very glad that I was able to adopt Herbert!

Happy Home - Baron Ravioli

Baron Ravioli

Adopted by Taylor

Formerly Bob T.

Baron has been with us about four months and is an amazing addition to our family. At the shelter he seemed reserved and introverted, a little nervous around other cats and lots of people, but now he is happy and comfortable. He makes himself at home in lots of our nooks and crannies. He is affectionate and loving, waits in the window for me to come home, and is the only cat I’ve met who loves to have his ears petted! We’re so happy to have given him his forever home, and we look forward to many more years with Baron in our family.

Happy Home - Hal


Adopted by Paul

Formerly Hal

I adopted Hal about 6 months ago and he is such a cuddle bug. He greets me at the door when I get home from a stressful day at work and instantly cheers me up with his cuddling.

Happy Home - Marley and Willow

Marley and Willow

Adopted by Rebecca C.

Formerly Marley and Karen

I adopted Marley and Willow (formerly Karen) in August 2014. The girls have adjusted well and have become the best of friends. They love chasing each other and their toys around the house. They enjoy having lots of windows for watching birds and squirrels. Marley like to be 'close but not touching' and spends her evenings sleeping on the back of the sofa while Willow is curled up on my lap or right next to me. These two have brought love and laughter back into my life after the loss of my 18 year old cat Ragnell (adopted as a 9 week old kitten from CWA) who passed in November 2013. Thank you for everything you do for these wonderful creatures.

Happy Home - Maureen


Adopted by Wendi Hayhurst

Formerly Snickers

I adopted Snickers (now Maureen) in December of 2010. She adapted quickly to her new surroundings and is extremely affectionate. She loves to snuggle and play, and always fights with me over my pillow at night. She is very vocal, and sometimes when I spend a little too much time on my Orchids, she gets my attention and reminds me that she is much more important. She has added so much joy to my life and I truly feel I have a wonderful companion. Thank you for introducing me to such a lovely friend.

Happy Home - Marshmellow aka "Marshie"

Marshmellow aka "Marshie"

Adopted by Marianne Neal

Formerly Marshmellow

I adopted Marshmellow last month, and we are both so happy. She has adapted well to my house, and is an active, playful kitty. She loves to play with "da bird" and likes her new scratching post. The blue chair by the window is her favorite perch. She likes to drop toys on my face in the middle of the night when she thinks it is play time. Thank you Cat Welfare for giving me a wonderful companion.

Happy Home - Daphne and Madeline

Daphne and Madeline

Adopted by Kelly Blaine

Formerly Twizzler and Snickers

Daphne and Madeline have been my kitties for about a week now and I can already tell they are going to be the best companions. I had spent almost two hours at Cat Welfare and then I decided to look in the kittens room and these two calico sisters were mewing and pawing at me through the cage bars. I knew they had to go home with me. They love to chase the laser and are quite the snugglers. As I write this, Madeline is asleep next to me on the couch and Daphne is snuggling in my lap. Truly my little princesses!

Happy Home - Trina


Adopted by Chris D.

Formerly Velma

I adopted Trina (then Velma) in October 2014 and we have been best buddies since. She fell ill during the first month I had her, but was able to make a miraculous recovery and is now a happy, healthy, little (well not so little anymore) feline! Cat-Trina's favorite activities include eating, chasing bugs/spiders, chasing the red dot, eating, finding new places to sleep, gazing out the window at the wildlife, eating, sleeping, and then eating again. I could never replace my furry friend and I'm so happy I came into Cat Welfare. She greets me at the door each day I come home and I look forward to many more years of seeing that little face after a long day of work. Thank you Cat Welfare for all you do!

Happy Home - Jane Austen

Jane Austen

Adopted by Cheryl Hyde

Formerly Jane Austen

Jane was originally adopted by Deb W, but due to difficulties with Deb's cat family the adoption didn't work out. Sadly, I had lost a member of my own cat family the month before, so Deb suggested that I try Jane at my house. Jane had a bad eye, but with the help of Cat Welfare it was removed, and all is well with her now. Jane lives with two other Cat Welfare alumnae, Daisy and Carisa, foster cats Rascal and Smudge, and a dog named Baylee. She likes to talk when she's hungry for either food or attention, and bedtime seems to be a prime time for her conversation!

Happy Home - Marble


Adopted by Liz Waters

Formerly Shanina

We adopted Marble or Kitty as we affectionately call her in March 2014. She is such an amazing cat. She is a very vocal cat too, especially when she's asking for her treats. Marble loves to cuddle especially if there is a blanket involved.

Happy Home - Jasmine


Adopted by Laura Hebenstreit

Formerly Pumpkin

Jasmine and I just celebrated our first year together. She was considered a "special adoption" because she struggled with allergies. I'm happy to report that we have those under control! Jasmine has truly brought life to my home. She loves to play fetch with her favorite toy (and best friend), Earl the mouse. She displays quite an athletic ability in her pursuits and even catches him mid-air! She is very social and although she is not much of a lap cat, she loves to be where people are. She sleeps with me every night, making sure to tuck Earl in with us! She has made my home a happy home! Thank you for taking good care of her for me!

