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The top 13 large photos selected for the 2020 Calendar are:
  Isabella - Isabella the Diva by Julie
  Logan - Lovin' Life by Lisa B.
  Bluebell - Sleeping Angel  by Susan and Scott M. 
  Buttercup - Princess Buttercup  by Meg
  Maggie & Louie - Cuddle buddies by Lori F.
  Katie - Katie Soaking Up the Sun by Laura F.
  Amelia - My Blanket by Amie F.
  Ember - Cozy by Rebecca H.
  Gypsy - The Sun Always Shines on a Shy Cat by Stu and Megan H.
  Jade - Eyes of Green, Heart of Gold by Ronak J.
  Blacky - A Lick in the Sun by John and Jennifer B.
  Preshcat - A Local Celebrity  by Megan
  Jayce - Sweet Boy by Pam

Also this year we will have a tribute to the best rescue story on the inside cover:
Lily - Our Guardian Angel by All of Cat Welfare's friends














Interested In Adoption?

Click here to view a sampling of our cats and kittens available for adoption.

To expedite the adoption process, you can print and complete the adoption application before you visit.


Our Mission

Cat Welfare Association is dedicated to the care of and education about cats and kittens. Our pledge is to cherish, nurture and provide veterinary care for homeless, abused, injured, and abandoned felines.

We strive to find each cat an appropriate, safe and loving home, allowing those not placed to live their lives in the care and comfort of our shelter.




Our primary intake is currently limited to pregnant, injured/ill friendly stray cats and cats adopted from Cat Welfare. Please call the shelter to schedule an intake appointment.  We do not schedule intake appointments via email.

Friendly stray cats not meeting the above criteria may be admitted to the shelter as space becomes available. 

For a list of other Central Ohio shelters and rescues please click here.