Sherbert came to Cat Welfare in 2009 when she was around 2 years old. She is a beautiful, long haired, declawed, black feline who likes attention on her own terms. She prefers the company of humans over other cats so she is always pleased when someone will whisk her away to the “get acquainted” room for a TLC session. Many times you will find her sitting on one of the cat trees by the door to that area waiting to catch someone’s eye so she can draw them in, get some petting, and show off her loud purr. She can get a little nippy though if other cats are close by as she really likes to have some distance from the other cats. If she is feeling nervous, then sometimes she will nibble on her hair. One of her favorite parts of the day is when a favorite staff member brings her some yummy wet food in a special spot where she doesn’t feel intimidated by the other cats. If Sherbert is still craving more attention, then sometimes she will do a cute run in front of you and then plop onto her side in hopes that you will stop and pet her more. Sherbert was adopted and returned multiple times for not using the litter box so she is now a permanent resident of Cat Welfare. As she loves children, being petted, and the opportunity to get some time away from the other cats, she sometimes serves as a Cat Welfare ambassador at off-site events. Sherbert hopes you will come in to visit her soon; just look for the striking black beauty hanging out in the back room.

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