Happy Home - Mattison


Adopted by Zita Duffy

Formerly Mattie

Mattie has been with us six months now and she is such a sweetie! She thinks she is one of the dogs. The three of them get along great. Mattie loves snuggling and exploring the outdoors. She spends her evenings hiding out and looking for mice. Although I appreciate her hunting skills, I can’t say that I appreciated the still-alive mice I find in the bed! Thanks so much, Rebecca, for picking Mattie out for me. Since she was hiding in a box on one of the top shelves at CWA, I don’t think I would have found her on my own. She truly is a perfect match for us!

Happy Home - Hal


Adopted by Paul

Formerly Hal

I adopted Hal a couple of months ago and almost immediately he became one of the boys. He had a brother Harold with him in his cage in the kitten room and I wanted to adopt both, but Harold was adopted by his forever family. I could not just leave Hal's little poofy self alone. I had to adopt him. He now has two older brothers (Max and Cipro) which clean, play and cuddle with him every day. He also has two older sisters (Moxi and Cleo). Moxie has gotten around to cleaning him and playing but Cleo is still getting used to him. He likes to be the loudest of the bunch and loves to eat. He likes to wake up at 3am and make sure you are alive by licking your face and purring like a chainsaw. But we would NOT have it any other way. He is such a great little guy.

Happy Home - Gabbie


Adopted by Sue

Formerly Gabbie

Gabbie has made herself at home and come out of her shell as a solo top cat. She is quite the talker and enjoys her cardboard scratching boards.

Happy Home - Lily


Adopted by Shannon Franz

Formerly Muffy

We adopted Lily from CWA four years ago this week. My husband and I had just moved in together and he already had a cat, so OF COURSE I needed one of my own :). Lily was found in a cardboard box in a field near Bellefontaine, OH, which just so happens to be where my husband grew up. I connected with her immediately. Just to be sure, I checked out some cats from other shelters but ultimately decided she was the one. Lily is the first pet I've ever had that's actually mine and she has been the light of my life (along with my hubby of course, ha!). I will forever be thankful to CWA for the work that they do because without them I wouldn't have my best friend!

Happy Home - Delia and Rosie

Delia and Rosie

Adopted by Lindsay Wilson

Formerly Cordelia and Lady Rose

I adopted Delia and Rosie a little over a year ago, and what a great decision it was! I walked into the shelter and asked for the 2 most cuddly female cats and I got exactly what I asked for! Rosie loves to go outside on her leash to chase crickets and Delia will sit on her fleece blanket and make biscuits for hours!

Happy Home - Abbigail Marie Treiber

Abbigail Marie Treiber

Adopted by Patticat.

Formerly Sylvia aka Baby C

Abbigail Marie is so loving. She is always by my side,and likes to rub my face with her paw and groom my hair! She makes the cutest noises and is a very happy little girl. Abbigail is Cat Number #10, but I have no regrets in falling in love with her. The other cats took her in and welcomed her right away!

Happy Home - Nugget


Adopted by Sharon Hsiao

Formerly Delano

We adopted Nugget last month and we feel that we made a great decision in our life. Nugget is a healthy and playful 3-month-old boy. We were surprised that he knew exactly where to eat and poo the second day. He is such a smart boy. Every day when we come home from work, he welcomes us at the door and wants to be touched. He is so close to people and always melts our heart. All the irritations fly away as soon as we see him. He loves climbing up and down but he never knocks off anything from the table. He brings so much joy to our life and we really appreciate Cat Welfare for giving us this adorable gift.

Happy Home - Uma


Adopted by Natalie Spencer

Formerly Dee Dee

We adopted Dee Dee in 2011, when she was just 2 months old, the last picked from her litter. She became Uma soon after, and has become the apple of our eyes. She is loving, but feisty! Her sassy attitude is only matched by her sweet love to cuddle and lie in front of the computer (only when we try to use it, of course!). She is a wonderful member of our family.

Happy Home - Leo


Adopted by Jason Defenbaugh and Yulia Gaydutskaya

Formerly Harvey Dale

I began going to Cat Welfare shortly after our beloved Aldo passed. I immediately took notice of a small, quiet, unassuming orange male named Harvey Dale. For 4 days in a row, I spent 2-4 hours at Cat Welfare, letting Harvey Dale out of his cage, to sit on my lap. He would sit there the entire time, completely content with just having a lap to sit in. I knew after the fourth day, that I wanted to give him a new home. He obviously had a rough life, as his hair was a bit ratty still, his ears were malformed, and his face was weathered and scarred. He was listed as being 12 years old, but I didn't care. I knew my wife would love him just as much as I already did! It has been 10 months now, and Leo, as we call him now is the new ruler of our household. He has put weight on, he is very confident now, and he is the most adorably sweet cat you could imagine! He loves to head bump our faces, he loves to sleep on us when we sleep, and he has brought nothing but interesting moments and happiness to our home. We also know now that he is actually much younger than 12 years old, he is very energetic and plays A LOT! He was just in very poor condition when he was saved by the wonderful woman who rescued him and brought him to her work at CWA. I just want to say thank you, and say that Leo is truly not just a cat, but a great friend. We love him so much.

