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The Shy Cats’ Room was started in 2014 to provide a quiet place for cats that were a little more timid to better acclimate to life in the shelter. It was conceived as a space where comfort and quality of life was the focus for these shy felines. The room is filled with many custom cubbies and perches where the kitties can retreat to when they are not feeling sociable or if they begin to feel overwhelmed. The door to the room is a glass door so they can look out into the main shelter and become more comfortable with the hustle and bustle in the other rooms. There are also two exterior windows that allow them to watch birds, get some fresh air, and see the sun set. Kitties residing in the room that welcome attention enjoy having visitors come in to sit with them and many of them enjoy interactive toys. Our Crime Cats Mystery Club reading program for young readers is housed in the room and the program helps advance the socialization process of the shy cats while helping children build confidence reading aloud. Patience, understanding, kindness, and feeling safe helps many of these cats overcome their shyness. While many of the Shy Cats’ Room cats are adoptable, some will end up being permanent residents of our shelter due to their timid nature. You can see how the Shy Cats’ Room kitties are doing by visiting their YouTube page at


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