Maurice, also known as Mo, came to Cat Welfare in 2012 when he was approximately 2 years old. He always draws attention with his good looks and thinks he and Lily (another of our Guardian Angel cats) would make a great “King” and “Queen” of Cat Welfare. Before arriving at Cat Welfare, someone had all four of his paws declawed. While at our shelter, it was discovered that he had horrible dental disease and all of his teeth had to be extracted. His personality along with his gorgeous green eyes, cute snowshoe paws, and distinguished gentleman good looks makes him one of our most asked about kitties. He was adopted multiple times and each time he was returned for not using the litter box so he is now a permanent resident of the shelter. Maurice’s favorite spot to hang out is in the main adoption room on top of one of the shorter cat trees. He loves to be brushed and will even bump his head up against you to show you he cares. If he is craving more attention, he will reach out his paw to pull your hand to him so you know he wants to be petted more. Maurice’s tail is always on the move flicking one way or the other leaving visitors to inquire if he is upset with something. He prefers that people don’t pet him on his hind end and if someone does then sometimes he will try and bite, or should we say gum, them as a warning. Maurice is quite the talker so stop on in so he can tell you all about his journey that day and catch you up on the Cat Welfare kitty news.

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