Happy Home - Murray


Adopted by Cindy Hahn

Formerly Noel

My mother-in-law loved taking care kitties that always seemed to find their way to her front porch. After she suffered a stroke she was never able to return to her home. My husband was determined to find homes for two adorable orange kittens who called mom's front porch home. Before he was able to rescue them one ended up getting injured. She had a huge open wound on her back that left her paralyzed. You took her in right away and forever freed her from her pain. We already had two cats and were not looking to adopt another until I saw Murray (Noel). His birth defect pulled on my heart strings after everything we experienced with the little orange kitty and knew then he would have his forever home. Murray gets around like any other cat. He does limp when he walks but doesn't let it slow him down. He loves chasing his older brothers! Thank you CW for my little Murray!

Happy Home - Rocky


Adopted by Mikel & Misti

Formerly Sammy Bear

We adopted Rocky almost two years ago from Cat Welfare Association. In Rocky's free time, he likes to fetch, play with our nine month old son Jaxon, and eat treats. We are very thankful to have him in our lives.

Happy Home - Dexter


Adopted by Ron & Jean Cook

Formerly Dexter

When our son Jonathan moved to Ohio in 2004, the first thing he did was adopt Dexter, a skinny little kitten who looked more like a scrawny rat. Dexter was the one in the litter with the most personality. Jon's girlfriend thought he should choose one of the calmer, prettier ones, but Jon insisted on Dexter. Dexter is the embodiment of the story of the Ugly Duckling, as he has matured into a truly majestic and gorgeous creature. Sadly, Jonathan died in a boating accident. Although we lost our son we still have his precious kitty who gives pleasure to us daily. We are so thankful that Jon found Cat Welfare.

Happy Home - Earl


Adopted by Taylor Poe

Formerly Earl

I picked my human out immediately when I saw her and would not allow her to leave without me. When I was adopted I had an eye that was really bothering me, but the nice humans at Cat Welfare helped to get me into surgery. I am much more comfortable now and can spend my days napping and cleaning myself pain free! I love to sleep on the porch, being outside is the best! They have these strange things called "dogs" here. I'm not sure what the purpose of them is yet, I plan to assert my authority and become master of the house soon. My humans have put me on a feeding schedule, and I'm sure to let them know when it's time to eat- food is very important to me. Thanks again Cat Welfare! I love my new family!

Happy Home - Ryan


Adopted by Janet Looker and Richard Roberts

Formerly Ryan

We thought about it and decided it was time to bring a second cat into our home. We brought Twiggy into our home a month ago and now it is Ryan’s turn. Ryan is getting used to things around the house. We know she will adjust and fit in just fine.

Happy Home - Desdemona (Desi)

Desdemona (Desi)

Adopted by Susan Sturgill

Formerly Meow

She was the first cat I saw when I walked in and even though I interviewed many others, I knew she was The One. She's a mature lady and had been in the shelter awhile. She was wearing a blue collar because she was a biter but she has blossomed into the best kitty ever. She's affectionate and playful, loves to sit on my lap and watch a movie, is prepared to protect us from marauding vermin in case any ever get in. (OMG! A chipmunk! On the windowsill!) Feb. 26 was my luckiest day that year. I'm so glad this grownup lady let me choose her.

Happy Home - Wobbles


Adopted by Lauren

Formerly Wobbles

From the second I brought Wobbles (left) into his new home, he changed from the shy kitty he was at the shelter who wouldn't eat, drink or leave the back of his cage to the food motivated, friendly, playful cat he is today. He is full of snuggles and gets along great with his sister! He loves the open windows on spring days and will cry and jump from one window to another until he is tired and ready to cuddle more. Wobbles was so scared when I first saw him but now that he is home he lets his true personality shine! He's even taken over the large doggie bed and makes the dog sleep on the floor! Wobbles is a testament to giving every cat a chance. He was just waiting for someone to take him to his loving, forever home! I couldn't be happier with my choice! He is the perfect addition to my little family!

Happy Home - Rudolph Kieran Shadow Wolfe

Rudolph Kieran Shadow Wolfe

Adopted by Lisa Wolfe

Formerly Shadow

Rudy literally hopped into our family. I brought my boys Dugal and Parker to get their photo with Santa Claus and Gail Harbert explained that another cat was in the room that was recovering from having a leg amputated. Since my boys aren't bothered by other cats, I didn't think anything of it. Well...as we were having our photo taken, Rudy hopped into the photo, stopped right in front of me and practically smiled at the camera!! Needless to say, a week later, he was a member of the household. He is rambunctious and loves to bother his brothers and the stray cats in the neighborhood. Other than that he is a joy and I'm so glad he decided to join the annual Christmas photo!!

