Guardian Angel Cats

The Guardian Angel cats are permanent residents of Cat Welfare due to their various medical or behavioral problems. They will always have a home at Cat Welfare. With your help, they can also benefit from extra care and attention. Your generous tax deductible donation will ensure these cats are provided with veterinary care, vaccinations, medicine, food, litter, toys, love, and a home at our shelter.

If you would like more information, contact or stop in at the shelter.


Join the Guardian Angels Program today, and you can follow the life of a Cat Welfare cat, become involved in his life, and offer him some extra love and attention.

When you select a cat that you would like to sponsor, you will be one of their Guardian Angels for an entire year. You will be contacted via US mail or email to see if you would like to continue your sponsorship of your feline friend.

Do you have room in your heart to become a cat's Guardian Angel today?


All silver levels items plus a guardian angels cat pin and mid-year update (with a note from your cat and a recent photograph)


You will receive your cat's story, a color photograph with cute magnetic photo frame and a letter confirming your sponsorship.

Current Guardian Angel Cats

Please take a moment to read the stories of our guardian angel cats and choose a favorite that you would like to sponsor.

Agent & Bond

Due to the overwhelming number of phone calls the shelter receives daily from people needing our help, the staff is unable to accept phone call inquiries about how the sponsor cats are doing. You can always e-mail us at to see how your kitty is doing. Of course, feel free to stop by the shelter to visit your special friend!