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Mrs. Bigglesworth

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Cat Welfare became Mrs. Bigglesworth's permanent home in June 2003. She had been living in a home for several years, but stopped using the litter box when her owner's work shift changed. After trying everything possible and still not being able to resolve the problem, he returned her to the shelter. She was adopted two more times and both times was returned when she stopped using the litter box due to changes in each household. The structure and routine of the shelter is perfect for Mrs. Bigglesworth. Everyone that meets her falls in love with her. She loves to be held, petted, and brushed and is a striking beauty. She loves people and gets along well with the other cats in the shelter. Sometimes she'll keep to herself, but she is also quick to come asking for attention. Many times Mrs. Bigglesworth can be found sleeping like a true princess on top of all the freshly cleaned bedding. Don't tell her the container that holds the bedding is a trash can though. She prefers to think of it as a hamper that holds luxury linens and bedding.

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