Happy Home - Skwisgaar


Adopted by Michelle

Formerly Champ

We got Skwisgaar a while back when we saw this adorable little teenaged kitty pining for attention in his cage. When we first brought him home his name was Champ but we decided to change it to Skwisgaar which is from one of our favorite television shows! As you can see he is one of the goofiest cats I have ever known. Not only does he have the unending energy of a toddler (and mischievousness too) he is a sweetie and cuddler that loves to be near you whenever possible. With his attentive personality I've even been able to teach him a few tricks, including fetch! I just wanted to thank everyone at Cat Welfare for helping us bring this adorable cat into my life.

Happy Home - Vernon Henry Dodson

Vernon Henry Dodson

Adopted by Becky Dodson

Formerly Vern

Vern was adopted from Cat Welfare in May of 2007. He was very young and had been brought in with a broken jaw. Cat Welfare repaired it and I adopted him. He's just been a great friend! He's one of the few cats I've had that can go outside, as he sticks around and has a lot of common sense. He loves to sit in the front garden behind a bush and watch things coming and going. He's also quite the mouser! Here he is when the refrigerator was being defrosted. He needed to go in the freezer and snoop around. Who knows? There could've been a mouse in there!

Happy Home - Sir Daniel

Sir Daniel

Adopted by Bailey Smithhisler and Amanda Hehl

Formerly Daniel

Dear everyone, My name is Sir Daniel and I picked Bailey as my human. Before long, I got adopted by her and my other mommy, Amanda. A few days into my new forever family, I learned I have a sister who's my age (2 years) and a little brother who isn't even a year yet. He doesn't seem to like me too well yet, but I'm sure he'll warm up to me. My mommies told me I have a super power! Whenever one is hurt or sad, I'm the first one to check if they're okay. I even beat Bailey when my mommy hit her head on the fridge. I like to sing at night outside the bedroom door. I even know how to say 'Hello?' I like to hop in the shower with them! They look so cold without fur so, being the generous man I am, I rub on them and love on them and donate my fur so they aren't as cold. I get told I'm good at doing that. And darn it, if I can't get in the shower, I sit on the toilet until they get out. My favorite part though, is drinking from the tap in the bathtub. Not a lot of water comes out but it still makes my mommies laugh. Aside from my friends, I miss the soft kitty food you guys gave me. But it's okay. It's replaced with toys and lot of kitty nip! I hope all of my friends at Cat Welfare get their forever families. Because when they do, it's one of the most awesome feelings ever :) MEOW~~ Sir Daniel

Happy Home - Miss Twiggy

Miss Twiggy

Adopted by Richard Roberts/Janet Looker

Formerly Twiggy

Our daughter's cat passed and we felt lost. We came over to Cat Welfare and looked and looked for the longest time then, with the workers' help, we came across Twiggy and instantly fell in love. She's going to be loved for forever.

Happy Home - Ginger


Adopted by Dianna McGlone

Formerly Ginger

We adopted Ginger a few weeks ago, and she is doing fantastic in her new home. The animals have all finally acclimated to each other, and the playful squabbling between the two cats has us laughing on a nightly basis. She is sooo curious. Into everything. I was making a DIY softbox, and every time I'd pull out a piece of aluminium foil, Ginger would hop up on the table, and just nose it. After a second, she'd hop back down. This repeated for about 10 strips. She's constantly up on her hind legs, eyes wide, giving us this "Hey, what's going on up there?" look. Honestly, its like having a 2 year old in the house, but without the tantrums. We are going to get a special litter box for Ginger, where urine will drain into a removable container below the main pan. The pan itself is filled with non-absorbent litter, so you just scoop out the nasty bits while everything else drains through. It is called a Smart Cat Box and it was made with cats with high urine outputs and the need for testing (like diabetic cats) in mind. I thought I'd mention it in case you guys hadn't heard of it, and someone else might benefit from it. It is only 47 bucks for the starter kit. Ginger is a part of the family now, and her antics are definitely entertaining. She gives lots of kisses, loves to sleep behind us on the couch, and you can hear her purr from like 6 feet away when she gets going. She loves to romp with us and has enough sense, without being trained, that she doesn't break skin when she's giving us play bites. Though we have had to break out the spray bottle because she's a little sneak who likes to try to take a taste of whatever we're eating!

Happy Home - Alana


Adopted by Carol Martin

Formerly Alana

I adopted Alana in August, 2011. She had been at Cat Welfare for 2½ years. When I saw her picture and story on the Cat Welfare website, I just had to go visit her. She was having upper respiratory issues, so I visited her every week until she got better and I could take her home to my other two adopted cats. She is the sweetest cat and greets me when I come home and sees me off to the door every day when I go to work. Thank you for taking her in and caring for her so long!

