New Cat Supplies


-Food: We use Purina Cat Chow in the blue bag or green bag, and Purina Kitten Chow in the yellow bag.

-Litter Box: There are lots of different kinds, covered, uncovered, high sides, low entrance… figure out what your cat likes. We use large uncovered litter boxes here.

-Litter: We use unscented non-clumping clay litter.  You can use whatever you would like. There is clumping litter, corn litter, pine litter, and litter made from old newspapers. Just try to use unscented, because the scented kind is sometimes too strong for the kitties.

-Litter Scoop

-Food Bowls: We recommend ceramic or metal bowls.  Sometimes the plastic bowls can harbor bacteria and cause dermatitis on your kitty's chin.

-Toys:  The favorite toy here is called “Da Bird.”  There are lots of different toys.

-Scratching Post: This will encourage cats to scratch their furniture, and not yours.

-Brushes: There are lots of different brushes for different types of fur… see which one your cat likes best.

Have fun with your new kitty! If you have any questions, 614.268.6096