Hi! I'm Spot! I was left outside of Cat Welfare late one night in March 2006 when I was only a couple of years old. I guess my old owners didn't want me anymore even though I was very healthy. I was adopted twice in 2006 and was returned both times. The first time my new owners said I possibly had a bladder infection. The second time around they simply said "it just isn't going to work". At first, I was a little sad and couldn't understand why no one wanted me. All I wanted was a home with people who loved me and were willing to help me understand the “house rules”. I soon realized I have a safe home with the great folks at Cat Welfare and a family with lots of cats and people who care about me. I've settled into my routine at the shelter and now I rule the treatment and front intake rooms. Sometimes I'll even make my way into the front office to see if there is anything that I need to mark. You've heard of "X marks the spot" right? Well, I mark the spot at Cat Welfare. I do like to let people know where I've been after all… especially the ladies. I really am a sweet boy though and if people look past my bad habit of marking my territory they soon find out how nice I can be. My Cat Welfare family loves me even though I do make more of a mess than some of the other cats. I do get a little over stimulated when being petted so if you come in to pet me keep an eye on me. I am much more in control of my biting now and I will try to give a little warning by giving my admirer a look and then will just rest my jaws on their arm but won't actually bite. I love to be involved in the day-to-day operations of the shelter office and like to oversee the staff as they do their jobs. I consider myself to be part of the shelter’s welcoming committee for all the new arrivals. Being adopted out and returned several times, I know how upset new kitties can be when they come to the shelter. I try to make sure they know everything will be okay and that there are lots of people here who will care for, protect, and love them. This is, after all, my home.

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