Happy Home - Gatsby The Catsby

Gatsby The Catsby

Adopted by Tad & Lisa Petrie

Formerly Sly

Hi Cat Welfare friends! When I lived at CW, everyone called me Sly, my new family calls me Gatsby now. I really, really love my new family! I was kinda sad when I lived at the shelter because since I don't have claws, I had to live in a cage most of the time. When Tad and Lisa came to see me that one day, I kinda just knew that they needed someone like me to take care of them! It was a little scary at first, I have an older sister named Annie and a younger sister named Zoey, and I had a brother here named Gryffindor, but he passed away last summer. I miss Gryff a lot, but now I have a younger brother named Kingsley Shacklebolt and he's a good guy! It's really nice living here, there are times when it's a really busy place, but a lot of times too when it's quiet I can take some time to snooze on someone's lap. I like to curl up with Lisa and help her study for her nursing school classes and I also like to snuggle with Tad in his armchair and watch TV shows like Ancient Aliens and Mountain Monsters with him. He can doze off just about as fast as I can, but man! Does he ever snore! I am very grateful to all of you at CW for taking such good care of me and for helping me find my Forever Family! Love, Gatsby the Catsby

Happy Home - Fran


Adopted by Allison Hagen

Formerly Sister

My boyfriend and I adopted Fran (her shelter name was Sister) in Spring 2013. We were looking for a young cat and were about to leave, not having felt a connection with anyone that particular visit. Fran had a red card placed on her cage and I was hesitant to ask about her, but it turned out she was just due to be spayed the next day. She protested me holding her but was very friendly and funny, I fell in love right away. After her surgery we took her home and she has brought us lots of laughs and love ever since. She is now about a year and a half old and lets me carry her around, but only on her terms, and only if she can lay across my arms a certain way! She is extremely smart and loves to tease our elder kitty George, play games on the iPad, and steal bacon from my sandwiches. She runs into the bedroom every morning as soon as we open the door, and greets us with her loud rumbling purr and a quick snuggle. Every day I'm thankful for Cat Welfare and that I met Fran before leaving that day last March! Allison Hagen

Happy Home - Ringo


Adopted by Danielle Smith

I wanted to take this time to tell the Cat Welfare about my wonderful new cat Ringo. I'm sure most can't forget the 3 legged guy. I fell in love with him after picking him up and promptly came back for him the next day. He's adjusting beautifully. He loves sleeping on the bed and receiving attention. While still skittish at times, he's learning he's in a safe environment. He is very personable with guests, and he's an overall beautiful cat. He's very friendly with my other cat. If I choose to adopt another cat, I will definitely adopt from you guys. Have a wonderful day!

Happy Home - Will Smith

Will Smith

Adopted by Megan Smith

Hello cat welfare, I have already sent you an email with and update on Will Smith and how well he's adjusting but I wanted to say thank you again from the bottom of my heart for keeping him until we found him. He's such a joy and has helped fill the void I felt with the loss of my cat, Tom of 14 years. Thank you for all the work you guys do and thank you for taking such great care of the kitties. From one cat lover to another, Megan Smith

Happy Home - Valya and Amelia

Valya and Amelia

Adopted by Amy and Dan Pearse

Formerly Sugar and Ginger

We adopted Lewis and Clark from Cat Welfare in 2004. They were the last two kittens of a litter and we were thrilled to take both of them. They were best buddies, filling our home and hearts with love and laughter. When we lost Lewis suddenly last March to kidney stones and cancer we were heartbroken. In June we adopted Valya and Amelia (previously Sugar and Ginger) hoping Clark wouldn't be threatened by two tiny kittens, and would eventually enjoy their company. Slowly and very happily, we have become a complete family again. All three cats playfully chase each other around the house, making us laugh with their antics. Clark and Valya even cuddle up next to each other regularly. Thank you for giving the kitties such a good place until they find their forever homes. Blue skies, Amy and Dan Pearse

Happy Home - Gracie & Goosey

Gracie & Goosey

Adopted by Kim Rhoads

I adopted Gracie & Goosey as kittens a year ago after after the passing of my beloved 17 year old cat Elvis. I had also adopted Elvis and her sister Aaron (who passed a couple years earlier) as kittens when I purchased my home in 1995. After losing Elvis, I quickly realized my house was incomplete without a feline presence. As fate would have it, thanks to my friend Jill and her coworker (cat welfare board member Peggy), I learned of a litter of kittens ready for adoption. Since the moment they arrived at my house, Gracie & Goosey have brought joy, activity, and destruction (they chew everything), but mostly love. I am forever grateful to Cat Welfare for bringing them into my life.

Happy Home - Schroeder


Adopted by Bill Serena

Formerly Ramone

This is a Happy Homes update from our Schroeder (formerly: Ramone, adopted 12/22/2011) Schroeder has a new canine sister, Keena. The only transition we had was in the first few days... Schroeder would sit in the path Keena wanted to take as a gentle reminder of who was here first, but since then they've figured out that they actually like each other. Schroeder also shares his home with 3 other cats, including Susie (a Sr. 16 yr old girl also adopted from you last year, and she's doing wonderful!). Thanks for all you do and for bringing happy families together!

Happy Home - Artemus Gordon

Artemus Gordon

Adopted by Spencer Jordan

It’s been almost 4 months since I brought Artemus Gordon home to join my other CWA baby, Peppermint Patty. He has been such a wonderful addition to our little family! When I first brought him home, the poor thing was so terrified. It took awhile, but after graduating from his safe room, he became his curious, rambunctious self. Just like at the adoption center, he LOVES being up high and checking out the scene. Give him a big couch or a windowsill and he can sit for hours! He loves playing with string, ball toys and water bottles (go figure!). His big sister Peppermint has gone through a few different surgeries to fix her health issues, and he is very sweet with her. I’ve attached a picture taken after her most recent trip to the vet. She came home for a nap and he didn’t leave her side… I like to think he was “keeping watch” so she could relax :) They’re a great pair!

Happy Home - Milo and Luna

Milo and Luna

Adopted by Elizabeth

Formerly Ted and Rhoda

We adopted kitten littermates Milo and Luna (then called Ted and Rhoda) in July of 2013. They are such good cats. I wanted to send a picture of them so you can see how they have grown and how well they are loved.

Happy Home - Flynn


Adopted by Michell and Donald Grish

Formerly Flint

I just wanted to write to thank the workers for being so wonderful. They literally introduced my boyfriend and I to the perfect cat for us. His name was Flint at the shelter but when we got him home we changed his name to Flynn. He is a little go-getter, loving, cuddly, sweet, well behaved kitty. He was a "special" needs cat because he does have cerebral hypoplasia. He is just a little bundle of joy and I'm forever grateful. When we have a little bigger place we will no doubt come back and get Flynn a little brother or sister. I've adopted a couple cats before but this is the best experience I've ever had. Keep up the amazing work you all do.

Happy Home - Atticus Finch

Atticus Finch

Adopted by Bethann Chordas

Formerly Nolan

Hi there! I thought you might be interested in an update on Atticus Finch - previously known as Nolan. I adopted him this past fall. We are so happy to have Atticus as a part of our family. Boo Radley, the dog, loves him and they are definitely becoming friends. Atticus if very feisty. He loves to sit in the windows, chase shadows, flop on the ground for attention, and play fetch. Thank you Cat Welfare for taking great care of him before he found his way home!

Happy Home - Kaylee


Adopted by Janice Fitzpatrick

Formerly Kaylee

I am so happy I adopted Kaylee (kept her name) in January this year. She loves to sit on her cat tree and watch the birds in the birdbath. She is very happy and loving, is always on my lap and kissing me. She is so well behaved I couldn't ask for a better cat. I love her a lot - she is a great companion! Thanks. And she loves to play.

Happy Home - Lancelot


Adopted by Caryn

Formerly Tres

Hi there, Just wanted to drop a line and thank you for all you do for the cats and kittens in Columbus!! We adopted Tres on 5/24 for my Little Marion. She was lonely after her big "brother" D'artanion passed away a couple months ago. We renamed him Lancelot and he is quite the little character! As you can see He has won over the heart of Lady Marion. They have a ball playing hard and passing out together only to wake up and start all over again. Thanks again We LOVE LOVE LOVE our little Lancelot!!!

Happy Home - Ratso


Adopted by Linda M. Olson

Formerly Steve

I have meant to send you a few photos of Steve (renamed "Ratso") and let you know how well he is doing, but my life is pretty busy due to my crazy job. We picked him up from you about July 6, 2012, so almost a year ago. I took some pictures today and here they are, along with some older ones. Anyway, he is SUPER as you said that he would be. He is very cool, healthy, happy and flexible. He travels well between our two homes (one's in Indiana, a five-hour drive away). And he LOVES his step-brother, Miles, pictured with him on the kitty condo. They play together all the time, which gives them great exercise. The photo "Rattie" was when we first got him and you can see how skinny he was then and his fur very thin. Look how beautiful he is now! Thanks for a wonderful year and we look forward to many, many more with him. My husband and I can't thank you enough for keeping him for us until we found you.

Happy Home - Pep


Adopted by Spencer Jordan

Formerly Peppermint Patty

Greetings, Cat Welfare! Wanted to send my love & give you an update on Peppermint Patty. I’ve kept her name, but my friends and I affectionately refer to her as Pep. When I first saw her online, I fell in love and visited CWA the very next day. I had never owned a cat before and was hesitant about taking her home since she seemed very depressed and irritated. Thanks to the wonderful volunteers at CWA putting up with my multiple (EIGHT!!!) visits, I decided to take a chance. Once we got home, she kept to her “safe room” for a few days. After Pep felt brave enough to explore the rest of the loft, she would sit by me - but wouldn’t touch me. Slowly but surely, she inched closer as the weeks went on. The first day that she napped on my chest was one of the happiest moments of my life! She has turned from sullen & depressed to a very loving cat. She enjoys chasing string, playing with my Friskies iPad app and napping in the bedroom filled with windows (a la “Shy Cat Room” ?). Recently, she has started “spooning” with me when I watch movies on my laptop – it’s pretty adorable! If anything, I want this to be a testament to the fact that cats absolutely come out of their shells once they are home. Peppermint had been in the shelter since 2010 – of course she would be a bit reclusive! Again, I can’t thank you all enough for your patience… Your tolerant attitudes really helped me with this decision & now I can’t imagine my life without her!!

Happy Home - Ricky


Adopted by The Kremser family

Formerly Ricardo

My name is Ricky. You might remember me when I lived at Cat Welfare, but my name was Ricardo. If you don’t remember my name, you will remember my spots. I’m sort of spotted like a cow. I want to thank you for taking good care of me until the Kremser’s came along and adopted me! I was a little nervous at first to go to another place but I really like living with them and we are all very happy now! I had a rough life before I was rescued from a place with too many cats. Now, I have lots of space and big windows to look out at the birds and ducks, and even folks jogging and walking their dogs! I have plenty of fun toys to play with, there’s even a laser that I chase and sometimes catch! I’m also eating much better now and putting on some healthy weight. I have a sister named Lucy and we are getting along okay, and are getting to be better friends as time goes on. The best part of living here is Mary and Dan, my new “mama” and “daddy”. I can tell they really love me – and I love them too! I sit on their laps and they talk to me softly, pet me and tell me, I’m good, and a handsome boy. They give me plenty of hugs and kisses too! Some may think I’m a little spoiled but the Kremser’s believe it’s just my turn to be a pampered kitty and receive lots of attention. We love our new family! Thanks again for being there, taking good care of me, and keeping me safe until my new family came to Cat Welfare to take me “home”.

Happy Home - Piaf


Adopted by Terry Odlin

Bonjour from Piaf. As my name suggests, I take after the great French singer Edith Piaf. People have complimented me on what I can do with my vocal cords, and of course like all kitties, I really do like to sing. I keep busy in other ways too, such as presiding over meetings of the Boiled Chicken Society and living up to my title as the Dairy Queen: I love yogurt, ice cream, and cheese. I also like to help out a close human friend with editorial advice, as you see in the picture. Wishing all my kitty and human friends at Cat Welfare a very happy day!

Happy Home - Ella


Adopted by Nancy Wareham

Formerly Mandy

I adopted a sweet black cat back around Memorial Day, and I just wanted to let you all know that we’re doing well and happy as can be. She was named Mandy when I adopted her (I now call her Ella), but she’s been such a good-natured friend during the past few months. It was very hard when my last cat died after 23 years, and I appreciate the kindness from the volunteers in letting me check out all the kitties and find one who is right for me. I’m sure it’s bittersweet for you folk when someone waltzes out with one of your buddies, so I hope it helps to know that she’s in a good home and well-loved. Here are a couple of pictures of her. Thank you all again. You do fine work.

Happy Home - Bullwinkle


Adopted by Leigh Ann Burchwell

We adopted Bullwinkle from Cat Welfare in July of 2004, right after moving into our “permanent” home. He has been the best, most loving, beautiful cat ever and we couldn’t love him more. He made himself at home, both in the house and in our hearts. He loved sleeping with each of us and was truly the ultimate lap cat. In one of the photos, you can see him lounging with his brother Rocky, who was adopted at the same time. Unfortunately, we lost Bullwinkle to cancer this week, cutting his life short way too soon. We can’t even imagine that he’s gone and we’re all heartbroken. We can’t imagine our lives or our home without him. Hopefully someday we can return to Cat Welfare and adopt another family member. Thanks for bringing this beautiful creature into our lives, even if for a short 9 years.

Happy Home - Emma Lou

Emma Lou

Adopted by Cynthia Williams

Hi everyone it’s me Emma Lou! Guess what? I found my forever home this past Sunday. My new family is wonderful. I have a big bed to sleep on and I have five brothers they are ok, but I love my new mommy holding me and brushing me. She even let me sleep in bed with her last night. It feels so good to be home again. I miss you all and wish my other cat buddies find their own happy homes someday. Love, Emma Lou Williams I cannot say how happy I was to find Emma Lou. She has filled an empty hole in my heart when we had to put our Bambi down a few months ago.

Happy Home - Sunny


Adopted by Shawn K. and Dave M.

Just sending an update in on Sunny! Hard to believe that 10 months ago this little bundle managed to work her way into our hearts. As a volunteer at CWA I had noticed Sunny every time I came in to help out. Those stunning blue eyes just screamed “LOVE ME”! We finally made the decision to take Sunny home and we haven’t looked back since. Within the first hour she had explored the entire house, much to the dismay of her new brothers and sisters, and had made herself right at home. A couple months later we got some bad news at a vet appointment that she had the beginning stages of renal disease in which her kidneys were not operating at normal levels. Needless to say we were devastated but not discouraged. Sunny today is actually doing very well and the vet says that her kidney functions are doing much better! She spends her days either cuddled up with her buddy Ony or stretched out in the sunlight and at night she spends with her people, always cuddling with someone! To see her now you would think she has lived here her whole life! More to come!

Happy Home - Ozzie


Adopted by Kaswan Crossfield

Ozzie, an orange tabby, was just an 8 week old kitten when I adopted him in June of 2012. I fell in love with him immediately and I think he fell in love with me because he was so cuddly with me from the beginning. At first he tried to sleep on my head but eventually he found that a little uncomfortable. Ozzie tries to act tough around my other cat but runs off when I turn on the vacuum cleaner. To get my attention when I’m sitting at my computer, he stretches his arm up at me and makes little squeaking noises. A funny thing he does is drink from the water faucet but he uses his paw to collect the water and then licks it off. Ozzie loves getting his belly rubbed, even more so than his head. I am so happy with this little guy in my life and I think he really likes living in my big rambling house. He doesn't go outside but there is lots of room for him to run around. Thanks Cat Welfare, for having Ozzie there for me to take him to my home!

Happy Home - Lilly and Walter

Lilly and Walter

Adopted by Sue Howson & Dave Fowler

Formerly Lilith and Micah

I just wanted to share some photos of two kitties whom we adopted from Cat Welfare just one month ago. Their names at the shelter were Lilith and Micah. They are now Lilly and Walter. They have adjusted really well to our home and we are so happy to have them. They are both really sweet natured cats. It is a joy to share our lives with these loving creatures. They both love to play and watch the birds. Walter likes to carry a ball of socks around the house. Lilly likes to deliver toys to you, dropping them at your feet as an invitation. We are grateful to Cat Welfare for providing good care to so many cats in need.

Happy Home - Frankie


Adopted by Jessica Ewing

Formerly Phil

We adopted Phil, who we now call Frankie, in April 2013. He has made a wonderful addition to our family and a much needed companion to our calico Lynnie. Lynnie took awhile to warm up to him but they have been known to take naps together and chase each other around the house everyday! His favorite toy is an old torn up, well used, string that we gave him on his first day home with us. He carries it around the house and drops it at our feet when he wants to play, which is all the time! We discovered he liked to drink out of the toilet so we now keep the lids down and bought him a water fountain that both he and Lynnie enjoy. He loves to be petted and purrs so loud even when he plays!

Happy Home - Reese


Adopted by Amanda Fink

Formerly Reese

Hello. Not sure if you usually get an old adopter contact you after 3 years but I thought I would share the time I have spent with a tortoiseshell kitten I adopted from you back in 2010. I got Reese at 9 months old from your shelter to help complete my family. She has definitely done that. She has been loving life and we recently rescued another little kitten that has kept Reese feeling young. I want to thank you for the work that you do. You help complete a family every cat you adopt. And I am always recommending your shelter when my friends mention they are looking. You do a great job. Thank you for taking the time to read my email and see some pictures of Reese all grown up.

Happy Home - CeCe and MiMi

CeCe and MiMi

Adopted by Cathy & Eric Ottinger

Formerly Cecelia and Elphaba

We adopted Cecelia and Elphaba on 11/3/13. They love each other very much and enjoy their new forever home. Cecelia is now called CeCe and Elphaba is now called MiMi. They are doing great and we can't imagine life without them. Thanks for all you do for the kitties and continue the great work. We will be by to donate some items on your wish list. We are members and enjoy reading your newsletters.

Happy Home - Carolina


Adopted by The Judd Family

Formerly Carolina

My name is Carolina. I arrived at Cat Welfare in the spring of 2011 and I thought it would be a great idea to check in with my friends there. I was adopted in June of that year by Jeff, Susan, and Christopher and I sure hit the jackpot! They kept my name because North Carolina is their favorite vacation spot. I was sick with a respiratory illness but my new humans nurtured me back to full health over the summer. Now I’m healthier than ever and only need one medication in the morning. When I arrived at my new home, my feline pal, Domino, was waiting for me. We’re close friends now and love to chase each other through the house, watch birds and chipmunks through the window and hang out with Chris in the basement. During the holiday season, I love stretching out under the Christmas tree and playing late at night. I just wanted to say thanks to all the hard-working and dedicated people at Cat Welfare.

Happy Home - Dennis


Adopted by Pat and Nicole

Formerly Yoshi

Greetings from Yoshi! Just wanted to give you all an update on him! We adopted him in September and he adjusted right away! He was previously adopted but was returned the day we arrived at Cat Welfare because the people who adopted him said he didn't get along with their cats. Who couldn't get along with something this cute?! It took them a little while to get used to each other, but they are great together! We kept his name but as we got to know him, we should have renamed him Dennis (the menace) because he's so ornery! Thank you, Cat Welfare, for such a wonderful, playful, crazy, lovable kitty!

Happy Home - Phoenix


Adopted by Julie & Christian Stock

Formerly Turbo

Last December our family adopted Phoenix (aka Turbo #35005) and he has adjusted very nicely to his new home. Attached is a picture of him which I took recently. Adopted by Julie & Christian Stock

Happy Home - William


Adopted by The Smith Family

On January 5, 2014 the Smith family adopted William. He has adjusted so well in the last couple of days and he is such a sweetheart. He's a major lap cat. He has found his favorite spot in the house to stare out the window and watch all the squirrels outside. He's been a wonderful addition to the family and we love him very much. Thank you to Cat Welfare for taking great care of him until he found his forever home. Adopted by The Smith Family